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Default Stretch Marks - does anything work???

Both hubby and I have them and are desperate to get rid of them. Has anyone ever tried anything that actually works?
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I think a lot depends on the person and the skin and the extent of them. I'm suspicious of a lot of the creams and treatments out there.

Personally, mine have faded with time. Ones that were very noticeable before are really not so much anymore.
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I've tried (and subsequently researched) most of the common creams, and generally they don't do much. Especially if they are old stretch marks. I've had my stretch marks for quite some time and they've faded from red to just a little lighter than my skin color.

I think the only thing you can do to really get rid of them is laser treatment (which I am planning to get once I lose all my weight and I'm a little older) or surgery. It's sad, but I think those are the only really effective options.
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I've had some luck with Yes to Carrots lotion. It doesn't make them go away, but it softens the edges so that they blend in with the rest of my skin better.
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In my 20s, I had lots of stretch marks on my hips and my boobs. I'm 40 now and they are virtually undetectable- just white lines. They really do fade with time.

Now, I don't have to worry about stretch marks, only sun spots, grey hair, and wrinkles.
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Haha... well thanks for the tips everyone.
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Nope! I guess it depends on your skin tone, but even the white lines look terrible on me. I've just learned to live with them. They don't bother me much at all.
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Mine are bad though they're pregnancy related. Nothing has helped at all I'm just grateful that they changed from a purple color to a more natural color but are still very visible. My only hope is a tummy tuck.
I can't see laser doing anything for mine. Its pretty much damaged skin unless they pull the skin together where its over lapping the stretched part and fuse it together, I just don't see how anything would work.
There really isn't any need for me to show that area anyways so I'm not terribly worried about. Dh doesn't care about it, he knows they're there but he see's the bigger picture. I think out of both of us, it bothers me more then it even crosses his mind. The only time I see it as an issue is when it comes to swimsuits. But then when it comes to that I love Esther William's type of swimsuits where they pretty much cover most of it, so I'm okay for now.

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Rescue OIL

It is a cheaper alternative to Bio Oil which can be expensive. I wasn't sure if it would work , after putting weight on and getting fresh new bright red streach marks i was willing to try anything.

And it worked. I used it everyday morning and nite , rubbed into the areas and within a week i was seeing a difference after 6weeks they were barely noticable. Now i still use it everyother day to keep the area supple and to keep new marks at bay.

Im not sure where your from im from the UK and u can pick it up from stores , however i have purchased it from ebay to so if your over seas have alook.

But with perseverance , it really works xxx GOOD LUCK
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I used Palmer's stretch mark lotion for a while on marks I've had since I was a teen and my hips and boobs grew really fast. It didn't make much difference. I believe the creams are good for preventing marks from forming, but not good for hiding marks that are already there.

My marks do bother me, but not as much after I saw on one episode of America's Next Top Model - one of the girls (who I believe went on to win, but not sure) had visible stretch marks on her thighs when wearing a bikini. No one freaked out or chucked her out or made a comment, or suggested that stretch marks would prevent her being a model. That made me think, well, if the most judgmental group of people in America don't bat an eyelid, then I doubt I'll get much stick for it!

I guess that it's all part of being a woman, really... Maybe if we were kinder to each other we wouldn't be afraid of showing our bodies. Because let's face it, a lot of these hangups come from worries over what other women will say, right? If we're being honest... Women are much harsher critics of other women than men ever are. (IMO, anyway...)
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