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Chuggin' along...
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I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning to get up and work out, and it just didn't happen. Then I kept hitting snooze when I was supposed to get up for work... yeah... not so good. For our "Christmas" last night my BF got me a new stereo/CD/mp3 player for my car. He asked me what I wanted and I only gave him 1 item - I know to be very direct with him. I can't wait for my hair cut this afternoon, I'm ready for my hair to look like something other than terrible. Of course I'm also not at all packed for my traveling, and I leave tomorrow. I think I'll be doing some late night packing after the Christmas party tonight. As long as I can get to the airport on time, I can sleep on the plane, right?

Anne, congratulations on entering your FIFTH year of your healthy lifestyle!!! I think five years definitely makes you a long-termer. Thank you for continually reminding me to stay grounded on this journey, to stay true to myself, and that health & happiness are about a lot more than a number or two.

Jessica, I used to cook a bit more like you. If I take a little time to plan out my whole week, my eating stays a lot more on track. I think I sort of lost inspiration when my oven was broken for so long this fall. But I really enjoy cooking, and the stability it brings, I need to get back into it. Hooray for the gym and a stop in the weight gain!

Sheila, I really like the idea of reusable cloth gift bags. I always save/re-use as much paper wrapping, bows, bags, etc. as I can. It's definitely funny how some courts will accept almost any excuse for missing jury duty, and others give such a hassle to people who really have a good reason to miss jury duty. I was called for duty in Pennsylvania (my legal residence/parent's address) when I was an undergrad in college in Connecticut. I was like "hello...3 states car!" Then they kept trying to tax me in PA after I moved to Florida. I've had to send them proof of Florida residency for 3 years in a row now!

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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Congratulations on 5 years, Anne!!!

Jury duty~I get called at least every 12-18 months. When I lived in Utah, I never got called. Once I got here...BOOM! I've been on 3 juries and hated every bleeping minute of it. The local courts are so slow--last time it took 3 days to choose a jury (they swear in 12 and ask each and every one of them the exact same questions...over and over and over). I've been on a Federal jury as well--they do it right. They swear in about 300 people and ask a few pointed questions. If it pertains to you, you stand up and then they ask a few more questions to those standing up and dismiss as needed. Once they whittle it down to about 50, they ask more pertinent questions and they jury is in place within a couple of hours.
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slow and steady
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Megan - sounds like you needed the sleep! DH keeps getting tax notices from Rhode Island -- not only the state, but the city of Providence! How many times do we have to prove we moved??

Anne - congrats on five years!!!!!

Evil - ants-on-a-log is the only way I can possibly be convinced to eat celery! When I was a kid I just licked out the PB and raisins. I love pretty much all veggies in general, but I just can't handle celery.

Baffled - I tend to pile up 2-3 months worth of magazines, then sit down and tear through all of them! My recipe file is getting too heavy though. I think it's time for a reorg. I may just need a whole separate file for chicken recipes! I use the websites if I have an ingredient I want to use up.
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Taking a few minutes to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS as you end your week and start your holiday travels.

I am still maintaining pretty well, as I approach my 5 month anniversary in a couple of days. I weighed in this morning at 170.0 so maybe if I "bust my butt", for a few days, I can get that "little" cushion for the days ahead. There will be cookies and stuff around here, we aren't much of cookies eaters here though so I expect, as usual, we will be tossing most of them out around Jan. 2. But I also bet that there won't be a chip left in the house by then, if I have anything to say about it

Angie says most of "our" Christmas shopping is finished I really don't get much say in it...thank goodness!

ANNE ~ CONGRATULATIONS!! So awesome...5 years! I know how hard 5 months can be

MEGAN ~But won't sleeping on the plane mess up your HAIR!

HELLO to all the rest of you! I read your posts and have your concerns in my prayers.

Gotta go do "my" shopping........if I only had a clue
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Chuggin' along...
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Originally Posted by EZMONEY View Post
[B]MEGAN ~But won't sleeping on the plane mess up your HAIR!
Oh no, Gary! I hadn't thought of that!!!

If bad hair is my biggest problem in life, I think I'm doing ok.
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Working My Way Back Down
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Morning all! It was minus 10 at my house this morning - brrrrr. My car - which does not have a block heater - was very reluctant to start! Must get one installed....

