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Default Shapewear under your swimsuit?

So, I've lost 90 lbs & still have about 22 to go before I am at what I think I want my goal weight to be (the high end of my normal range). But, like most of us who have lost a great deal of weight I somehow did not gain back my super young, supermodel body (what!!! shocking!! ).

I've been shopping online for bathing suits. I have a couple of issues:
1) The girls are currently 34G--think native woman in a National Geographic magazine, not fabulous adult movie goddess.
2) It seems like my remaining weight is definitely being carried in my tummy area so I have a rather large waist compared to the rest of my body & have quite a bit of loose skin (the dreaded apron).

I have found a bathing suit I like (the Marilyn swimsuit) at pinupgirlclothing.com, but I am worried that the girls will sag dreadfully & all my bulges will ruin my pinup girlness. I like this suit because of all the ruching, the full coverage in the rear, & the "skirt" that comes down in the front seems more glamorous & less "I've got something to hide" than my suits from previous years.

Reading the reviews of the suit, there are mixed opinions on whether the suit actually has built in shapewear. Just in case, I was thinking about buying a high waisted panty type shapewear to tack into the suit. I was also considering cannibalizing the bra I just shrank out of & cutting down & tacking in the cups to give me some lift if needed.

Has anyone else worn any kind of shapewear under their bathing suit? I know that it will probably get ruined, but I'm OK with that. I can always pull it out & sew a new one in later if needed. I am not an Olympic swimmer or anything. I'm more of a get in the water & make sure my kids don't drown kind of swimmer.

I'm sorry if this has been covered in another thread somewhere--I tried searching both shapewear & spanx & the search feature doesn't seem to be working for me because nothing came up for either. So, if there are other threads, please point me to them. Thanks!
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Unless you are a seamstress, I think you are better to find a suit that fits the bill. Also, if it's one that ties around your neck, you might find the weight of the breasts will give you neck strain or a headache. (Does for me anyway).

Last summer I was about the same weight as you (165). And I wear a 34F/G (depending on the design.)

I found that I was able to wear D cup underwire tankini suits because they material was very forgiving and stretchy and the cups contained me (as I too look more like Nat'l Geographic woman (droopy) and not all perky and filled out. I found those suits at Macy's and TJMaxx and Marshall's. I had to look and look and look, but I found them much cheaper than ordering something online.

BUT, if you want to order online, there are great options. Also, European bra companies make nice swim suits (just realize they are European cup size, so do the measuring properly to get the right suit) and there are all kinds of flattering suits you can find on places like herroom. I can't recall all the stores to look, but that's a start.

And then google the brands to find more: Freya, Fantasie, Panache, etc.
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Starting over sucks.
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I love pinupgirlclothing. Great site. I personally find a great deal of their stuff to be forgiving, although I haven't tried a swimsuit. For the tummy, why not just skip the sewing and put on a high waisted control panty? Keep in mind that the chlorine will eat through them fast, but if you're really worried about how it looks it may be a quick option.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Spanx.com sells swimwear with built in shapewear
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I have been eying that swim suit as well and have read all of the reviews on it on the website. I found a duplicate at Walmart for 30 bucks and it slims and trims for sure. No spanx needed. The suit also did an admirable job holding my 34G's....I have tried several suits this week and am going back for the cheap one at Walmart. Swim wear should also be shape wear if needed. I plan on investing later in a Curvy Kate or Panache suit to fit my specific bust size after my weight loss.

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(I didn't read all the replies) Wanted to just add real quick I saw some Spanx-ish brand swim suits at Target. They technically are by Spanx but it's the Spanx cheaper line, can't remember what they call it.
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I have always worn Miraclesuit brand swimwear. Www.miraclesuit.com

They are truly worth every penny. I have found them at TJMaxx and Ross and Marshall's, and I have also snagged good deals on eBay out of season, which would be now.

They do exactly what they promise they will do. I own higher end Spanx, too, the $80+ models, and I have to say the Miraclesuit performs better than my most expensive Spanx. They are fantastic.
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I'm going to check out the ones at Target, thanks for that suggestion. It will be first bathing suit not from Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant in a million years.
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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
I love pinupgirlclothing. Great site. I personally find a great deal of their stuff to be forgiving, although I haven't tried a swimsuit.
PUG's suits are very flattering but they DO NOT support the girls. Well, at least mine doesn't. I don't have a long torso but I can't tie the Bettie one piece suit halter tight enough to support my boobs without giving me a really terrible front wedgie.
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So, I bought the Marilyn suit--found it much, much cheaper on Ebay than on the actual website. I like that it has the ruching on the back as well as the front--I have some pretty serious rolls on my back that do not want to see the light of day. I'm not a bad seamstress, so I'll see how it goes & update when I get it.

I am intrigued by this suit from Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Suddenly-S...msuit/17804485. It does have the flat back, but it has really good reviews. I don't know if the halter tie would be comfortable long term, but I may run over there this week & see if they have one in the store I can try on.

I've looked at the Spanx & Miraclesuit sites & they are just so expensive. I just don't feel comfortable in a regular one piece--I need a swimdress type or a tankini top with a swim skirt. I just don't want to spend so much money on a suit that should be too big by next summer.

berryblondeboys, I noticed you started a loose skin picture thread in the Body Image & Issues After Weight Loss area. Someone should start a bathing suit picture thread--that way we could all compare weight & body shape & see what would be flattering.
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I really like that walmart suit and the price I love the anchor design but all sizes are sold out. I may have to go try and find one at walmart to try on as well. Were u ever able to try it out? Good bust support?
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I love miracle suit too! and for me, the only kind of suits that can hold up my saggy baggy G's are halter ones with undersires - that way I can pull them up to whatever poitn I want and feel good about how I look when I throw a t-shirt over. I HATE that standard bathing suits have no bra support.

I was excited when Lane Bryant started their line of bathingsuits with the built in Cacique bras but the weird sizing (one size to accomodate many bra sizes) never worked for me. I would die to have a bathing suit with a proper built in bra if anyone knows of a good one. I don't even care about tummy control - I just don't want my girls hanging low.
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