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young and sweeeet only 17
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As I was "thin" earlier this year, I can vividly remember (and cry about) the things that I miss about being thin. I'm going to purge absolutely everything I remember about being thing, and then I'm going for a run! (:

1. You don't have dressing room break downs.
You know the feeling of tearing a piece of clothing off your body trying not to cry because you absolutely HATE how it looks on you? And then giving up on the other things you were going to try on because the whole process is so horribly terrible? Yep. Doesn't happen when you're thin.

2. You can take more fashion chances.
Going off #2, when the threat of dressing room break downs is no more, you see something a little quirky or different hanging up in the store and decide to try it on just for fun. And oddly, it looks really good! When you feel thin, you are willing to expand your fashion tastes and try different things.

3. Pants don't fit so tight that you have to unbutton them surreptitiously when you sit down in a movie theater.

4. You don't feel jiggle when you run down the stairs, brush your teeth, dance, or go for a jog.
I never used to feel my arm jiggling when I brushed my teeth!

5. You stop comparing yourself to others so much.
Weight-loss stops being such a big deal. You appreciate your own body, and that positivity spreads to the way you view the world and other people's bodies. You stop automatically thinking, "Am I fatter than her?" and just enjoy meeting people. When you're less critical of yourself, you are less critical of others. Period.

6. You focus on other things finally.
You have time to do other things. Not saying you suddenly invent the cure for cancer or anything. But it feels nice not having it on your mind 24/7.

7. You can throw on anything and it looks good.
Jeans and a white t-shirt and messy hair? No worries, looks fine.

8. You don't have to go scroll through pictures to see which one you look the least fat in.
You actually don't even care if you get to see the picture or not. You're not worried about if it looks good or not.

9. You can take pictures with crazy-wacko-silly faces and it looks adorable.

10. Compliments.
Maybe I'm superficial. But it feels nice getting complimented.

11. People asking you for advice.
What? Me?!

12. People telling you that you have inspired them.
This one truly makes you feel good about who you are.

13. Mindlessly making a healthy choice and not thinking twice.
Whole family rushes up to grab cookies at a party? You don't even notice, or mind. You continue right along in the conversation you are having.

14. Not having an effed up relationship with food.
I have a very messed up relationship with food. When I ran cross country for the first time last year, I felt the relationship changing. Healthy food = fuel for running. Fuel for running = better running. Simple. Easy. Amazing.

15. Feeling confident while wearing shorts.
I just miss shorts.


17. "Is it because I'm fat?" Never comes out of your mouth.
If someone doesn't like you, you don't automatically jump to your appearance being a factor.

18. Sleeveless things.
Can't find a cardigan to match your dress? No worries, your arms look fine!

19. Working out becomes so routine that it actually stops sucking.
This, I miss. It takes a long time to get to this point but then it's bliss.

20. Your confidence spreads to other aspects of your life.
I miss this as well. Trying to get my confidence back up!

If I can think of any more I will add them.
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young and sweeeet only 17
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21. Your period says "See ya later alligator!"
When you get super fit, especially if you are training for something, your period sometimes just disappears for a few months. Happened to me during a rigorous XC season.

22. Running in just a sport's bra is heaven on earth!
Such a lovely, confidence-boosting feeling.

23. Everything shrinks. Everything.
Your arms, calves, ankles, boobs, even your neck and face oddly.

24. Everyone has a comment.
When you are get very thin, or lose a lot of weight, literally everyone has something to say about it. Most of the things are nice, but some people just say things that make you think WTF. "You're probably gonna gain some back" or "are you starving yourself?" After discovering the joys of just focusing on your own body, you will wish people did the same and left you alone!

25. People start to check you out when you run.
Not always a good thing. I almost smashed into a tree when college boys honked and startled me. Also, a lot of old men and dudes on motor cycles stare, and do the thing where they drive away but they are still looking... Ick.

26. You love dressing up and going out.
I felt way more inspired to go out when I felt good about myself!

27. Sitting in a chair for a long time HURTS.
One of the negatives. You fidget a lot more because you can't get comfortable.

28. When you lay down to tan, your hips lift your bathing suit up and you are petrified that people are seein' stuff they don't wanna see!
This got annoying.

28. You can see actual definition in your arm and leg muscles.
Even if you don't lift weights or tone that much. When the fat layers disappear, suddenly your muscles pop out.

