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I would love for someone to notice, then it would mean i was looking different, not just the scales saying my weight was going down.
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I love when people notice, and I thank them. My coworkers are especially supportive of each; it is a very health-conscious place with sponsored programs and challenges all the time that focus on activity and wellness but not weight directly. There are never weigh-ins.
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I get bright red, thank them, then say "30 more to go!" and try not to flounce away...
I've worked really, really hard.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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I had a very interesting conversation yesterday, with a dear lady, who has lost and maintained.

She told me that when people commented on how much she "lost", she responded, with, I have not lost, I took off, some weight.

Her mind set is, she has not "lost" it, she took it off.

To her "losing/lost" is like losing your keys, or phone, or whatever. Meaning, that at some point in time she is going to "find" it again.

This dear, wonderful lady, taught me, it's not about what others see, it's about yourself!

She was never rude to people, she figured out, her happy place, and a tactful way to take a compliment, while still validating, her values.
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I just love compliments. I find them 100% encouraging and always say thanks.
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It feels good, ironically my most recent compliment came from a nice cashier after I regained at least 10 or so lbs lol, but from when she met me it has been around a 100 lb difference. I was a little taken aback but flattered all the same.
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It makes me happy when people notice but at the same time if someone were to say I lost a whole lot of weight or a ton of weight I'd be offended thinking hey, I wasn't that big...was I? I don't really like when my sister calls me skinny because I'm not skinny, I'm just less overweight. She thinks that I've lost enough weight already, so I kind of wonder if it's an insult, as if she's saying I'm too small for what she thinks I should be. Well too bad because my journey doesn't end until I hit my goal, not anyone else's.
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I appreciate it when people notice and compliment me on my weight loss.

HOWEVER, the compliments (and feeling better) made me forget that I was still 10 kg away from goal.

Now I am back on plan, aiming for my "fighting weight" BMI of 23, regardless of what others say.
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I have to admit that I generally hate when people comment on my looks. I don't like getting attention and I really don't like getting comments on anything concerning my looks: new hairstyle, wearing skirts, glasses... took me months to decided to wear my glasses more and not just contact lenses because I was scared of the comments. Years ago I was working in a bar and had lost a little weight and there was this man who thought he could make my fiancé and me break up and kept trying to flirt with me. He said I looked slimmer and he had preferred my looks with more weight. Because I really hated him for what he was trying to do, at that moment I thought maybe I should lose even more weight if he didn't like that to show him I really didn't care if he liked my looks. But then I preferred quitting that job altogether.
Generally I wear wide clothes, so people wouldn't really notice if it was just a few pounds. And I'm kind of hoping nobody will notice, even though it may sound weird.
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