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Well I finally braved the scale after staying off it for 2 weeks. I was trying to just eat healthy, exercise and drink water and ignore the dang scale. I finally got too paranoid and thought "what if I'm gaining and don't even know it?". I got on and was down 3 lbs. Awesome. I'm going to continue with my healthy plan and now wait another week to weigh. I am now only 1 lb. above my goal. Yippee.. Seeing that 149 a couple weeks ago was a good thing. It got me serious about keeping the weight off.

Allison, the Chevy interest rate was higher than my pre-approved bank loan. They just wanted to make a killing off the deal . The jerk even told me that if I used my own lender I wouldn't be qualified for the manufacturers rebate deal that was going on. I'm really glad that I took my business elsewhere.

Allison, that LabFest sounds so fun. I wish I was there with Molly. (Not my Lucy since she hasn't learned any manners yet. I may have to find an obedience class for her).

The Army buddy Shane is moving in with is really a nice guy. He is just a yr. older than Shane and they both recently were promoted to Sergeant. They work together full-time and are in the same Army Unit. This probably will be good for Shane's self-esteem to be out on his own again. So, I'm gonna try to be supportive of his decision to move.

Megan, Shane is working a lot of hours, but I'm sure he'll still come over when he can. He loves my home-made dinners. LOL, if nothing else brings em home food sure does.

My 15 yr. old SD is driving me nuts watching the Food Network all the time. I end up leaving the room to get away from it. I don't want to see a bunch of junk I can't eat. The other night it was showing how to make an awesome looking New York Style Cheesecake. It didn't even look hard to make, but not something I'm gonna try.
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OMG, Lily, you have to deal with the Food Network too? I spent a week in Florida helping my MIL pack up and sell a house. And morning till night, it was non-stop Food Network BLARING all over the house. I thought I would lose my freaking mind! I'd never watched it before and certainly never would now ... but can you believe those shows? Especially Paula Deen? Just take a stick of butter and eat it, why don't you?
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slow and steady
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LOL about the Food Network, I used to watch it all the time. I still do sometimes, but you can only watch so many episodes of Emeril Live before it's all kind of the same thing. Paula Deen is hilarious, OMG, she puts SO MUCH BUTTER in everything. My favorite FN shows are stuff like Unwrapped, The Secret Life Of..., and travel shows. Rachel Ray is also kind of addictive to watch, although the first time I watched 30 minute meals I thought she must have taken speed or something!
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There's some photos up on the web from the West Coast Swing Dance we hosted at our club this past weekend.

Here's the group of New Yorkers that came down for it. I'm the one in the dress and Peter's on my right (your left) in the yellow tropical shirt. We're the old couple of the group by at least a decade or two for some of them.

It finally stopped raining here today. It's been doing so since Sunday. I'm hoping it will be dry enough to mow the yard tomorrow. It's a half foot high in places.

Even with the stress of worrying about my disability insurance, I haven't had any insomnia this week. Everyone knows not to wake me up if I end up sleeping in to compensate for a bad night. 2-3 nights in a row and I get into a serious mood swing. 5 nights straight and it's off to the lock up ward at the hospital. Fortunately, that hasn't happens in several years.

I've tried several prescription sleep medicines and everything over the counter. Nothing works. Luckily, one of my mental meds helps me get to sleep, but it's not a sure thing if I'm under any stress. Then if I can't sleep, the voices & visions start up. My new med really works well at stopping them.

Alison - I must have missed your post that explained what 'c25k' means. Can you clue me in?
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Carolyn~c25k is the couch to 5k running program from If you go to the website, you can read the training program. It's for people who want to run--it slowly eases them into running. It is working. I've NEVER run in my life (even as a child I hated it because I hated getting winded). I am able to run in 5 minute segments now (Saturday I'll do 8 minute segments). It's really amazing to follow a program that works!

