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Rattie Lover
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The sun's out and it's already 86 @ 10:30 am here. Welcome to Arizona.

Wow. I actually slept 8 hours through the night!! YAY!! Maybe there is hope for the "morning schedule" after all. I think it has alot to do with the fact that I exercised my butt off yesterday. I feel good today too!! I usually wake up really stiff and swollen from "authur-itis" but today...barely none of that at all!! Guess this means I better keep exercising.

I am off and running again today...I've hardly been home in the past 3 days...and here we go again.....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Fortunately I won't be running as long as yesterday. Hubby gets tired of chauffeuring me around.

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Running Babe
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I had a good weekend, I had my free meal and this girl who doesn't know I worked out was impressed with my shoulder muscles (she's a gym rat too). We went dancing last night so I wore a top that emphasized my shoulder (plus a top I wouldn't get overheated in). It was a bit of a meat market though.

A small victory for me has occured. I started binging again 2.5 years ago on and off and ever since I started this low-refined sugar lifestyle I haven't had any incling to binge at all.. So it's been 4 weeks. The longest I have gone in the past 2.5 years has been 2.5 weeks.. I am feeling so empowered and am working to make this permanent.


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Ilene the Bean
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Congrats Ali that "empowered" feeling is the best! Keep it up!
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