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I lose my legs first
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The first place I notice is in my belly. I am starting to be able to zip my pants again. Then it will be pretty consistent all over. Once my belly gets to a certain spot, it won't get any smaller, and I will lose in my arms, chest, theighs, face, etc. My face noticibly changes when I lose ten pounds. I am looking forward to a single chin and having cheekbones.
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This time around - back fat/bulges are diminishing and the sides of my belly area. Usually in the past it was in dumb places like my fingers and feet. I always find it interesting where weight comes off. Lets hope it continues to do so for everyone here.
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I tend to lose weight in my belly first, followed by weight loss in my thighs.
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I think the face is noticed first because there's less fat there to begin with, and that is where most people look at you first. They say that upper body fat goes first, and lower body fat is the hardest to lose. I have never had much lower body fat. I carry all my weight in my chest, back, arms and midriff, with these 2 little sticks holding it all up. That is the unhealthy fat, pressing on your vital organs. Lower body fat may bother those who have it, but in the long run you are healthier if that's where you carry your weight.
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I seem to lose fat first from my neck - sounds strange, but neck first then face and then my back.
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I think I lose weight in my thighs/legs first.
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Interesting question & answers. As for me, people have been saying they can tell by my face & boobs

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While I have lost 12 inches around my waist, I got measured at Victoria's Secret yesterday and am the exact same size as I was 44 pounds ago!
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I lose in my face and boobs first. My legs are my real problem area..

Keep up the good work everyone!!
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I would say it is a toss up between my face, stomach, arms and chest.
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Okay, has anyone else noticed this? I have more fat on my right side than my left. My right side of my belly hangs a little lower than my left. I, also, have more fat on my left back ribs than my right. My right thigh is larger than my left. I am right-handed. Don't know if that makes any difference or not. Just thinking I am looking lop-sided right now. Lol

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I can tell in my neck (yay), as well as my bust/ bra band area (boo).
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I've always been in fairly even proportion and the loss has been all over.
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I am quite new on this journey but I've noticed it on my waist and thighs. Friends are commenting on how "slim" (I'm a long way from slim!) I look from the side.

Waist has definitely been most dramatic for me (hour glass) but I think thats where I gained weight last
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