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Come on Spring!
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Default Daily - Thursday, April 25

Good morning, Ladies of the Board. The robins have been singing since 4:15 so this must be spring. Hershey had the barfies at 3 so I have been up a while. She and Lucy managed to steal and eat a whole loaf of rye bread yesterday and have the tummy whompers.

Good visit with my PT guy yesterday. I have almost complete mobility now and just need to do some strengthening exercises. I sure have lucked out on this one - could have been much worse with a frozen shoulder or torn rotator cuff. I just have to avoid overusing the muscles now for another 6 weeks. Church grounds cleanup this weekend - maybe I'll start then!

No milk this a.m/ for my coffee - or for the dogs. I need to either drive for 1/2 hour, catch a cow or do without! Sometimes I hate living here - no 24 hour convenience stores. On the other hand, there has not been a break-in here since the liquor store got heisted two years ago! It is so nice to be in such a safe place.

Big discovery yesterday! I always need to shorten pants BUT the new capri pants are the right length! Yippee! Bought a pair with a matching T-shirt and a big white cotton shirt and came home and put it on! Usually stuff sits on my sewing table for weeks waiting to be shortened. Life's little pleasures! Instant outfit!

Still no fencing - "maybe Thursday" but I'm not betting on it. Grrr!

Nothing major planned today - Hershey to the vet for her boosters and then a walk to the park and back. I did not walk yesterday but did measure distances with the car. does that count?

Hey, check out the newly designed home page here at 3FC - looks good. I made the Wednesday recipe - Salasa Chicken - last night and it was excellent.

Have a great day. And remember, 8 months from today ........
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Good morning...............

Ruthhie....please say its not so, we are counting the days til Christmas!!!!???

Skipped the Y this am e had some vicious thunderstorms last night woke my son, who had wet the bed(he is 5). ad to change the entire thing and him and then he did not want to go back to sleep all this at 3am. I am a bit tired this am.

Thanks for all the responses on my DD's boils. We know they are not bites, but that was my first thought too, I think I am going to call the Ped Derm and see what I can find out. She is miserable.

I am off to Scottsdale AZ next week for trianing and orientation for my new job, I am staying at this gorgeous resort, I can hardly wait!!!!! DH is not thrilled, I wish he could go with me but.......

Have a great day all, I must go get motivated!!!
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Morning ladies,

Too busy here to see straight. I feel like I need a sick day to just stay at home and veg. The things we do for our kids.

Feeling a bit depressed today, our contract worker is leaving us because his work is done. He has been with us for about 14 months. He is in an office by mine and oh I love to here him talk to his wife on the phone, he is so sweet to her, I would love to send him to dh for some lessons. He is just such a nice guy, handsome, smart, christian, very friendly, and just wonderful. He enjoys taking walks with his wife in the evening (hint hint dh). He has two beautiful children that he loves to brag about. He is such a pleasure to work with. There were times I even felt in lust with him, but he is way too nice for that, and I am way to married (I do not know where those thoughts came from)! It makes a big difference in a job when you work with such wonderful people. He promises to keep in touch, but that does not often happen. We shall see.

Pooky, it has been a while since I saw a picture of Miree, my how she has grown and so beautiful!

Ruthie, a macrame fence sounds like fun! I am ready.

Welcome Sundrop.

Goomba, prayers for your dh and mil, all you can do is be there for him, he will seek you out if he needs you.

Scooby, scotsdale sounds like a dreamy get a way, enjoy. Wish I could offer some words of wisdom for dd, but I have none, good luck finding and answer.

hi to all of you!
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Default I finally got back here!

For the last two days I haven't been able to get in the site at all. I tried everything too! Well, here I am and I got here using the old book mark yet.
I got a full perm yesterday. Usually I get it in June but my hair has been growing like crazy. I finally figured that it is the glucosamine that I take for my joints that is making my hair and nails grow really fast.
Am painting and deciding how I want to decorate this place-it's so big!
Nothing else new...just glad to get back in here!
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Good Morning everyone!

I have a cold this morning--came on last ngiht with a tickle in my throat so I drank some tea and took a Halls after and it seemedto help. I expect pretty much the same regimen today. Very COLD and gloomy outside, it's trying to decide if it will snow or rain! And here I thought I was finally rid of the white stuff

Laundry on my plate and general cleaning. Last night I got inot Miree's birthday stuff to soert it out and make goodie bags. I'm a first timer--really. I think I went a little over board so moms out there tell me if I went too far? Now keep in mind all of this stuff is dollar store or discounted stuff so I didn't spend a million dollars or anything. In one bag I put: 1 small wrapped toy, 2 little candy thingies, 4 balloons, 2 sheets of stickers, a notepad, 4 stamps and inkpads (came as a set) and a butterfly shaped crayon with different colours. Now at the party I'm going to be doing a craft--sttringing beads on pipe cleaners and twisting them around to make bracelets. And instead of party hats, I have made little "bug antennae" from a hair band, twisted pipecleaners and a fuzzy pom pom (party motif is butterflies). All of this they can take home. Is this too much? How to know I'm a first timer.....

Here's another cutie picture of Miree
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Morning all !!

