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Question Loose skin question

I have lost about 40 lbs. so far since June 1st, going from 288 to 250ish. I seem to be averaging about 6 lbs. a month which to me is on the slower side. I can already tell my boobs and stomache are somewhat deflated/loose feeling. My question for those who have been there done that is losing weight slowly more likely to be better for having less loose skin or do you think it makes any difference? I am nowhere near my goal(130) so a long way to go just yet.
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I don't think 6 pounds a month is on the slow side. Loose skin comes from other reasons than dieting. Have you been pregnant ? Full term pregnancy does not do your body any favors. Are you exercising regularly ? It is impossible to predict how our bodies will react, but crash diets will not help keep our bodies in shape. Slow and steady is the best route to take along with exercise.
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Default Body brushing

I think that body brushing would help. It helps bring the blood flow to the surface of the skin. They say to do it 2-3 times a day.
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I've been using cocoa butter and mixing coconut oil with brown sugar and using it as an exfoliating scrub.

I dunno about loose skin, but I'm soft like buttah!
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With pregnancy the genes do a great part: some people will have loose skin (including me), some don't. It just is that way..
But it would be logical that if you lost weight more slowly then your body will have time to adjust and the skin will have time to shrink..
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I am a slow looser and it took me 1 1/2 year just to figure out how to eat to lose weight. What kept me going in the end was the effect of vigorous exercise on my body. I had been doing Jillian Michaels (first 30 min then 1 hr 6x/week) for four months before I finally found the right diet. Up to now I lost more inches through exercise than I did through diet. Exercise alone did not move the scale down, it actually made it go up. However, I got rid of a lot of fat and volume. My skin adjusted perfectly so far. There is nothing loose. I can't say for sure that it was the exercise, but I think it contributed a lot. Since February 2012 I started loosing ~4-5 lbs a month doing dieting and exercising. When I hit a plateau this summer, I changed my diet and now do not exercise. So far, I have no loose skin (knock on wood), but I have to see how this develops since I am loosing faster now. I will reintroduce toning work-outs using weights in the near future. So, overall I think loosing a bit slower and combining this with intensive exercise may be the way to go as it gives your skin time to adjust and/or it fills some of the space gained by fat loss with muscle, which gives you a more toned appearance.
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