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Default Workout Refresher

I don't have a lot of time to workout, but I need the exercise. My compromise has been to walk at work during my two 20 minute breaks and my 20-30 minute lunch. So far this has been very rewarding for me, but I have an issue...

I walk outside around the campus where I work. The first walk of the day is around 10am, so it hasn't started to heat up yet. The next two are a different story. Due to time constraints I have to walk in whatever clothes I wear to work - if I had to change before and after each walk, I would not be able to do so during my allotted time. I put my hair up, wipe down with baby wipes and reapply deodorant after every walk, but, I still feel like I smell bad... not like BO, just sweaty (I walk at least a mile during each 20 minutes, most of which is in full sun or very little shade.)

Do any of you have any tips/tricks that could help me continue to exercise and not feel like I'm stinking up the office for the rest of the day?

I have walked inside some, but the restraints make it very difficult to actually get my heart rate up enough to even count as exercise, so it doesn't seem like a viable option to me.

Any response is greatly appreciated.
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Hi! Maybe you should replace your walks during breaks with walks to your office from home in mornings and/or with walks home from the office? Or just walk before bed each evening. If you feel uncomfortable sitting in the office after your walks, you should def replace the time of the walks! Just to feel better and get a good feeling after the walks.
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I like to go to the park and walk. They have a spot just people that want to talk a walk. I also walk around my neighborhood. I try to drink a lot of water.
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Hey you can try walking in the morning to your office, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking back home after work, walk after dinner, walk before bed. Just stay active and stay positive
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refresh, workout

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