Another busy one, but the weekend is right around the corner yahoo.

Ruthie, I can't drink black coffee, it taste like dirt to me. And believe me I drink a pot of coffee a day. I keep the powered creamora (sp ?) just incase I don't have milk in the frig. Its not great but it will do.

Pooky, she is BEAUTIFUL, how sweet.

Tip, welcome back, we'd be lost without your nuttyness.

Scooby, Christmas - HUSH !!

Dondar - LUST - oh you naughty girl ROFLMFAO.....hey just cause your married doesn't mean your dead.

I don't even want to talk diet

Have a blessed day everyone !!

Love, Leens
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Hi Pooky,

Your gift bag sounds wonderful, this coming from a mom that also tends to overdo. I have a reputation among the neighborhood kids, they look forward to the "gift bags." I love the butterfly idea and head pieces, perfect. If it is not too late I have a picture of a butterfly cake that you cut out of regular cake pans to make a butterfly. Another idea, if you are serving cupcakes, I have made butterfly cupcakes with the help of candy molds. I used heart shaped candy molds to make "wings." I frosted the cupcakes and piped a butterfly body on the cupcake, and inserted the hearts as wings, add some bug eyes and wa-la butterfly cupcakes.

Best of luck Pooky, and oh another perfect little picture, I can see why you want another, you did a great job on little Miree!
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Morning is a beautiful sunny morning....I walked for 45 minutes yesterday and it felt great but I ate about 16 extra points last night...overtired, sitting around waiting for dd 10 to finish homework so I could go to bed!

Anyhow today is another day.

Ah the office crush...the untouchable....been there, done that, it is knd of fun but hurts just the same....when it is over....too bad Dondar....I dreamnt about one of mine last night from 10 years ago, wonder why?

Wow the loot bags sound great Pooky and she is a cutie for the butterfly theme...I historically give out loot bags that are worth more than the gifts that children bring to our parties...we all over do it it sounds like.

Rachel good luck with the doctor and the training session

Leens have a good weekend.

Ruth I liked the chicken too!

Tippy enjoy those curls.

Good day all! Liz
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Good morning ladies.
Thank you for the kind replies yesterday, I had planned on getting back to the thread at some point yesterday but it turned into one of those days with story hour at the library and grocery shopping.

Anyway, I am home bound today. It has been raining and thundering on and off all morning. This is my first Spring in the Mountains (Asheville, NC) and I am continually blown away by the beauty. I wake up feeling guilty for not grabbing a canoe and a paddle and taking off for the day- hard to do with a 22 month old turbo charged danger-baby in tow.

We went to walk the lake nearby last evening. Dh had the kids in the playground while I walked the pretty lake. I got one lap in and could see that Dh was not handling them well. So, I stopped and took the Boy off his hands, next time I'm bringing the baby backpack. I did an hour of Ashanta yoga while Dylan napped yesterday, so I think I was Ok on exercise without the walk. I'm certainly sore.

Today is an ON Day. This is a relief as the extra calories and decisions to be made, make me nervous on OFF days. Oh, I was going to say, the book I have was written in 1988. I had never heard of this diet before either, but it's the first thing I have ever stuck to faithfully for this long. And I seem to be learning about portion size and how to order non-life threatening food in restaraunts. I can see myself making it to the end of this personal challenge and starting right back in again. (I'm doing a 6 week challenge- ending May 19)

Well this was long. Thanks for welcoming me in.

Question? Does anyone here have a tread-mill? do you use it? Love it? Hang laundry on it?

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Hey you guys!!

Oh Happy Day! I am feeling completely back to normal and wonder if it has anything with Aunt Flo coming to visit. I was just so completely wiped out! But, everything is good now! Yipee!

Sun Drop, I've got a treadmill and I walked it every single day for the first 3 months. Then it collected dust (no clothes, since it folds up) for about 2 years. Then I got it out about 2 months ago and have been using it regulary -- about 2-3 times a week.

Not too much going on here, either. The sun is almost peeking out, but 'they' say the clouds will move in by afternoon -- just hopefully no rain.

My aunt has lost 80 pounds doing low carb and asked me if I would take all of her old clothes and do something with them (probably ebay). I said yes, thinking there would only be a couple dozen items. My uncle dropped them off and the boxes just coming and coming and coming off his truck. Yikes! 8 HUGE boxes -- Tons of gorgeous clothes. She didn't even want to go through it. She's thinking if she hangs on to it this time that it might be enough encouragement to not stay op, because she'll already have clothes that fit.

Right now I am off to play babies with dd. She's trying to put Barbie clothes on a big ole baby -- lol!

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning all..
I'm completly stressed at this point! I have so much to do, and not a clue where to start, let alone enough time!
My inlaws will be moving in with us on Tuesday. That means major work on the house this weekend, but also my ds is having his 5 birthday Friday, with the party Sunday, 13 five year old boys running through my home!!
I'm going to just aim at the downstairs for now. I figure MIL can't go upstairs anyway, so if its a mess, she'll never know. Although I have promised DD that the guest room will be painted and perfect before we move her in to it! Shes having a hard time with the idea of losing the "big room". Oh well, we're hoping by Jr. high she'll be back in it!
I'm also trying to throw a shower by next Friday for my friend that just adopted a baby from Russia. I think focusing on her happiness and seeing how thrilled she is, is helping me not feel quite so sorry for myself. I know she waited a lllloooonnng time for this, maybe I just haven't put in my time yet??!!?
Take care all!
Have a great day!
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Talking Hello ~ fellow "board" members!

