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Default What foods/dishes make you feel the fullest?

I've been maintaining for a year now (as of Nov. 1). While it hasn't been too much of a struggle, I'm acutely aware that I could easily eat twice as much as the 2,000 daily calories I currently consume (and I occasionally do have 4000+ calories in one evening, like when we go out for all-you-can-eat sushi or Chinese, without any discomfort).

This got me thinking: might maintenance be even easier for me if I figure out which foods/dishes leave me the most sated? I know everyone talks about protein and satiety, but so far I haven't noticed this effect. So I thought I'd ask you guys: What foods/dishes, if any, leave you feeling distinctly less hungry than normal? Maybe I'll experiment with some of these items and see where it leads.

TIA Freelance

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I've been experimenting with this as well; I find that salads with ample protein are filling, while those without are not. Fruit, while tasty, does not fill me up as long as other things.

The one dish that can keep me full the longest is quite simple: two poached eggs and whatever veggies I have on hand (usually asparagus, broccoli, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and sometimes green beans). Very low calorie, tasty, and like I said it can keep me full for several hours...unless I have a heavy weight training session after it
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I do try to eat "volumetrically" to fill myself up on less calories. I think there was actually a Volumetrics diet at some point. I also notice carbs don't fill me up that well. Fiber-ful carbs are better... but if I'm really hungry can take the edge of but don't fill me up. Even brown rice or quinoa that has more fiber and protein, doesn't fill me up. A combination of protein and fat really fill me up, and I eat tons of veggies and fruit.

For breakfast I do notice if I incorporate healthy fats or extra protein it keeps me full longer. I try to balance my sweet tooth/tendency to go for carbs with some added protein and/or fat for satiety. I really like oatmeal for breakfast, and add 1 c skim milk and usually a banana or other fruit (but that is mostly carbs and a little protein). It helps if I add some ground flax, walnuts, and if I stir an egg into my oatmeal that really helps sustain me until lunchtime. Occasionally I switch to a light English muffin, 1 egg, and Morningstar Farms "sausage" patty sandwich for breakfast. Gosh that just keeps me full for hours, for about 250 calories. Too bad I get tired of it and crave my oatmeal after a few days.

I usually ensure there's meat or seafood, some kind of protein in my main meals and even snacks. I often eat sandwiches for lunch and add 1/4 avocado to a sandwich, and eat a lot of nuts and seeds for afternoon snacks. I do find a Greek yogurt keeps me fills me up longer than a "regular" yogurt, and it does have 2x the protein. However the key combo for me really seems to be protein and (healthy) fat. I can also eat a few raw almonds to tide me over and they really seem to do the trick. Sometimes when I'm hungry or munchy I ask myself if I've had my healthy fats and often the answer is no. Raw nuts are probably the biggest exception I make to eating volumetrically. They're calorie dense, but full of healthy fats, a little protein and fiber, and a 1/2 or 1 oz serving really keeps me full.

Other than that I just eat a lot of veggies to help fill me up for few calories. I try to eat at least two servings of veggies at lunch and at dinner, if not more. I'm the queen of large salads with my dinner. I also eat whole fruits as opposed to dried fruits. Bread and sugary tasting things (either real sugar, or fake sugar like sugar free jello or diet coke) just make me want to eat more bread or sugary things. Of course donuts, cookies, cake etc don't fill me up and seems to trigger a sugar craze in me. Do I even need to say that? You probably figured out for yourself they're not filling. Good luck!
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The breakfast that really gets me through the day is a salmon burger from Costco, sometimes topped with an egg, along with a kale/white bean dish that I make (garlic, red pepper flakes, a lot of kale, 1 c. chicken or veggie broth and a can of white beans--cook down until no more liquid). I've actually had that sustain me for 5+ hours, although I usually don't wait that long to eat.
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pineapple always fills me up.
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Red meat, chicken, tuna, Greek yogurt for protein.

Other fish, eggs, soy products, not as much.

Huge salads are very filling - piles of cooked veggies are, too.

Everything else I could probably eat until I literally burst without feeling full :P
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For me there is no contest. Potatoes and sweet potatoes (baked) are SO filling I often find I cannot finish a large one. And I'm not the type who "can't finish" what's on the plate. There's just something about potatoes that I feel so full after not eating very much.
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peanut butter on whole wheat toast
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Red meat is number 1 for me. So much so that I make sure to NEVER eat it at night. It takes forever to digest.

Beans. I'm Brazilian, and we eat a lot of rice and beans here. It's very filling.

Cheese, though obviously you should go for the lower calorie choices.

Eggs don't do anything for me. They're as light as lettuce. Tasty, but I'm hungry soon after. I usually make omelets with cheese if I don't wanna be hungry again in half an hour. Also, it's yummy!

As for fruit, I agree with pineapple. Bananas are good, too. Apples actually make me hungrier, and I eat them when I've overeaten all the rest, to help with digestion.

Happy belated anniversary! I'm with you. I could happily eat 3000 calories every day and not feel overstuffed.

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Freelance, I also find that I do not have the satiety effect from protein that other experience. I tend to feel full if my meal has a lot of fiber. Fat can also do it, but fiber seems to be the key. I am that strange person who feels more full after a bowl of raisin bran than after eating a steak (go figure).

I eat the same breakfast all winter long and I find it extremely filling in addition to being healthy:
- 1/2 cup dry oats (old-fasioned)
- 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed
- 1 piece of fruit, cut up (usually a small apple or a banana)
Mix in a bowl with 1 C water, microwave on 50% for 5 minutes. I then add 15g of walnuts and drink 1C skim milk on the side.

In any case I eat around 7:30am and it keeps me totally full until noon.
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Miso Soup and Rice fill me up quick and keep me satisfied for a long time. There's nothing better for a hearty, wholesome breakfast that's low on calories!
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Thanks for all the suggestions, guys.

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