I love CL magazine, and I have at least 8 of the annual cookbooks too! I donate the year's worth of mags to the library after I get the cookbook (though some of them are missing pages ) I do tend to cook more on the weekends, and maybe a night or two during the week, but we eat a lot of leftovers, or they become my lunch.

I've never been on a state jury - and only called twice in the 30+ years we've lived here (once on 9/11/01!) But I've been called for federal jury several times, and it was just like Allison described. Ask the questions to everyone at once, question those who have the minority answer.

I went to WW last night (down 1.8 YAY) and for a change stayed for the meeting. I had to clamp my mouth shut when it was about how to stay motivated. As Anne noted in her 4th year post, you can't hang about waiting for motivation, or spend all your time looking for it. You have to develop some sort of routine/plan and be consistent. But whatever. At least there are women with good losses in the group.

Have a good trip Megan! I never pack til right before I leave either. My DH however, starts packing at least a week before hand. He's going to visit his father (in Mass, Baffled) leaving 12/31, and I suspect that as soon as Christmas is over, his suitcase will come out and the piles of stuff he wants to pack will take over our bedroom! They say opposites attract, in this respect it's very true of us....
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Good morning!

Congratulations, Anne, on your fifth year anniversary--an incredible accomplishment and one to be proud of.

Hhhmm, after reading your jury comments, I'm wondering how juries are chosen. My Dad doesn't have a driver's license, but he is registered to vote so I thought that was how juries were chosen. But if someone who isn't a citizen got called up, then that indicates driver's license. Different rules in different states?

I'm in the throes of baking so I thought I'd pop on to publically declare that I'm not eating anything I bake, nor am I licking any spoons or in any way taking in any sugar. For me, a taste of sugar starts a whole cycle of more sugar. I'm definitely not in the all-things-in-moderation group, unfortunately.

Happy Thursday!
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Working My Way Back Down
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Sheila, here in Alaska, they use hunting and fishing licenses plus the very-popular-everyone-registers-for-it permanent fund dividend database! For those you of you not in the know, the Alaska Permanent Fund is a fund established in 1976, after the oil from Alaska’s North Slope began flowing to market. The program benefits Alaskans without a felony conviction who have resided in the state for at least one calendar year. The amount of each payment is based upon a five year average of performance and varies widely depending on the stock market and many other factors. Payments have ranged from a low of $331 to 2000's high of $1963.
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Anne, Big Congrat's on your 5 yr. anniversary of your lifestyle change.

Lacy and I got every single gift wrapped last night and it took hours. DH is now putting together our grandson's Power Wheels truck. I sure hope he can do it without screwing it up. My son is doing his Christmas shopping today and if he stays to true to his former self he'll show up with a bunch more gifts for me to wrap. uggggggggghh

I still feel sluggish and yucky. I'm now kicking myself for not seeing a Dr. a week ago. DH is feeling sorry for me and he is helping a little bit. He cooked breakfast yesterday, he cleaned the bathrooms , he did the dishes today. He also replaced a broken window pane. Lacy swept and mopped the kitchen for me. So for a change, they are pitching in to help a little.

I have a small roast cooking in the oven, but I don't feel one bit like eating any food.
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The Pink Champagne
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Hi every one!! I've been around and reading, just not posting.

Megan and Carolyn-- Haha! This would be the "ex-ex-Boyfriend". Not the one I just broke up with. The one from before him, about 2(really almost 3) years ago. We just dated for a short time then and broke up because of distance. We've always stayed in touch and wondered "What if" and really, although we were both in relationships and didn't want to admit it, still had feelings for each other. Well, we're both single now and I'm about to move home and will only be a little over an hour from him(he lives in Knoxville--just graduated from UT). Somethings different with him---I feel so special and know that he appreciates me and I appreciate him and he just makes me so happy!! And we dated when I was at my heaviest, so I know its ME he likes!

Anne-Congrats on 5 years!!

Well, tomorrow is my last day at my internship. I'm moving back home with my parents this weekend as I still don't have a job yet. This will be the first time since the summer of 2004 that I have lived at home for more than like, Christmas break. I'm so used to my independence and taking care of myself. I'm REALLY worried about maintaining/losing those last 5. I can't afford a gym membership at fam doesn't keep healthy food around. I guess I'll take over the grocery shopping and meal planning. Any ideas on exercise? I plan on walking/jogging(maybe I'll actually do the Couch to 5K thing!) and about 6 workout DVDS I bought from a prop sale at work. I asked for a balance bar for Christmas and I have a resistance band...

