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Default Maintainers Chat: Week Of March 29 - April 4

Good morning! How are all the lovely maintainers today? How was your weekend?

On Saturday, DH and I had a funeral to go to that was about 2 1/2 hours north of here and close to his mom's house, so we visited her after the funeral. Yesterday we finished our taxes and I don't want to talk about the result. So not an exciting weekend here!

I came back from vacation on Monday night with a two pound gain, which has now turned into a four pound gain due to a delayed reaction to food and lack of exercise from vacation. I'm one of those who sees the results on the scale a week after I eat something (not the next day!) so a few days of clean eating and exercise have made the scale go UP. I'm hoping this week it turns around and goes DOWN!

I might try to stay off the scale for a week, just to keep from psyching myself out. I know I'm doing all the right things and it will pay off -- in its own good time.

Gym first thing, then one of the cats has to go to the vet. I'll shower afterwards to get rid of the cat fur deposits!

Now that we're at the last week of March, can we hope that there won't be any more snow??
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hi Meg, hi maintainers,

Today DS turned 18!!!!!
It is an incredible idea to me that I now am the mother of an adult son. And if I see him walk out the door I am proud of how he turned out. I see glimmers of a nice man through the layers of teen male testorsterone.

Food & exercise way the weekend, and for that the entire last week was not good. Jetlag and general tiredness resulted in too little exercise and too much food. Then, at DS's birthday party I was so relieved that I had made it (come back from singapore, catch up with work, do the shopping etc for his party) that I did not look where I was going and walked into a glass wall. I had a bloody nose & I now also have 2 black eyes. Took it easy yesterday, and my nose started bleeding again when I was apparently too active this morning. So no exercise untill I get over the headache and the bleeding nose issues I guess. And I'm working from home today, hopefully the bruises will have faded to concealable status tomorrow.

Meg, I'm staying away from the scale till after easter. I do not want to know how bad things are. Weren't you joining megan in the clean eat april challenge?

Have a great day all,
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Yep, I'm in with Megan on the hard core/clean eating since I got home on Monday night, but my scale is showing a delayed reaction to vacation eating.

Congratulations on DS turning 18 and big congratulations to you for raising such a fine son! Ouch on the glass wall and I hope you feel better soon.
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Good morning -

Congratulations 4rabbit for reaching his 18th birthday for which, IMHO, you deserve much credit. It's great to know that good ones are growing up.

Got outside a bit over the sunny, chilly weekend. It's bracing to see the Robins gathering nesting materials and the Hooded Mergansers passing through. This is our season of fake spring where we get all excited before the last wave of snow reminds us of where we live.
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Default Good morning all!

I have been putting my weight on a chart , which DH made up for both of us, since the beginning of the year.

This morning I looked at the chart as a whole for the first time. I generally weigh first thing in the morning 3x per week and I put the dot on the chart without thinking about it. I look at the previous week but rarely beyond that.

There's a real correlation between the weeks I'm really stressed and the weight going up. That is not really a surprise but it's interesting to see how the chart bears out in print something I was carrying in my mind.

Last week's work frenzy caused me to binge eat 3 times and gain 3 lbs.

So I know what the problems are and how to address them. Now I have to change that information from thought to action. Piece of cake, right?

Have a great Monday all!

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Morning, Meg, rabbit (ouch!), Bill, Dagmar! Everyone's getting an early start today.

I think I'll start the week with a spin class.
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Morning all,

I'm letting myself get stressed about too much right now. I feel like I barely caught up over the weekend. I managed to cook for the week, and do some laundry (b/c I was running out of workout clothes), work out, and that was about it after my choral commitments. Very little relaxation time. My boot camp plan is not working. Other than an initial loss my first week I haven't lost any pounds, inches, nada, despite faithfully sticking to plan. I'm also starving and just can't go on this hungry, so I'm slightly increasing my calories and allowing limited grains, and sticking to the rest of my boot camp plans for the last 3 weeks. It's stressing me out way too much (and I'm sure the stress isn't helping my waistline either).

Meg, I hope you're more successful than I've been! The no grains is just driving me bonkers and may be contributing to my tiredness, just not working for me.

Dagmar, yup, thought to action, piece of cake. lol. Good luck! You can do it!

Rabbit, congrats on DS's 18th birthday! A glass door, ouch. I hope the pain goes away quickly.

Have a good week everyone.
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Good morning everyone!
It sounds like we are all a bit stressed out! Add me to the list.

Ouch Rabbit!! Hope your bruises fade quickly. And Happy Birthday to your son. Our oldest dd (19) is at college and dh and I were talking last night that our youngest one will be at college in 2 years. We were discussing how quiet our house will be as youngest dd is very social and LOUD. She is constantly singing and playing the guitar. It will be very strange.

