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Default Maintainers Weekly Chat August 26 - September 1

Celebrating Dog Health week in this thread. You guys make me miss my Aussie who was with us for nearly 15 years - all but the last one in good health. And today is National Dog Day, no less.

Our vacation starts Friday when we fly west to go see the Redwoods and Sequoias. They've been on my bucket list forever. Or at least as long as when I first saw a car driving through one in Life Magazine as a kid. We just don't have anything that big around here.

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Hooray, Monday! Yeah, I said that. Wishing all the dogs and their owners good health for this week and the next 51!

We ate our first tomatoes yesterday, a week before Labor Day, good grief! That's darn near criminal. The garden is now in full explosion. DH seems to have forgotten there are only 3 of us, because there are clearly enough veggies for a pro football team.

allison - Glad you are safe and mostly undamaged!

bill - Those trees should be a national pilgrimage for all US citizens, IMO. They live up to the word "awesome".
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Morning all,
Another day of field work cancelled here, this time due to wind. The forecast is for some dry air this week, and for the first morning in a long time I didn't wake up to rumbling thunder. The air actually feels closer to fall here. I like it!

I went scalloping with a friend yesterday for the first time this year, which is late in the scallop season for me. The scallops were big and fat, we got our limit, and ate delicious baked scallops and salad for dinner last night. I stayed up a bit late finishing my Sunday cook-up of veggies etc. While I congratulated myself for doing this two weekends in a row and getting my brain back into a healthier mentality, I lay awake trying to sleep despite being tired, my brain refusing to shut off and going towards number crunching and OC planning of my meals. I really don't want to go there again. Hopefully this was just a fluke. I've tried to be really relaxed and am not counting calories.

Bill, your vacation sounds wonderful. CA redwoods are on my bucket list, too. Enjoy!

Michele, I'm so glad to hear Jozi is ok!

Becky, your garden sounds delicious. Maybe you can freeze & can some of the excess. I like your post-race pedicure idea. One of my coworkers and I have discussed going for a post field-season pedicure this fall. Our feet, well, all of us get a lot of use & abuse in the summer. Maybe I should get a massage and pedicure. I never have gotten a massage but it sounds lovely.

Jen, your zucchini casserole sounds yummy. Have you ever tried it over spaghetti squash? Bargoo, your recipe sounds good too. I never have had much luck with zucchini. Squash vine borers always get to them.

Allison, your rain storm sounds scary! We gets lots of thunder here. I think the really loud stuff worries me more than constant noise. Glad it was just a lot of noise and everyone is ok.

Have a good week everyone.
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Megan, we had borers get our zucchini every year since we moved into our house....until this year! Now we're inundated. I pulled all my best zucchini recipes out of my box and handed them over to DH to cook this week.

Re: the unusual name conversation from last week, DH and I spent a lot of time when we were picking baby names trying to pick something that wouldn't have any obvious ways to make fun of in school. We started out with Olivia and Allison, then discovered Olivia was way too common, then changed to Allison and Charlotte, then when I said, "I can't think of any way to make fun of Charlotte," DH said, "Charlotte the harlot." After that I couldn't think of "Charlotte" without thinking "Charlotte the harlot," so we switched it to Cecilia. Of course neither of us remembered the Simon & Garfunkel song until too late, but at least it's not anything bad. I did google the names to see what the top hits were and make sure there was nothing bad. We discovered belatedly that apparently people have a really hard time spelling Cecilia (Cecelia is the most common alternate spelling), so unfortunately she will be stuck with a lifetime of having to spell out her name to everyone.

Allison, hope you survived the rain storm!

Bill, have fun on your vacation!
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Bill -- you're going to love Sequoia and King's Canyon area, it is really spectacular!

On the zucchini and tomato topic, I love both. Nom nom nom! My neighbor has been growing fresh basil and every time I see her she hands me a bunch. I love fresh basil with little grape tomatoes and EVOO and salt. I could eat a bushel. Or a peck. Or whatever the right word is for "huge amount of tomatoes".

National dog day! Sounds like an excuse to take a double-extra amount of dog photos today!
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My trainer's new baby boy is called Cory. I suppose that's how you spell it. I've never heard the name before and I really didn't know what to say. Perhaps it's part of the transatlantic name-swapping syndrome.

Bank Holiday here, as saef will know. I think I'll go out for a stroll along the river.
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It's still raining here. They need it up north where the fire is. Bill, I hope you are able to see the Sequoias (are you going to N. California?). Last night on the news they said the fire is close to the trees. It's very sad as those trees are hundreds of years old.

I saw a recipe for a zucchini and tomato tart that sounded delicious. Here's the link if you're interested: tart.

Off to work to see if our office kitty didn't totally freak out with yesterday's storm. It'll be interesting to drive down there. I wonder how many roads are still closed.

And here's to the health of our dogs!
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Good Morning all and Happy Dog Day! (as close as we can get with the smilies) I don't think we have that here but it should be a stat holiday .

I am back from the dog sit tonite and looking forward to cooking something in the way of real food tomorrow night. We went to a yummy BBQ birthday for my cousin last night. I can see how people pack on the pounds with salads. My cousin's wife used 1 lb. of bacon for her potato salad and I found it quite overwhelming. I like a bit of bacon in things as a flavouring but this was over the top. Lots of oil on everything else etc. etc. Good though and I didn't have to cook it so I just adjusted my portions and kinda spread the food out on my plate. What I was really hankering for was a simple green salad.

