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Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! I am headed out for an early run to try to offset the ham and bunny cake I'll have later.
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Sheila--is your contractor trying to cash the check or deposit it? Some checks can only be deposited.

Otherwise, I think it might have to do with the phony-checks scams that have been happening. Lots of people have gotten burned this way. A bank accepts the check for deposit, everything looks OK--but it takes up to two weeks to find out the check is a phony. By then the victim who deposited the check has sometimes already spent the money. AND, sometimes the victim is liable for bank fraud!

I guess the best thing to do would be for the contractor to find out what his bank's policy is. It may be that you'll have to write him smaller checks that don't trigger the rejection. It's all done by computer these days, and if the computer says no, it's really hard to get it to say yes.

Just my thoughts.

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Happy Easter all!

Birch - ah, WH Smith got a good deal of my funds when I was in the UK. It's the fear of being stuck on a train with nothing to read..... Have a fun trip with your DB, and that nothing ill will befall you.

Jessica - at least here you can change jobs - and employer health insurance - without having the pre-existing condition problem. Your old employer gives you a Certificate of Insurance proving to your new employer that you have been continuously covered and your new company can't claim the pre-existing issue. Since I've worked in Alaska most of my adult life, I have no idea if this is the case elsewhere.

I've had a busy two days, and am about to crash (at 6 pm!) Since we had a breakfast potluck at church, I didn't make a big Easter dinner for the two of us. I went to the play with my GFs. It was very cute and funny. There were a lot of empty seats though, because of the holiday I expect.
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hi all,

Rabbit here, and enjoying a perfect easter. I had a great day friday, with a cake treat from the department where I am stationed, for being with the firm 25 yrs, & that was really nice and relaxed.
Then saturday I went to ikea with DD, and they gave me a total cash refund to replace the coach that DS's field hockey team crashed through! It totally made my day as the coach full guarantee was already over, so I had hoped for a partial refund at best. Yesterday was spent installing the coach, and today I'll shop online for some summer clothes (saw really cute stuff at H&M's) and I'll continue working at my home.
It is lovely spring weather over here and I am thoroughly enjoying my home. Food and exercise wise things are not going well, but I am elated at enjoying the weekend, even though I have to work around a headache and stiff & sore neck and shouders.

great to read about all your holidays.
About healthcare: the government has made it mandatory some years ago for the insurance companies to accept everyone for the basic coverage and one can switch every year at jan 1st to another company. This was really good news as myself, DS and DD all three have prior issues which would have made it difficult to switch. Also, it is extremely uncommon over here not to have health insurance for everyone. At 18, DS needs his own coverage, but because he has no income he has gotten an allowance from the government for it. The insurance is about 90 euros per month but the allowance is 60 euros so it only costs 30 euros (about 40 US$).

Birch, take care on the treacherous British roads! I'm sure DB finds it an adventure to go on a field trip with you! I hope the 2 of you have tons of fun.

Happy easter everyone,

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Rabbit - laughing about the hockey team & the couch. Excellent news about the refund.

Yes we love field trips! In fact, spent quite a bit of yesterday in several rather muddy fields near two very full rivers. Lovely. Now crashed out, nicely full of my mother's fish pie and green beans (just lightly boiled).

Trousers on the loose side. That's good. My aim is to maintain during this trip & not to overdo the exercise & get exhausted.
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