29. Being thin doesn't solve all your problems.
There's a myth that if you just get skinny enough your problems will disappear. That's not true. You'll still cry when you're tired and stressed. You'll still have money problems. You'll still wobble excruciatingly on the line between "friends" and "more than friends" with your best guy friend and go to sleep crying about it (just me?). Long story short, life will continue being bad sometimes.

30. Your inhibitions diminish somewhat.
If you've never had a daring personality, you probably won't go nuts when you get to your goal weight. But if you are already a daredevil + boost of body confidence = streaking, skinny dipping, and [crazy] fun summers <3

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This might sound funny, but I really, really love having a flat stomach. That's where I gain my weight and now it's flatter and almost flat (thank you Jillian). It feels so good to look in the mirror and see boobs and then....flat! No pot belly! Straight across from hip to hip! Hallelujah!
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High heels&Treadmills.<3
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Post Reasons to get thin:

1. The clothes. Good lord. The CLOTHES!
2. Because I want to be looked at like a human, not a ball of fat.
3. I'm so exhausted with feeling sorry for myself. I don't want others to be sorry for me either. I don't need sympathy.
4. Jeffrey Campbell Spike Litas. Nuff said.
5. I haven't had a relationship in years. It would be nice to get some attention.
6. When someone is mad at me, the first thing they call me always includes the word, 'fat.' Time for them to get a new joke.
7. College parties. Oh, how I've missed out.
8. I'm roasting all the time. Sweating. Can this just please go away?
9. Exercise is so uncomfortable at this huge size.
10. Binge eating needs to quit. I can lose 5 lbs, then binge eat 3. It's horrid.

Kisses, guys.

Every carrot is 5 lbs lost:
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Ugh, this thread really makes me want to go out for a run!

Now I know where to go when I'm feeling like quitting.
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"Evolution Required"
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Originally Posted by tancil View Post
Ugh, this thread really makes me want to go out for a run!

Now I know where to go when I'm feeling like quitting.

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Bump! Love this thread! I'm just starting this journey but love hearing from all of you "losers!
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I love that I first responded in this thread 6 years ago, lol.

And between then and now I had to learn alot of really hard lessons in order to enjoy the benefits of being "thin" again (still don't really see myself as "thin", I just look normal instead of overweight).

A couple people mentioned their hip bones, and I will say I am endlessly fascinated by having hip bones, they are definitely cool.

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The thread makes me thoughtful and sad, because it's a roll-call of people who once posted here regularly, and now don't. I liked a lot of them and I wonder how they are faring.

And yeah, I'm here too, and my closet is just as stuffed as my post would lead you to think it was. But that was just one outward manifestation. I didn't talk about the deeper stuff: How it felt to be unexceptional, at baseline normal, instead of going through the world always feeling apologetic for my appearance, like I'd failed at being a woman in some way, and how much that apologetic feeling changed my demeanor and attitude. My weight & my attitude have a circular, nonvirtuous cycle effect on each other. I can't tell which is a cause and which is a symptom.
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Had a cookie last night because I got hungry after all and I couldn't find a non-junk food snack, sigh. I've been planning to make a bunch, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to yet. Hopefully this weekend. Scale down again this morning, surprisingly, to 140.6. Not sure why but I'll take it! Not many veggies today, but oh well.

Breakfast: 2 small pancakes w/ maple syrup, milk
Lunch: veggie burger w/ bun, 2 mandarin oranges, banana bites
Snack: chocolate pb stuffed pretzels
Dinner: sandwich w/ pepper jack and roast beef, small greek yogurt
Snack: ...and some more pretzels, because they're tasty
Exercise: 5-10 minutes bike ride

Jaimsy, you are so right, it's just hard to remember that sometimes. And unfortunately, we have every flavor imaginable of poptarts here, and they're very inexpensive. Very tempting!
Aw, Rachel, you made my day! I hope you like the muffins.
Teri, I would totally try one of those toilet-paper-shaped cakes.
Nancy, I love Fitness Blender's videos, and they're so hard! So good though. I love the people who make them; they seem really cool.
Thanks, yangtzer. Yes, I drink tons of water throughout the day but I rarely snack on fruit. I tend to put it in actual meals. I usually don't need or want to snack except for my daily 4-5pm snack--I don't eat dinner till between 8 and 10pm usually because of my work schedule, so I do need a nice, heavy snack before I leave to teach or take class. It's been very weird being hungry for morning snacks and midnight snacks this week.
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I used to be 208 pounds. I must say feeling thin is the best feeling EVER. You have more energy to get up and do things.You feel magical because you can't remember where half your body went. People don't recognize you. (in a good way) You transform into something else.

Cynthia Ludoa
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