I am seeing a HUGE weight gain this week that has been sneaking on the past several days. So discouraging. Trying to blame it on sodium. I should do a weight chart too so I don't go so crazy when the scale goes up. Dh and I are taking a mini cruise and leaving next Monday. I was hoping to have a pound or two cushion but instead I went the wrong way. We had sushi Friday night but I don't use any soy sauce-- I just have miso soup and sushi (raw fish, no sauces). Last night dh cooked healthy but I'm guessing he piled on the salt though he always denies it. I was going to bring the leftovers to work this week but I told him I can't afford it and I'll stick to my normal lunches.

On top of that, I was flossing my teeth last night and my crown FLEW off! Never had that happen before-- it is my new crown so I'm hoping it can be put back in easily as the dentist wasn't sure it would take and he thought I might need a root canal. Just glad it didn't happen on the cruise! I have to wait until tomorrow to get in and it is pretty uncomfortable. I'm sure it won't keep me from eating though!

Barely got any work done on my school project that I have to finish before my trip. AGGGGHHHH!!! Yes, I am a tad stressed......

On a fitness note-- dh and I were debating shore excursions and I *think* we are going to kayak on one day and do a beginner's scuba dive the other day. I've always wanted to scuba dive and it seems like it might be a way to see if I want to go all out and get certified. Excited that we are choosing some active excursions as they sound fun and will hopefully help to keep the cruise poundage off.
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Good morning everyone!

Dagmar, how is the cat doing this week?

Meg, I hear you on the taxes. That big bonus I got at work went straight to paying the taxes! Sorry about the delayed weight gain -- what was that acronym we had again? Delayed Fat Onset Syndrome or something?

Rabbit, congrats on your son's birthday! Ouch about the glass, that sounds pretty painful.

Bill, you are so right. We've got temperatures in the mid-70's forecast for this week, and DH and I are really concerned that all the plants will start to bloom and then get zapped by a late frost in the next couple weeks. Last year our peach tree got totally zapped and didn't have a single flower! Plus we've already planted out a bunch of cool season crops.

Dagmar, I really like charting my weight. Even better is calculating a moving average -- that sort of gives you an idea of your weight trending without all the fluctuations.

Hi Ward! Have fun at spinning!

Megan, you are one busy chick. It seems like you get stressed out a lot because you are doing so many activities. I know you love all of them, but have you ever thought about reducing your commitments a little bit for sanity? Maybe doing all the community theater, chorus, AND weight lifting competitions (and whatever else you do) is just too much. Could you perhaps arrange it so that next year during the weight lifting training you don't have a role in any plays? Or something like that?

Michele, I bet it is sodium. Have fun on your cruise, it sounds totally fun!

Exercise has gotten off this weekend. My wrists are acting up, so I took the weekend off from anything that might irritate them, which includes my scheduled bike ride and swim. Taking this week off from weight training as well, partly for my wrists and partly because I'm doing a 5k this weekend and don't want sore legs for it. I'm going back to basics -- every time my typing break reminder tells me to take a 5 minutes break, I'm stretching and doing soft tissue massage on my arms, and hoping they will get back to normal (well, "normal" still hurts, but just not this much) soon. Bought a new heat pad too which I can use at home.

In other news, my company is moving to a new building in June (just down the street from our current office). This is good and bad. The bad part is that our cubicles will be smaller and there will be much less privacy (which probably means less 3FC ). The good part is the building is newer, the furniture is newer, and the new building has a MUCH bigger fitness center! Currently we have one 3-station weight machine (lat pulldown/row, leg press, bench/shoulder press), 1 treadmill, 1 elliptical, 1 recumbent bike, a rack of dumbbells + 1 bench, an incline ab bench, and some swiss balls and steps. The new fitness center will have a full set of weight machines, a smith machine + plates (so I can finally do barbell squats!!), dumbbells + benches, 6 treadmills, 3 recumbent bikes, 3 upright bikes, 6 ellipticals, a back extension apparatus, swiss balls, steps, and an area for group classes. Woohoo!
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4rabbit~lucky you! My DS is just 15 and we're deep into the male teenage hormones. If only there were a way to turn them into confident hormones! He's once again facing his black belt test and once again refusing to take it (he tried twice and failed and doesn't want to go through it again).

DD was home from school this weekend for spring break. She's headed back tonight because she has two essays to get done before next week and thinks she'd study better at home. Sad to say our house is no longer her home...I couldn't even count her on the census.

We went golfing Sunday and it was a beautiful day. DS got frustrated as he wasn't hitting as good as the previous week. I did my normal--one par, one birdie and the rest was horrible! But like they say the worst day of golf is better than the best day of work!

I got back to exercising this morning with 20 minutes on the elliptical and my knee is fine. At first I was thinking "oh, no! I'm so out of shape, I hope I make it 20 minutes!" But then after the first 5 minutes it all came back and 20 minutes was like nothing. I may step it up to daily for a while (rather than 3x per week like I was doing before).

