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Default Toning it up??

So I'm gonna be honest and say that I do NOT work out anymore, at all. During the summer and Fall I did daily walking and biking but getting motivated to work out in the house is really hard for me.

Now that I am under my goal, my tummy is still a blob after having 5 kids Anyone have any tips for some toning exercises? Should I do aerobics or direct toning like situps and squats? My problem is that my legs are really thin and my arms too. All of the FAT that's left is tummy and hips. I'm afraid that aerobic type stuff is just gonna make my legs and arms even thinner.....and lately I've been getting the "you look too skinny" comments But I always wear loose shirts so all they see is the that my arms/legs are thin. There's still plenty of blubber elsewhere LOL
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If you are on limited time, I would focus on exercises that strengthen your core muscles - basically from your chest to your hips. Not only will they make you look good, they are great for protecting your body against back injury, etc. Functional exercises like squats, sit ups, push ups, twists, punching, kicking, sit ups (did I mention sit ups?), lunges...all strengthen your core and tone it up. If you do it quickly and mix in some jump rope or squat jumps, you can keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone. If you can lift weights, it will balance out your look overall. But, don't expect overnight results - it takes time to build muscle. After I reached goal, it took about 4 months of pretty heavy lifting and core work to start balancing out my body, but it's been fun! And the results are worth it! Google "functional training" and you'll see what I mean.
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Abdominal exercices would tone you. Any core exercise also. You also need to give time to your skin to recuperate, you might not get thight skin after fie pregnancies. Genetics also plays a role, how long you were at your previous weight, many factors.

I am like you, I exfoliate m'y skin every day and use some firming lotion the cheap kind, I do not see a big improvement but the skin feel better.
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Unfortunately we can't target a specific area for fat loss, so I'd suggest full body strength training to build muscle all over. You probably lost a fair amount of muscle during your fat loss since it sounds like you only did cardio while you were losing. Building muscle will have a lot of benefits for you -- first, it will fill out and define your arms and legs so they don't look so skinny. Instead, they'll be tight and shapely. Second, building muscle will increase your overall metabolism (muscle is the calorie burner in your body) and you'll have an easier time losing that belly fat.

Cardio is good for all over calorie burning and cardiovascular health, so I wouldn't cut it out completely. But I think that strength training could really change your body at this point.
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