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Default My best tricks

OK, I decided not to be lazy, being off work today, with DD at day care. In honor of my 5th anniversary, I'm posting my best weight management tricks. My ulterior motive is also to get myself using these again, as I'm having some issues during this season. These are very specific things to do, not philosophy or lessons-learned type stuff, just things/tricks that work for me. Positive mind games, if you will. I don't have many, because I can't remember many! And I want to see everybody's tricks too, because I need some ideas, so post 'em here.

  • The 15 minute rule: unplanned, unhealthy snack presents itself and I WANT it. Stop, wait 15 minutes and then make a decision. It often breaks the spell and gives me time to get distracted with other non-food things.
  • Eat the veggies first: fills me up so I eat less of the fatty, starchy, sweet foods. Salads and broth based soups also work for this.
  • Snacking habits: alway have healthy portion-controlled snacks available, like single-serving yogurt or pre-cut and bagged veggies. Then there is always something that is OK to eat if I need it.

  • The 20 minute rule: if it is one of those days, just do 20 minutes and if it still is bad, I can stop. I've only had to take the deal twice in 5 years.
  • The one minute rule: I can do anything for just one more #$%@ minute. Good for building time/distance.

Other lifestyle:
  • Breathe: Close eyes and breathe deeply for 5-10 seconds. Can be done in the bathroom at work with nobody knowing.
  • Am I tired? Stress, boredom, munchies can all be signs of needing rest for me. Ask myself this question when things start to get off, and then make a non-eating plan for what to do about it (nap, early bedtime, etc).
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Thanks, Anne. Great idea. Here's my two penn'orth.

Very new tricks

Chew gum whilst making food (so I donít pick and eat a whole meal without noticing)

Do yoga whilst the Boy is having his supper (so I keep him company but donít eat any myself)

Old favourites

Get enough sleep so go to bed early

Going to the gymn in the early stages of a cold keeps my nutrition on track (if I donít, things go haywire)

Looking forward to seeing other people's ideas!
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Tea is great! Adds flavor, feels like a treat, fills me up and no calories!

I need to keep remembering that even though I don't want to GO to the gym, I nearly ALWAYS feel better when I'm done. Why can't that become ingrained?
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I need to keep remembering that even though I don't want to GO to the gym, I nearly ALWAYS feel better when I'm done. Why can't that become ingrained?
When you work that out Heather, pass the secret along.
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Thanks so much Anne!!!

I've found that exercise will really make you feel better if you're feeling the least bit ill. I've been running 3 times a week for 6 months now. I've pushed myself to go when I have a cold coming on, a horrible headache and even a slight hangover (ugh!). I force myself and within 5 minutes of leaving the house I mentally feel so much better about making myself go and by the time I get back home, my body feels better, too. I've always heard that exercise would do that, but it took 44 years for me to LEARN it.
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Thanks Everyone for some great tips!! Much appreciated!
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