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Also, this:

Also, she seems to be under the impression that once I hit 45kg (100lb) I’ll stop losing weight. Oh no, no, no, no. My target is 42.5kg (93.7lb) or at highest 43kg (94.8lb) so I can see some very fun arguments coming up in the not so distant future.
In your OP you said you'd like to stay at 100 but you blatantly say in your blog that you intend to go even lower. Where you got such a specific number - not 93 or 94 but rather 93.7 - is beyond me but please disregard that source if you used one.

It seems to me this is a cry for help because of the obvious conflict. Like maybe you know you need help.
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Ok I'm sorry if I offended anyone with that blog, I realise that some of the things I did to lose weight were stupid but I guess I just wanted it off as quickly as possible. Yes, my original goal weight was about 94lbs which I did mention in my blog but I haven't updated that blog now in ages and my mum since told me that I couldn't go below 100lbs. I am happy with my weight and the NHS Healthy Weight Calculator says I am at a healthy weight for my height, gender and age. So I really do want to stop losing weight now and I need advice on how to do it without immediately gaining loads back due to my body being in starvation mode.

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Hi Izzy. Good to hear you've talked to your mum and looked at the NHS information. (If other readers don't know, the NHS is the UK's National Health Service.)

People often stop losing weight by adding back a daily 100 calories or so into their diet, seeing what happens, and then adding a little more week by week. The 100 cals should be chock-full of nutrients. Some people try a few nuts because of the healthy fats (very good for the skin!).

Good luck!
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Silver, good to hear from you. Miss you !
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S/C/G: 181/148.8/129

Height: 5'3"


But see, here's the thing with going to extreme lengths to lose weight - your body is flipping out. It thinks it's starving to death and it is. I did this once, I wanted to get into the 130's so bad that I did exactly the same thing. As soon as I began eating like a normal person again, I put all the weight back on.

Firstly, your starting weight was perfectly fine. I'd kill to weigh that much, millions of shorties like us would. You were no where near fat and I'm being totally honest with you here. Secondly, now that you've starved off the weight, the only thing you can really do is try to get back to normal. You shouldn't be working out 3 times a day, every day. Unless you're breaking up a longer workout into several smaller ones, 3 times a day is too many. Try what silverbirch said and add 100 calories onto your total every week until you reach at least 1200 a day. So you're eating about 400, try eating 500 for a week, and then 600, etc..

My guess is that it's going to be tough because your body hasn't been happy with being starved. That's the problem with this though, it's one big trap. You think you'll lose all the weight super fast and then just be okay but it's not that easy. There's kickback from your body when you do that, keeping it off and eating normally is very hard, but you can't keep eating 400 calories a day forever, you'll literally run yourself down until you die and why would you ever want to do that to your body at such a young age? One mistake like this could impact the rest of your life, please, once you figure out where you need to be and how you need to eat, don't ever use this sort of method again.
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