::sigh:: off to pack some more!! Safe travels everyone!
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Hey DGA, good for you for coming up with a plan for dealing with the move home rather than just giving up! Taking over the meal shopping and planning is such a great thing to do for your family and I have a feeling they'll learn a lot about healthy cooking and nutrition. It'll be good for you AND good for them! Good luck with the move!

Lily, DH is sure a keeper for pitching in, but I'm worried about you. How are you feeling today? Any chance of getting in to see your doctor soon?

How did you do with the baking, Sheila? I'm done baking, but unfortunately the cookies are still in the freezer. And frozen has never stopped me before! No cookies for me today either!! (I feel like Scarlet O'Hara dramatically proclaiming: As God is my witness, no cookies for me today! )

Hey Shane, I had a 3FC dream too! I dreamt that a group of us was being held hostage in a hotel by terrorists who were unhappy with their weight (I'm not kidding, I really dreamed this ). The hotel had one of those huge interior atriums and the terrorists were threatening to burn the place down, so we stole their scales and dropped them over the side of the atrium balcony, and they smashed on the floor of the lobby. Then I woke up. What do you make of that, Dr. Freud?

Is everyone who is holiday shopping done yet? I read that they're predicting a huge shopping weekend, so I'm staying far away from the malls. My gym is right in the center of the shopping area, but so long as I'm out of there by 7 am, I miss the traffic.

Speaking of the gym, it's time to jump into my gym clothes and get going. Leg Day today!
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3 + years maintaining
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Just popping in for a quick hello. I couldn't go without congratulating Anne.

So here goes - Congratulations Anne on a HUGE milestone. 5 years of hard work and dedication. You are AMAZING. How I hope to celebrate my 5 year lifestyle change anniversary. Thanks for showing us that it CAN be done - longterm. That of course is what it's all about.

Okay Meg, that is quite the dream. What was THAT all about!?!?!?!

Hi to everybody else. Be aware of frozen cookies - just as good, maybe better (they're crunchier). I know they've done me in many, MANY times. And be aware of the maul (the mall) this weekend folks. It promises to get ugly.

Have a great weekend folks.

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Morning, everyone.

Congratulations to Anne on the big 0-5 mark. What a wonderful accomplishment. I think it's especially great that you began your weight loss journey in the middle of the holiday season, and stuck with it. That's a reminder to all of us that there's no need to put our goals on hold for the holidays. There's no time like the present!

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and munching on carrots. For some reason I woke up hungry, and my 1/2 cup of cottage cheese didn't do the trick. So, carrots it is. They're actually not that bad for breakfast.

Busy day today. Off I go!

Stay strong,
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Good morning, everyone!

I can't possibly catch up, but I had to stop by and say CONGRATS to Anne for the 5th anniversary -- how wonderful!! And what an inspiration for the rest of us, especially those of us who've just started the maintenance journey and are worried about sustaining it!

Today's my last day of school and I have planning period right now so I'm just wrapping up some loose ends. I have to give an exam the rest of the day, but we get out at 1:45. My husband and I are considering fighting the crowds to do some last-minute Christmas shopping this afternoon (we haven't even begun to buy for his side of the family, and he's one of six kids, so you can imagine how long that will take...) I really just want to go straight home and sleep for hours!

As much as I love my students, I'm kind of excited about not seeing them for a week and a half!! They're probably excited about not seeing me too! They generally like me, but I'm sure they need a break from vocab, grammar, and lit just as much as I need a break from teaching it.

Christmas cookies everywhere...and I'll be making about five different kinds myself on Monday. I plan to make those yucky maple ones that everyone loves, because I hate them and won't touch them...but now I have to convince myself not to touch the white chocolate raspberry ones...and the iced sugar cookies...and the chocolate mint ones...and whatever else I decide to make. (Sorry, food porn).
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Pretty harmless really...
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Hi all,
More stress for me, MIL is back in hospital. I did not use food this time to comfort, infact I am down 2 pounds below goal, I weighed 143 today, so I am thrilled with that. Go me.... Just wanted to say Happy Holidaze, to you & yours!
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