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Default How much do you spend on bras?

I have terrible, hard-to-fit boobs so my bra selection is very limited. Today I went to Macy's, tried on about 30 bras, and bought 2 of the same in different colors- $62 each! (at least I had 25% off, so about $50 each...)

I have friends that spend $15 on bras from Target and friends that go to the fancy lingerie boutique and spend $100-200.

What do you guys spend? Have any favorites to recommend that come in DD sizes?
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I got this
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I got some bras from Gordman's on sale for like 3-5 dollars each (very lucky find!) but about 2 weeks later, they didn't fit anymore, LOL (good thing I didn't spend too much!) and apparently they don't carry DDs so that store is out for me now.

I love Kohls especially if you use their 30% off and they have signs above the bras that will tell you if they carry your band and cup size which makes it somewhat easier to find. I'm not at home to know the brands I have but I'll come back and update. Oh yea, most of the bras there were about 30 bucks or under or at least the ones I got were. 34DD here.

I hate bra-shopping but well worth it when you have 2-3 good ones.

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I always stock up during the semi-annual sale at Victorias Secret. I'm a 38 DD and the ones at Macy's and JCPenney are super ugly and granny bras, quite frankly. So I stock up on my nude and patterned bras, and they're usually about 20 bucks a pop at that time.
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My experience is just like yours, Underwater.

I love Wacoal bras, and go in to Macy's once in a while to get sized. I buy one or more bras, then come home and look them up by part number and size on google shopping, and buy them in different colors.

Also, I have a hard time getting the right fit in the right size and almost never have luck with Victoria's Secret. Cute, and how I wish, but not at this time. I currently need industrial-strength bras.

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I'm in a 40DD or 40DDD depending on brand. I lucked out at a US walmart and got two 40DDs that fit perfectly for $5 a piece on the clearance rack (along with about 10 pair of just my size panties from packages the others had opened for .50 a pair). I usually get my bras from penningtons or addition-elle here in Canada, if you want to take a look at what they have on their website google them, I believe they ship to the US.
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I found a European store in the Toronto area that I absolutely love called Changes. I know it's growing in North America so there may be stores around you, however it is pricy, unless you stumble upon a sale. I spend normally around $50-65 a bra, but they are definitely worth it. I'm a size (or was) 38G and they are the first bras I've ever owned that keep me lifted without having massive straps.

My boobs have shrunk a lot so I'm excited for when I go home (live in Korea=no bras close to fitting me) in a couple weeks to see what size I am now and how cheap I can get some.
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I have to spend about $60/70 on each one unless they are on sale but I rarely find that happens. :/ I was just fitted for the second time in a year cause my other bras weren't fitting right anymore and the lady told me I need a 42J. Of course they didn't have it and I was desperate and tired of being stabbed in the titty by underwire so I got the next size down. I hate the damn thing. I have to order it offline.

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I tend to shop at fredrick's online, b/c bras are the one thing that I NEVER shop for in a regular store.

I have gotten so fed up with seeing cute bras and them never having my size. I'm a 34DD and anything less than a 36DD is difficult (read: impossible) to find off the rack . . .(get it?! rack . . . .. )

Aaaannyway, I pay about $35 to $50 for them, and like everyone else, usually wait for some type of coupon or percentage off.

I budget everything, so I tend to spend about $120 on them twice a year.

A lot of times I go ahead and buy undies at the same time, just so I have this illusion of actually trying to be sexy and cute.

This of course deteriorates as I have to be at work at 5am and getting dressed at 4am does not make one give a crap which pair of undies they fish out of the drawer. LOL
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Originally Posted by Underwater View Post
What do you guys spend?
Well, I've got hard-to-fit arms, legs and feet, but easy-peasy boobs! I buy a lot of my bras from Winners (Canadian equivalent to Ross) off the rack for under $20 and they fit just fine.

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I just got some at Target for $17. They have some really nice ones that feel/fit just as comfortable as VS. I'm so over spending $50+ on boob holders. With that said; I have a very common size so I have no issues finding bras that fit.
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I've never had a mainstream size (42ddd to 40f to 38ddd to 36ddd to 34ddd), so with the exception of a La Mystere at a consignment store, my cheapest bras are about $35. My Panache sports bras are almost double that, but they're worth it to prevent pain while running.
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ive always bought bras from fred Meyers or walmart, the only places in town to buy these from...I used to wear up to a 42D or DD (can't remember) and now i'm at a 36C size and could wear a 34-something but haven't had the patience to figure out what....a 34B is too small of a cup....either way I just grab some from walmart for $10-16...I also got sports bras from there, just generic pack of 3 in a medium size and it's always worked just fine....I might just be cheap, or impatient or whatever but that's all I've ever done in terms of bra-shopping lol
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I used to buy the 18 hour bras from Walmart since they were the only ones that even came close to being comfortable and fitting right. Last year I went to a boutique and was fitted. I was wearing the wrong size, not really a big surprise considering they say like 80% of women wear the wrong size. Was buying a 38C or 38D....found out I was a 34E! BIG difference. I just about choked when I saw the prices of the bras I was trying on but they were SO comfy! I bought one and hoped my husband wouldn't kill me since we live off one (small) income. Once he saw how nice I looked with my girls in the right place and how much more confidence I had, he was okay with the price I paid. I did find the same bras on ebay for half the price.

Anyway, my most favorite brand was Elomi. Since I've lost some weight, I'm down to a 32E now and Elomi apparently doesn't make bras in anything smaller than a 34.

My newest bras are from Wacoal (sp?) and Panache. From the store they're anywhere from $50 - $80 but TOTALLY worth it in my opinion. They are so comfy when they fit right, they feel like a second skin. No more rolls all over the place, no more strap adjusting, etc. Plus, if you find one you like, you can almost always get one cheaper online.
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I have a very hard size to find - 32I, currently. I don't mess with success and only buy Ewa Michalak these days. They come to about $40 per bra, are beautiful, and ship from Poland. I've spent three times as much before and haven't had as good of construction. For US companies the bras but, like sports bras, are in the $60-80 USD range.


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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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I buy off the 2-fer wall at Victoria's Secret now that I'm in a 34C. For some reason those bras seem to fit me best. I'm curious to try cheaper places like Target though now that I have a easier-to-fit size.
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