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Default Struggling with wanting to buy clothes

I see so many shirts and pants I want to buy.im far off from goal and I don't wanna buy clothes that won't fit me 3 or 4 months from now
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A few things will boost your spirits. I say just do it and save another round for later.
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There are times when I can find something that will fit me at different weights, so I try to buy only those types of clothes right now. If you can't find something like that, I end up buying something like an accessory or make up or nail polish, to keep my inner girly girl happy. You might also splurge on a professional pedicure or massage...it doesn't have to be clothes. I do understand and this has happened to me a lot, but the weight will come off when it will and it would be nice to have that money waiting there to buy those dream clothes once we're at goal. Maybe you could have a place where you put money away for that day? Every time you see something you want but it's not in your size, put the amount of money you would have spent away and then, once you reach your goal, you will have accumulated a good deal of money and you'll be able to have a fun shopping spree.
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I kept buying sizes too small (not too small) and as I lost weight I would fit into them! its a brilliant boost to keep going!
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Go to Goodwill, or another type of low cost used clothing store. You're helping charity, and while you're at it you can donate your now too large clothing.
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I spent $$$$ on new clothing continuously as my size dropped.

Yes, it was expensive.

And, I think, it was worth it. What a motivational tool!

I am sure glad my wardrobe spending has calmed down now though.

My advice is to buy tight so you ungrow into it.
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I have done the thrift store thing before. It's a way to buy without spending too much. And there are a lot of nice clothes in some of the thrift stores where I live. Almost as though people bought them and then realized they were too big for them, hated them, etc... I am laughing because I am the worst at this. I have donated many new and like new clothes for these reasons! At the moment, I have lots of clothes in my closet that I can go shopping through when I get smaller. But I told myself that I would set small goals for things I want or need. So, when I am down a bit more, I am buying new bras. Then, a little bit more, new workout clothes. Then, of course when I hit goal, new clothes galore! And perhaps a new hairdo, too.
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I have this same struggle, but I think it's important to buy at least a few items that fit well. Supplement with thrift shop and clearance finds. You don't have to wait until your goal weight to look nice.
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I am struggling with this sooooo bad right now. I have a couple hundred bucks set aside for clothes (supposed to be towards funding my GOAL spree!) But I feel like I need to dip in to get a few things to tide me over.

I'm in my size 18 pants right now (still, just a tad tighter than I'd like, but better than the 20's that are falling off!)

If summer ever comes, I'll need a pair of shorts or two and some tee's that don't look like tents!

And a new bra!

Job #2 requires things nicer than jeans and a tee and the only two appropriate things I had left are starting to get really saggy!

I'm so torn, I want to save every last dime for goal shopping and want to wear what I have until I just can't anymore, but I'm sure getting tired of wearing super baggy clothes all the time!

Anyway. I'm going to make a list of things I NEED and do my damnedest to stick to it. Enough to get me through another size or two (or winter, whatever comes first!)

ETA: I'm also considering getting some of my favorite things altered (depending on cost) Or might take a stab at learning to do it myself! I have a pile of t-shirts that I love, but are just so big now!

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Getting smaller everyday
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Since fitting into clothes that I normally wouldn't have before it's become so much harder to not buy clothes. I'm buying so many clothes that I can only wear for a month or so now if that. While expensive, I feel like it's worth it. I would indulge and spend so much money on junk food and things that weren't healthy for me why not do that in a more positive manner?

I've replaced buying food with clothes, shoes, makeup...lolol.
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i shop at goodwill/other thrift stores. it satisfies the urges to shop for new clothes when my old ones are a bit too saggy, without wasting money. win-win

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Oof! That's my dilemma. I don't want to spend the money even though I need it badly and I know it will boost my self esteem to buy well-fitting clothes. But really... eh, buying clothes I won't wear for that long? I don't know.
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I broke down and bought new clothes today even though I really didn't want to. I have a closet full of size ranges so I get frustrated at the $$ but I guess it's just part if the journey! And I did buy a tad tight so hopefully it will last a while.
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Yep, i'm in the same boat...except I did it in reverse. I'm 15 lbs over last summer and only a few things still fit. Having thrown out all the stuff that was too big last year I may just wait it out till what I have fits again. I'm making a Sun dress,though, Something that will still fit when I get back down.
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Maybe torture yourself a little bit like asphyxiation by sitting on your hands (which will save $ too!) and wait till closer to goal so it'll feel all the more sweeter when you buy those clothes. I'm the opposite and a bit of a masochist, so doing this gives me a thrill.
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