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I read through all the previous posts here last night to get a sense of where I was at before I stopped posting here. Know what HAS changed? I got a therapist! I no longer struggle with the transition from leisure time to bed time. For whatever reason, the charge in that is gone. I get regular sleep. Food holds little interest for me, but I get hungry and eat meals regularly. Doesn't that sound kind of normal and healthy?

My weight is exactly the same as it was last year at this time. The only real effort I make in order to maintain at this point is that I eat veggies with most meals, and make my dinner mostly veggies and with minimal starch.

I still have a need to whine and rage at times. Well, not rage. I'm not nearly as angry now. That desperate, urgent energy isn't driving my behavior most of the time. Yay!

JayEll, I gave up alcohol for Lent last year, so that's 6 weeks. I did have a single beer on Sundays. I know what it's like not to drink. It's not easy for me. I love liquor and the effects of alcohol, but I don't like it's effect on my sleep or cognitive hangovers. I really do best on only one measured drink per day. Maybe I will play with that as a goal.

Thanks again for caring and being here! I don't really feel like whining and raging that much these days, I feel much more tranquil. Perhaps I'll join in with some of the regular chit chat on the Winter Spring thread!
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