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Lightbulb Anyone tried "shapewear"?

Wasn't quite sure where to post this but i've been kind of eyeing some shapewear as i'm near my goal but my problem area continues to be my entire torso, some of it i am sure is loose skin and complicated by weak abdominal muscles.

I really have my eye on the Squeem which has great reviews, because from what i understand ~over time~ it can really help posture and the ab muscles much more than the average shapewear (of course it cannot replace ab work, exercise) but it's basically a corset, i may just purchase to see if it indeed helps me in that area (been newly active w/exercise for a year after coming off 15 yr exercise hiatus due to CFS/Fibro and my muscles needless to say are needing all the help they can get)
but i am wondering if Kohls or Target has a brand name or something similiar that really helps kind of iron out that muffin top, so to speak? I prefer something that has an open bra so it doesn't flatten the girls but i will investigate any suggestions!
i am hoping at some point my torso will start responding! The area i hate especially is interestingly not my lower ab area but mostly around my belly button, i have a bulge above and below it and would really like to hold that in!
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I got my shapewear at JC Penny's... I only wear it for special occasions (ie, when I need to wear a nice dress). Otherwise it seems a little suffocating and a pain in the butt to go to the restroom in! So I recommend getting one with snaps down there!
Unfortunately I don't know the name brand off-hand, and I'm on vacation right now so I can't check! Happy shopping.
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I got Spandex at Marshalls and it is really great! I do admit, it is kind of hard to go to the bathroom but I guess beauty does not come easy!
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I've never heard of Squeem, but I do wear Spanx a lot. My belly is my problem area, too - I still have a pretty big bulge above and below my waist. I like the Higher Power - shorts that come all the way up to your bra. I mostly wear those under skirts and dresses. They also have a Higher Power brief if you don't need the thigh slimming. Both are around $35. They also have open bust camisoles, and high-waisted shorts and panties that are more powerful (and more expensive).
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I am also a fan of the high-waisted shapewear. They cover a good area, and going to the bathroom doesn't turn into a military operation!
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Haha - Yes I tried some last year from Sears for my cousins wedding. What a mistake! The control-top-panty-shorts or what ever that torture device was called kept rolling down and formed a big and very tight roll around my midriff. So here I imagined myself all sophisticated and smooth looking when in fact I was hot, uncomfortable and kept fidgeting rather than having a good time. My husband kept asking me if I was okay and I had to tell him. We laughed about it. Next time - to **** with it! If I'm a bit overweight too bad for me. I'll buy something that fits me a bit better. Anyways I wouldn't use it again obviously but I know other people like it and swear by it.

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I love the Fat Free Dressing tanks by Flexees! I still have a bit of loose skin around my middle and they hold everything in nicely. I just tuck them into my pants/shorts.
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Walmart has a great slimmer by sweet nothings. The one I get is like a swimsuit that snaps in the crotch and has an open bra so I can wear my own. $18. I wear one almost all the time due to loose skin on my upper and lower stomachs. My old stretched out ones are worn to the gym, and my new good ones are for work. When a strap breaks or the back rips, I get a new one (hopefully a size smaller!)

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I don't know if it's really "shapewear" but I do wear the mid-thigh bike-short type of stuff (mostly Hanes or something similar... never anything over $20) when wearing skirts/dresses in the summer time. Mostly because I hate when my thighs rub together, and they always do unless I'm 110 lb... which, let's face it, ain't gonna happen!!

During the winter, I like the ankle length legging-type. Warm... and comfy. And they do kinda smooth out my poochy tummy & flabby buttocks. Heh.

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Check out Target- they have a line called Assets. Not too expensive and they have singles, tops, bottoms, panties etc.. They aren't too tight and they are great while you are firming up those little trouble areas. You can still breath and look so cute in your jeans and a form fitting tee shirt with no muffin top or bra rolls! Spanx is also a great line, they are a step up in price from Assets but made by the same company.
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I love Spanx "open bust slip" or "high waisted brief" (not the ones that hug the thighs) for my very fitted dresses and pencil skirts. It really gives me a narrower waist and firmer butt and creates smooth lines. Spanx usually come in sizes from XS (size 0) to XL (size 16).
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Actually, many Spanx products go up to size 3X, or hosiery size G.

My old size F power panties are super comfy now!
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I've tried shapewear, and even before having gained an excess amount of weight. I thought it shaped me funny.. I tried it again after I got pregnant, while I waited for my body bloat to go down, and other than being uncomfortable (I had a cesarean too) it didn't seem to do much. I can't remember the brand that I used both times. But they weren't the same. Not sure if I'll look into trying Spanx or some of the others mentioned but I suppose if I'm attending an event where I need to wear a snug gown - I may go for it.
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Try Jc Penneys I had luck there!
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