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Atalanta, welcome!

Although I have been maintaining for only about 6 months, I agree that the constant food journaling, looking up nutrition info, keeping my mitts out of the cookie jar, and exercising -- is definitely a bit tedious. BUT - Everytime I wear a pair of my new jeans I am reminded that this is SO WORTH IT! Being healthy and strong and happy with myself is a trillion times better than living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. This is the first time I ever lost any weight and my first time trying to maintain, but the switch definitely went off in my head and I would never want to go back to my old lifestyle no matter how good that cookie looks!

Originally Posted by atalanta View Post
One helpful thing I realized is that although I'd relapsed into bad habits, I'm not "starting over". In addition to the basic mechanics of eat less/move more, I know what works for me, I know what a healthy diet is, and I even know lots of cognitive tools for dealing with urges and know to expect that sometimes things will be harder and how to deal with challenging situations, etc.
Would you mind sharing some of your cognitive tools? I am all too familiar with those urges and would appreciate any insight you could offer.
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Originally Posted by Sweet Amor View Post
Would you mind sharing some of your cognitive tools? I am all too familiar with those urges and would appreciate any insight you could offer.
Absolutely -- the tools I find most useful are those based on REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), which tends to appeal/work best for more analytical types of people, although I'm always on the lookout for new tools of any type to add to my toolbox -- what works now might not work later and vice versa. I'll start a new thread with some pointers to resources and an example or two. Some of them are common sense and used frequently by folks here, of course!
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I'm not sure if I've ever properly maintained, though in one sense, I'm maintaining, considering I've met my mini goal and sure as **** don't want to gain back any of the 25 pounds I've lost!

When I was 15, I lost 20 pounds. Then, I decided it wasn't good enough, and lost 30 more through eating disorders. After that, I quit the ED behavior, put on 10 pounds ish, and maintained that weight (120-125 range) for around two years. I ate mostly healthy things (though I really didn't eat much, in general, I just was no longer anorexic) and when I did eat junk, that would be all I'd eat for the whole day (like, if I grabbed a fast food meal, fine, but that would be the only thing I'd eat all day.)

I started eating a lot more (as well as unhealthy things!) and put on 50 pounds in 6 months that I carried with me for over a year.

This time around, I'm not going to mess up my lifestyle change. This is the first time I've ever lost weight the healthy way and I'm going to keep on doing healthy things because I NEVER want to feel as CRAPPY as I did at my highest weight of 175!
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Default maintanance is harder than losing

hi, I totally agree!!! Maintaining is so hard! While losing wasn't exactly easy, maintaining is much harder. Well, let me honest, currently, I'm not maintaining. I maintained for a long time. I had lost 70 lbs and now, I've gained 10 lbs.

I don't know what happened. I don't think I'm in denial. I"m doing as much exercising/strength training as while losing. My food intake is the same. I vary my workouts and my food. I drink water. I may even work out more. I increased my weights and hurt one of my upper back ribs. It's better. My hubby said maybe you are lifting too much weight. Errrr!

My clothes mostly still fit. I have a couple of pairs of shorts that don't fit. I bought them when I was at my very lowest weight. I didn't stay there long, but about 3 lbs more than my lowest was OK to maintain.

I'm 48, menopausal, have osteopenia, had a D&C in May 07 to remove a polyp. i started taking Fosamax early this year.

I plan to ask my pharmacist today and call my doc next week and ask about the Fosamax. Weight gain is not considered a side effect,but I'm wondering if this is my problem.

Any ideas??? help me process this. I want to be a maintainer. I have maintained the last 3 weeks which is great ... at least, I didn't gain.

thanks. cbryant
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Hi cbryant
Are you sure that your food is exactly the same? Are you journaling or tracking calories?

I know that when my mother went on fosomax years ago (she was in the clinical trials) she had to really change her eating schedule. While she didn't gain weight (she's been thin all her life), she did complain a lot about when and what she could eat around taking her medication.

As I've gotten older, I've had to either workout more or drop calories to maintain. I lost the bulk (haha) of my weight when I was 46 and am about to turn 53. What I've found is that 5 years ago I had more wiggle room for occasional treat meals or indiscretions with food. Now I can't wiggle without gaining.

Have you had a thyroid panel run? if weight gain has been that sudden with no other changes it might be a good idea.

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I also take Fosamax (54, menopausal), but I've had no issue with weight gain. Well, okay, I've had weight gain, but it only occurs when I'm not so vigilant about what I'm eating. I still have to journal to make sure I'm eating cleanly.

Good idea about making sure the thyroid is okay. Mine was removed a very long time ago (hence the osteopenia from long-time thyroid medication use) so I haven't had that problem, but many women do.
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