We are having a rainy day here and I'm delighted - no watering needed this week.

Will weigh myself tomorrow and I'm not expecting any big surprises.

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Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
Morning all,

Jen, your zucchini casserole sounds yummy. Have you ever tried it over spaghetti squash? Bargoo, your recipe sounds good too. I never have had much luck with zucchini. Squash vine borers always get to them.
I actually have never eaten spaghetti squash in my life. I planted some this year and they are *just* starting to have a tinge of yellow to them, so I'm hoping to harvest soon and start experimenting!!

I am torn this week - I really want to have a fast race on Sunday and the best way to do that is to carb load. But that will lead to weight gain. Decisions....

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I love all the zucchini recipes! I never have luck with growing it, same squash borer problem as Megan. I haven't had much luck growing anything this year. My tomatoes have been miserable, I have had too much rain, poor roots, cutworms, red ahpids, spider mites, every insect known to man. I even have something boring into my peppers. I still have a lot of pepper, but only because I planted tons of plants. I'm pretty annoyed with the whole thing.

Jen - any weight gain from a carb load before your race will be very temporary. If it makes you faster and you feel good about that I say go for it.

Have a good holiday today, Birchie!

Bill - those trees are on my bucket list, too.

Jessica - Baby names are tough. There is no way to think of every possible thing that might come up. I like your name choices.

Allison - I'm glad that everyone is safe after that storm, that is scary.

Megan - scalloping sounds lovely. There are some things I know I will never do, that is one of them. I always wanted to go to a clambake or lobster boil on the beach though.

Becky - great race! The post-pedi is a great idea.

I'm draggy today. Good weekend, but left it tired. Not a great way to start the week.

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Jen~up until a couple of months ago, I had never had spaghetti squash either. Now I'm practically addicted! DH and I actually prefer it over real spaghetti. I just cut it in half, remove the seeds, and place it cut side down on a foil lined baking sheet and bake it for 30ish minutes. Then you shred it with a fork and put your spaghetti sauce on top. Wonderful and you save lots of calories!

It's been interesting coming into work and hearing everyone's storm stories. We were relieved that there was only one tiny leak in the roof here--right around one of our evaporative coolers so it's an easy fix.

Birchy~Cory (or Corey) is a common name here. I have a friend who's son is named Cory.
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Jen - carb load for sure. Weight will then come off quickly later. Best/most enjoyable run I ever did was the morning after Halloween a couple years ago. I had really laid into the Swedish Fish in a BIG way (I'm vegan, my options were limited). I think my blood was pure sugar that morning. And I ran like the wind and it didn't hurt at all. 12-something miles and I never took a break and ran negative splits. It was beautiful!

I do most of my running in a calorie deficit. I could seriously feel the difference!

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Default Storm Update

The country club where we do the majority of our work, Bighorn Golf Club, sits south of my house, further up the mountain and is right up against the mountain. The flooding was so severe up there that it's estimated there is over a couple million dollars of damage from mud and washed out roads and lots. One home that is being constructed (we're doing the glass) had most of the foundation wash away. Not sure how long they'll take to clean up the mess but for the time being we can't do any work because we can't get to the homes.

I can only imagine what it did to the burned areas. Thankfully those areas are west of us and the majority of the storms were east of us.
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Popping in to say "hi".
At work-- kids come tomorrow and today is staff development-- guess where? The Library! So, I gotta be careful about not actually working!

Will hopefully check in later....
Hungry and dreaming about zucchini, spaghetti squash and tomatoes!!

They left for lunch....

I'm really trying to make a push to take some weight off (hopefully). I'm trying to cut back on my calories some. I hate HATE tracking so I've made goals for myself. I weighed 128.8 at WW on Saturday (with clothes on)-- that's my monthly weigh in. I told myself I need to be 126 in September and 124 in October. If I don't see myself heading in that direction I will go back to tracking because I know it works. This morning (no clothes), I was 127.8 so I'm hopeful....

PTA provided lunch for staff in our multi-purpose room. On purpose (pun intended), I didn't go in but ate the lunch I brought. Whatever it was/is wouldn't be a good idea!

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I have no garden, nor want one, but I do love my veggies. I'm lucky that my local Farmer's Market is wonderful (though I have to carefully avoid the stalls that sell cheese, bread, honey and jams, etc) and the Meijer a mile from my house has a huge, diverse and constantly-replenished produce section. I do wish that DSs would take to a broader array of veggies. Can't fathom why, with 2 parents who eat EVERYTHING (veggie-wise), they are so d*mn picky.

Megan, send those scallops my way, pretty please! Oh I miss fresh affordable seafood (I grew up on Long Island), and scallops are about the most expensive, aside from lobster. I buy a bag of frozen ones about every 3 months, and dole them out to myself in 3 portions (no one else in the family likes them).

Silverbirch, I'm surprised you don't know any Corys, but also think your trainer is a bit "retro" since that name was way more popular in the 1980s (in the U.S.) than it is now- most of the Corys I know are between 25 and 35.

As for me, not too much to report. I'm on hospital duty this week but it hasn't been too bad, and I've had time to exercise, read and even get my artificial nails filled in (yep, vanity thy name is Andrea). It helps that 15 yo DS was at my mom's for a week (coming home tonight), and the 8 and 11 yo DSs went for a 3 day visit to the other set of grandparents. Last hurrah before school starts.
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