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Goal!! I am bragging all over the place today.I made my goal, I was actually surprised, but happy. when I looked at the scale.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Shout it from the rooftops, yeah you!!!! Congrats again & welcome to the maintenance world.
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Congratulations, Bargoo!!! That's fantastic!!!

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Congrats Bargoo!!!!

Welcome to maintenance!!!
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Yay, Bargoooooooo!
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Way to go Bargoo!!!!!!

I had an interesting thing happen today. I'm at work, someone brought in some delicious (looking) chocolates. I picked out one that sounded good...dark chocolate with a mint filling. Well, it was slightly mint and bergamot. Ewwww. i popped the whole thing in my mouth and immediately regretted it. Off to the bathroom where I spit it in the toilet. No use wasting precious calories on something totally distasteful!

My weight is heading back toward ticker weight! Just a few more days until the holiday is over and I can get pack on 100% plan (rather than the 80% that I'm doing now).

Oh, the taco guy just showed up. Our office holiday party (can't call it Christmas) is fresh grilled carne asada, carnitas and chicken to make your own tacos with rice and beans. All homemade and authentic. Yum.
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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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**** YEAH congratulations, bargoo! WTG!
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Allison, I can't tell you how many times I've done exactly that -- taste something, decide it's not worth the calories, and spit it out. And I thought I was crazy! Glad to hear that you are too!

We are all going to regroup after the holidays and get right back to our maintenance weights. Right, gang?!
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I'll be cheering you on, Meg! I have a few more months to go.

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slow and steady
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Congrats Bargoo!!

Meg, count me in! I actually saw another 0.4 lb drop on the scale today, so either it was water weight, or the thyroid medicine is doing something amazing!

OTOH I had pizza for lunch today, so I'll probably be back up again tomorrow

I'm leaving for LA bright and early tomorrow morning, not sure if I'll be checking in from home or not. If not, I'll see you all in January!
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Ugh, I'm with you on the getting-our-act together after the holidays plan, Meg. I got on the scale this morning and saw a truly terrifying number. I think it doesn't count because I got my period last night, but still. I don't like it. I want to get to 135! But that isn't going to happen this week. After today, I'm going to lose control over my food and be limited in my exercise options for more than a week. I just hope the damage isn't too dramatic!
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3 + years maintaining
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Hey everybody.

I'm crazy too!!! I'm crazy too! Count me in as another spitter outer person.

And Jessica, I had pizza today for lunch as well. It's been months. I took off all the cheese. Was left with a saucy, wet crust - NOT worth it. Yuck. It didn't satisfy me one bit.

And a big, BIG hearty congratulations to BARGOO!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!
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Pizza doesn't taste good to me now either, Robin. The cheese is way too thick and salty and the sauce is ... bleech. Too many calories and, like you said, no satisfaction. Who would have thunk it?
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Hello, all

Shout it to the world, Bargoo--you deserve to brag! Congratulations!

I sure wish pizza didn't taste good to me. Actually, just last weekend, I spit this ice cream thing from Trader Joe's out. Well, to be honest, I spit out the thing that was covering the little ice cream ball and ate the ice cream.

Passed the cookie baking test with flying colors. Didn't even lick my fingers, but my hands are rather chapped from washing them so frequently to get the dough off. This morning when I was looking for the chicken breast for lunch, I pulled out the container of fudge by mistake. Oops! Not touching it until Sunday, when we have all our company over. I tend to eat better when I'm around other people.

Yes, Meg, definitely going to get back on track! I'm going to Hawaii on January 6, and I want to feel okay about the tank tops and shorts. Older women CAN wear shorts!

Back to aqua jogging class today. Has anyone ever tried it? It's an incredible workout--a full 45 minutes of aerobic torture that burns a lot of calories. My DH went with me, and said he loves a class where he's exhausted 1/2 way through. He had to stop at the side of the pool and catch his breath a couple of times.

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Hi everyone,

Big Congrats Bargoo on making your goal.

meg, I called my Dr.'s office this morning and it is closed until next Wednesday. So much for my procrastination. I still feel weak and foggy headed. Still have the cough. Good new is the pain over my right side is gone now. It may be all the Nyquil that is keeping me so sluggish. I am staying indoors. I had DH go pick out the fruit for the Christmas baskets that I am making today. I still have tons of cookies and brownies to bake, but I don't feel much like eating so this is good.

Lacy is bugging me to order a pizza today. I'm not budging. So she finally gave up and is making herself a grilled cheese. Pizza really doesn't tempt me too much cause it tastes too salty and greasy for me now.

DH got my grandson's Power Wheels truck successfully put together. Yeah. We are having Christmas with our grandsons tomorrow. Christmas with my MIL and Aunt on Sunday. Christmas with our kids here at home on Christmas Eve. Christmas with my step-kids on Monday. This is pretty much par for how it turns out each year due to work schedules.

Oh I definitey agree, frozen cookies have never stopped me one bit!

Sheila,I don't know if your aqua jogging classes are the same as the water aerobics classes that I will be taking or not. I hope they are strenuous though cause I need it.

My next door neighbor told me she would have been furious with her DH if he had given her a gym membership for Christmas. I thought it was the best gift ever. I know that DH doesn't think I'm fat and he knows how important keeping this weight off is to me.
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