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Default Eeeeek!

Well, ever since I hit goal I have been partying hard with my food and I think it is time to grab the reins and get back in the game. When I was losing weight I still ate things that I loved like pizza and ice cream, but the fact that I hit "goal" has caused my brain to say, "Woo-hoo!! It is time to EAT!" I calorie counted for the last part of my weight loss and that was such a blessing, but I think the fact that it was so restrictive (obviously for good reasons) caused me to let loose (a lot) after I hit goal. My sister-in-law was in this weekend and I am not even going to begin to list everything I ate. It was a ton of fun eating so much (because I love food), but it doesn't feel good that I am going against everything I did in the first place to get healthy.

I don't really have any questions or anything...I just needed a sounding board. I still pretty much eat the same thing every day during the week, but it's the weekends that kill me. It's hard for me to stay focused because I hit goal and I think that I am "done". But, the weight will come back if I keep eating this way, so I need to get my a$$ in gear. I know this journey is forever because I will not go back to where I was before. I've just been having a little too much fun! Someone give me a kick on the backside, lol!!
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Sevaral years agi I dieted and lost a lot of weight, after I reached goal I decied I would maintain by dieting during the week and eating whatever I wanted on weekends. Makes sense, right ? Wrong! It didn't take long to regain everything plus a few more. This might work for some but not for me.
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Emmmme!!! Awwwhhh...don't beat yourself up too bad. We all go a little crazy sometimes. I think it has something to do with looking fabulous and summer time! went nutz. I ate 1/2 dozen literal Krispy Kremes in a matter of seconds! Talk about your eeeeeeeeeeeek!

But yunno wut...over the weekend I ran sprints for 3 miles in the sand on the beach! I even beat a 20 yr runner in a 100 yd race in the sand...woo hoo!

My point...UPS and DOWNS...that's life. You KNOW when you've been going nutz on food and slackin on exercise for too long. One problem, but all week...well...ehhhh...could start to get the scale creep. I know everyone makes it sound like you just wake up one day, hop on the scale and learn you've gained 100 lbs overnight, but really???

My advice...continue to weigh yourself regularly (at least weekly) so that you can keep a check on your weight. Observe the way your "old" clothes fit. If you feel you've "pigged out" one week, then cut back a bit the next week. Weight gain is a very gradual process so you'll have time to either 1)eat less or 2) exercise more.

Hope this helps.

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What I've FINALLY learned is I can have it all, I just can't have it all at once. When I indulge I like to INDULGE. Martini's, dinner, DESSERT! So I can either do ONE meal like that a weekend or I can chose one maybe two of those things two to three times in a weekend. It's not an exact science but it's in those boundaries. So now that I know that, 10 lbs later ) I'm working on putting it into practice, losing what I gained and being a happy healthy maintainer.
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