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I also suffer from moderate acne. As a teen I had a clear even complexion. I watched some of my friends in high school suffer from a face full of acne and I was always grateful that wasn't me! Then at age 20 I became pregnant and started to break out. My Dr. told me it was from the extra hormones of pregnancy and it should clear up shortly after I gave birth.

It's been almost 9 years since I gave birth and I still suffer from occasional breakouts. I recently began a new simple skincare regimen. I have sensitive acne prone skin and the harsh facial cleansers that are meant to treat ance actually make my skin worse. Then tend to dry out my face and make it red, irritated and sometimes rashy. They also don't do much for my acne.

I wash my face twice a day using Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin. Then after I wash my face I follow with Dickinson's 100% natural witch hazel as my toner. Toner is really important because it restores your skins ph balance and deep cleans any lingering dirt and oil out of your pores after you wash. It really helpful for treating ance. Then finally I moisturize my face with Neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer during the day. At night after I was and tone my face I use Neutrogena light night cream. I also use Neutrogena "On the Spot" benzyol peroxide spot treatment for pop up pimples. I hope this helps...
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As a sufferer with more than 10 years history of acne, my suggestion is, please go to see a doctor when the situation is bad. Skin care products and cosmetics cannot help you. And as daily skin care products, I'm using Dr. Hauschka, it is a special natural therapy. It cannot reduce acne, but calm my skin. You can have a try.
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All I can say is AWESOME!.Absolutely love this product! This DERMALMD is the only ACNE treatment my son will use. It works good and keeps his acne under control.
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I've found washing my face twice a day works better than once, but honestly I've always had breakouts and probably always will. They're finally getting better now that I'm in my mid-20s, and thankfully they're confined to my face now. Coconut oil worked for non-face areas, and I haven't really found much that works on my face. It just kind of either does or doesn't regardless of what I do.

I will say the Mederma scar cream has faded a lot of my scars, which is really nice. That's probably worth a go. It's not expensive ($12/tube, which is a good four months' worth at least, depending on how many areas you're putting it on--I had several), so if it doesn't work you're not out anything substantial. And as counterintuitive as it sounds, I wouldn't recommend wearing foundation to cover up the breakouts either--IME wearing foundation was an instant breakout trigger. I had to wear it for performances, but dang, the next day like clockwork poof came all the breakouts.

Edit: And I know this will be hugely controversial, so take it with a grain of salt, but in my experience, IF a pimple has a cap and IF I can immediately pop it (aka without any extra prodding), it doesn't scar. If it doesn't, obviously that's a no-go, but those ones almost always scar. Yeah yeah, I know that's totally against literally every recommendation ever. But for some reason my face works directly opposite of what's expected, I guess, so I'm throwing it out there.

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Personally, the only thing that has helped my acne is birth control. Salicylic acid always made my acne worse and benzoyl peroxide only worked for a little while and then my skin revolted again. The reason is because I may or may not have PCOS. It's a bit complicated, but I was tested for a it several years ago when I stopped getting my period and everything healthwise was perfect aside from being overweight. Fast forward to last year, when my situation reversed and I got my period basically all the time. The doc said it looked like a had a cyst or two, but not enough to definitely say yes, I have PCOS, and I didn't have a lot of androgens floating around my system (another indicator). But anyway, PCOS causes hormone imbalances (along with insulin issues) and acne is common symptom (along with excess body hair, irregular periods, and weight gain). The "solution" for PCOS is birth control and weight loss (although it's hard to lose weight with PCOS). If you have some of the other symptoms (you don't need to have them all), you might want to consider visiting the OBGYN and have them run some tests. Taking the pill has been a miracle for me - normal periods and clear skin without doing anything beyond washing twice daily with a cetaphil bar.
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Have you ever used any topical retinoids? I've had a lot of luck with tretinoin. It's very drying, but has worked wonders for me. Topical retinoids have traditionally been only available as prescriptions, but Differin gel recently went OTC and you should be able to buy it at any pharmacy/department store in the acne section (I saw it at Walmart the other day in the acne aisle). You could certainly talk to your doctor about (tretinoin, which may or may not be covered by insurance) or go buy some Differin (which is still fairly pricey). Also, you should try to avoid topical retinoids if you're pregnant (so, just something to keep in mind if that's going to be a thing in the future).

Of note, acne can initially get worse when starting retinoids because they cause you skin cells to turn over faster, so you kinda just gotta push through that phase (~1 month). You'll also want a face moisturizer on hand (and trust me, I had never used moisturizer before starting this med because they made my face way too oily... I like a gel moisturizer these days, as cream ones still make me break out).

And, I also tend to break out less when I'm getting 8ish hours of sleep a night. Just some food for thought.
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I've never had a problem with the formula, and dermalmd serum works for my sensitive, yet blemish-prone skin.
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Hi GordonGirl16,

I struggled with acne in my mid teen to early adult years myself. Many painful blemeshes.
I tried quite a few thing to help it but never realised that my diet played a big part in contributing
to my breaks outs. The moment I learned about foods that helping my skin breakout and stopped
eating them the less breakouts (and skin irritation) I started to have. If you consume a lot of
dairy products that may be helping you breakout MORE. I know for me cutting back on that help alot!

Also, drinking green tea adding walnuts and flax-seed to my meals helped reduce my skin irritation quite a bit.

Try it, see if it works for you any.

Best of luck in your search
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My parents are very carrying and giving me the solution to all my problems.they give the best solution to my acne.bought dermalmd for me and gifted it to me on one fine day morning.really really works great.
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