I made a menu for low cal, low fat eating this week and got all the ingredients. We'll start tomorrow as DD wants to stay for dinner tonight and asked for something specific (which isn't out of line calorie-wise, so it's all okay).
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Hello all! Pretty good weekend here activity wise, though I didn't eat very well. Got in some good exercise on Saturday, including some time 'exercising' with DSS while DH was working out. Fun was had by all, and DSS told us he was getting strong like Daddy as he pulled resistance bands on the bosu, walked on the treadmill, walked on the elliptical, did some dummbell curls and banged on the weight bag. Funny... After he wore out from that we went out on his bike, played a little on the playground, then came back home just as daddy was finishing up his workout. Wore him flat out, but he was still popping back up in an hour wanting to go back outside. Dad went out with him that time while I exercised. Nothing yesterday, a much overdue rest day.

Meg -Our taxes aren't good either... And I hear you on the delayed weight gain - I don't see much impact for a few days myself.

Rabbit - happy DS's birthday! Ouch on the face. I walked into the side of a wooden platform tent base once and did that same thing. No fun. Hope you feel better soon.

Bill - hope you get less winter rather than more.

Dagmar - I chart my weight, too. I try to look at the long term trends, rather than right now. I also have a running average since I started to track and a monthly average. Funny when you can look back and highlight a week when you were stressed just by the weight pattern.

Ward - hope you enjoyed the spin class!

Megan - You made a lot of changes all at one time - I imagine that might stress your system, too.

Michele - enjoy your trip! Ouch on the crown - that has happened to my mom before, too. No fun.

Jessica - the new gym sounds cool!

Allison - glad you got back into the exercise today!

Good day everyone!

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Rabbit, OUCH!!! I hope you feel better quickly. Congrats on raising your child to adulthood. Itís excellent you can look at him and see a great young man.

Meg, I firmly believe scales are evil. Necessary but evil. Sorry yours is treating you with disrespect.

Bill, I love seeing the robins all around. We have hummingbirds at the feeder already and I think their wings are going faster to stay warm.

Dagmar, if addressing the problem isnít eating the piece of cake, then youíre on track at eliminating the problem.

Megan, if I tried the no grains idea, I would feel deprived and go out for an all out binge.

Michele, eeks on the crown. Iíve always wondered if flossing would yank mine off. Now I know and will be less aggressive with the floss. I love your excursion activities. That will be fun!

Jessica, I hope your wrists feel better. Iím guessing your problem is carpal tunnel? I have two bad wrists but they are from skiing and rollerblading injuries that did major damage. I feel your pain, literally. Good luck on your 5K this coming weekend! Wow on the new fitness center.

Allison, sounds like your exercise and food is on plan for the week. How do you plan food for a week? I canít do that Ė I like cooking by what Iím in the mood for. Iím jealous that you can do that. It would make planning calories easier.

Shannon it sounds like you had a fun weekend with your DSS. Itís great you focused on exercise and let the food issue drop.

I chart my weight and my cycle. Over the weight loss, I was amazed by the pattern. After about 7 cycles, I couldnít argue that I lost my ďmonthyĒ weight in week 3 of the cycle. The rest was just a maintenance or slow loss of 1 pound.

Today is another furlough day. Other than the pay reduction, I LOVE furlough days. DH and took all four doggies for their annual check-up. Four very healthy dogs. Thatís always great. So the $$$ from furlough and the $$$ from the vet bill EQUALS reduced bank account.
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Marie~sure there are times when I don't want to cook what is on the menu, but if all you have in the house are the ingredients for say a dozen dinners, then you HAVE to choose one of the dozen or go back to the store. I HATE having to run to the store! I grab a cookbook (current favorite is Cooking Light's Fast Fresh and Easy) and pick 7 or 8 entrees and then make a grocery list of all the items I don't already have on hand and head to the store. Sure, I always have a few "standby" things for the days when I don't feel like cooking. You may call me old fashioned, but we've ALWAYS eaten dinner as a family. Even when the kids were both in soccer and we were juggling practices and school and work and whatnot, we would still sit and have our dinner together and I rarely opted for fast food or pizza. I really like to cook, but now with my sights looking ahead I wonder what I'll feel like when DS leaves for college and we have that empty nest thing going on.

Ugh, taxes! My CPA was really excited last year when he said we'd get a refund....until I realized that he'd applied the refund to this year's estimated taxes! We have to pay quarterly as well as having taxes taken out of our paychecks. We haven't had a real refund in years, but last year's "refund" was the best we'd had in years. Since 2009 was a very slow year business-wise, I'm hoping we'll see a "loss" so that we can actually get a refund (or be able to skip a year of paying quarterly estimates). Such is the life of a business owner.
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Happy Birth Day, Rabbit!
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Well, I'm slinking back in the door in shame after being unaccountable for awhile. Somewhere between trying to finish my master's degree and getting involved in a new relationship I seem to have lost control (mmmm stress "balanced" with nights out for drinks and dinner) - but the muffin top tells me it's time to get back on the wagon. And what better motivation and support than 3FC? =)

I FEEL awful - lazy, fat - even though I know in reality I've only gained back a little bit of weight.

My plan tomorrow is to go jogging with my BF in the morning - and the woman who taught bellydance is finally back from having her baby, so I want to start that again.

Also I think I should start weighing myself and charting it - it'll be good to see. Everything just seems so much harder to start this time than it did in the first place!
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