I didn't realize I hadn't been here in a couple days until I logged in! Usual craziness!

Can I please whine? I'd ask if I could ***** and get some stuff off my chest but Ruth might hit me!

Gotta go! Hopefully be back later!

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A new Mom
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Scooby... if you are going to have any free time while in Scottsdale let me know... I'm in Chandler and maybe we could find a time to meet? (Chandler and Scottsdale are not too distant from each other)

I'm off to see the lactation consultant again... she thinks she found a place I can get domperidone (for milk supply) if I can get my dr to prescribe it. For those of you in Canada and elsewhere that it is readily available... I'm jealous!

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Smile Hey, I actually made it back!

For how long will be determined as DH seems to have this homing device that activates when I'm on the phone or on line and shows up!

Can I take a moment (or hour) to vent? Most of you who are familiar with me know what my DD & Gbb's have and are going thru. Many may remember my vent toward DSS that lives in our "rent" house with DIL and GD. WELL !!!! In the 10 years I've been with DH, my kids have asked for help in the total of maybe $250 for older DS and $800 for DD (before she got rid of the a$$ cause she had no A/C) Now, my DSS (who I love dearly) lives in our "non"rent house for 2.5 years, we have paid ALL their utilities for approximately 2 years of that, bought them or assisted in buying them THREE vehicles, paid for DGD child care on regular basis, bought their groceries for the majority of 2.5 yrs, gave them money so they could Christmas shop, AND at 21 yrs old they've claimed bankruptcy and guess who's been paying that note??????? My SHDH won't even look at DD's car to see if it's fixable, everytime I go to the grocery store he informs me that I better not be buying her anything (but guess who did the grocery shopping for DSS's household yesterday) and altho DSS/DGB/DIL are in and out of my house at least 10 times on a daily basis, when Melissa and kids come over....he shuts down.
I know that he loves my kids and I think it's because he feels guilty that he's not offering them the same (MG, we can't afford to) but I am so frustrated. My children are not the type to "use". But crap, Melissa & kids just need help to get on their feet and I'm so pissed that I don't have the resources to help as much as they need. I prayed about it last night and hope that an answer will come. Since I've been with SHDH, this is the first time since I was 14 years old that I've not worked an outside job and had my own income to do as I need or please. But darn! I work for our businesses and SHDH controls the money!

Ok, I've let it out. Poor Sis (DD) is so sweet and doesn't ask for anything and it is just killing me that I can't do more for her. Maybe I've now let it out.

Hey, the good news is, I think she's coming back to 3fc. She's a full fledged vegetarian now but frequently asks about the "olbies" that she knows.

Thanks for letting me vent. I know that God answers prayers. He already gave me a bit of a financial break, I know he's listening!

Hope those who are feeling under the weather with health conditions are feeling better soon. Nora, are you having the surgery?

Pooky-Miree is getting sooo big and even more gorgeous.

Ruth-Great news on the arm! PT? Scotch glass to mouth!

DebK-Where are you? Thoughts with you.

Goomba-How are you doing? Should we do SHDH bashing soon?

Stacey-Hang in there girl! Sounds like you have too much on your plate too. Maybe when things settle we can find MIA JHP and get together?

JHP-Where are you?

LindaBC-Good to see you!

Kel-Nice to see you too! How's baseball going? How's your Mel?

Scooby-Glad the new job is going well!

jdoneil-Needing your new challenge! Afraid my stress will sabotage my goals!

Peach-Speaking of sabotaging one self! How are yu?

Jif~Take it slow! Glad to know that those potential employers are appreciating your talents! Don't you wish your sis did?

DonDar-We need to talk! I think those fantasy moments are healthy! Don't worry about where the thoughts come from-Fantasy is good!

L-Enjoying you and your wonderful posts!

New Chickies-WELCOME -
We Low Carbers Offer Motivation & Encouragement

Sooner-How're you doing?

Chickadee-Colorado guest house is sounding real good!

AdoA-Boy could I gripe about HS football recruiting programs with you right now! DS/friend is at the 9th grade center. The HS which has been top in the state for years is heavily recruting them! The last two days have been injuries and ER's! They're having the seniors come to the school and really rough them up to see if they can make the "grade".

Dottie-Casey, Sue, WHERE ARE YOU?

Ok-Anyone else that I've missed -

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Talking Hey everyone!

What a great day! My uncles and aunts and sisters and niece and nephew were here from 1 until 5:30, wheeeeeeeeeew I am glad that is over! Sister from NC helped me dig in the dirt and plant my rose bush, then toted straw to put around it. She said she wasn't used to this heat, I told her I wasn't either!

You guys are having a busy day, I hope you're being good to yourselves!

I'll talk to you later, I'm off for my bubble bath!
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