ETA-love the photo! You look just like my next door neighbor!
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I like the food network...I actually started watching it more when I started paying more attention to eating healthily. It seems to fulfill some sort of need -- you still experience the food without the calories. Weird, I know...but it works for me. My parents think it's weird that I like to watch people make things that I wouldn't eat. Maybe there is something a little psycho about it!
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Hikerchick, aw thank you. You just gave me permission to ramble on and on! hehe. Keep us updated on how your new workout routine goes. (shorter runs, walking, heavy lifting)
Allison, WTG!!!!! I would have definitely had at least a nibble of a cookie by now! Have a great time at the LabFest
Pat, that's really great about your knee! You must be so relieved. I recently went to PT for "foot drop." While studying for midterms last semester, I was sitting crosslegged for hours and hours (geek, I know)....My right lower leg kept falling asleep so I kept shaking it out and putting it back in the same position (pretty silly move -- the studying drove me batty!) Anyway an area near my ankle went numb and wouldn't wake up! I did some ankle strengthening at therapy and had lots of tests done. All nerves appeared normal and in the "recovery phase." But I still do not have sensation in a part of my foot and ankle. I have pretty much a full range of motion though and no one can tell when they see me walking. But sometimes I feel like my right foot flops down instead of the normal "heel to toe motion." Oh and I definitely hear you on the homemade cookies vs. packaged ones! Good luck with the middle schoolers.
Lily, I'm sorry to hear about your son moving out. At least you know and hopefully approve of his roommate. How far will he be moving? I second the idea about having a weekly dinner or special outing with him. And a huge CONGRATS for losing those 3 lbs!!
Jessica, what kind of scale is it? I bought the Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Body Water from -- it was $49.99 and it is extremely accurate. I get on it a few times in a row and it shows the same reading each time. If anything goes wrong with the scale you have now, I definitely recommend investing in this one.
Megan, I definitely understand being annoyed by all the pressure and guilt tripping that goes on when you try to eat healthily and be responsible. It is suchhhhhh a pet peeve of mine when someone just can't take "no" for an answer. It's especially hard with my easygoing personality that I try to please people too much and sometimes I just have to stand up for what I know is right and good for me.
Tara, I watch Food Network alllll the time, too & more now that I'm health concious. And I soo understand what you mean about it fulfilling a need. Rachel Ray is definitely addicting. I actually TIVO her daytime talk show because I don't wanna miss an episode. I like watching her cook and Emeril too because my mom never really taught me how to cook and as I start being more health conscious, I realize that I have to cook my own meals. I actually learned a lot about cooking by watching the Food Network. I also like reading the posts where 3FC users write about their own recipes because it's usually more "figure friendly" (as Rachel would say, hehe).
Carolyn, that dress is gorgeous! You look great in it. Too bad we're not the same size because since we both live in the tri-state area, I would have definitely borrowed it!! lol Where'd you get it??

Today was the last day of my summer internship. I start classes next week. I need to go clothes shopping badlyyy! Tomorrow I'm making a carrot cake for my father's birthday. It's his fav cake. I got a recipe for it and frosting online and tweaked it a bit to lighten it up a bit so I got it down to 150 calories for a serving and it will have 10 servings. If it comes out any good, I'll post the recipe.
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Although I had a lovely day with my Mom, I can't believe how many calories are in the chinese food she bought us for lunch! I've been scouring the internet hoping to find more likeable stats but, no dice! Ugh! And I'm starving now. There is no way I could go to bed and go to sleep without eating something.
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I also watch a LOT of Food Network, but I'm pretty selective about which shows. I get good ideas from some of them on how to actually prepare things, so I'm not eating mac&cheese out of a box anymore. I find making good tasting stuff with good ingredients helps keep me away from junk.

I'm off on my retreat tomorrow. I'll catch up with you all next week.

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Good morning! I'm having fun with my own sleep problems this week, but I don't think you could call it insomnia because I fall asleep instantly. I just can't stay asleep and it's been rough this week. I wake up at 2:30 am and that's it. The problem is that I'm tired all day and that kills me in the eating department since my body has trouble distinguishing between tired and hungry. Swear to God, they feel the same to me.

Sweetie, keep rambling on - we love to hear from you! Please do share your lightened carrot cake recipe.

Lily, I'm so sorry about Shane. I have a DS the same age and know exactly how you feel. I don't care how old they are, they're still our little boys. But we have to let them fly out of the nest, though it kills us.

to everyone for resisting the treats!

Carolyn, LOVE the photos! You look so happy and vibrant!

Jessica, I'm so sorry for the stress about the wedding planner, and so close to the wedding. Yikes! DD's florist suddenly went out of business but at least we have three months to go and she already found a new one. Six weeks would be a bit unnerving! But I'm sure everything will be lovely and perfect. I hope you'll share photos after the big day -- we're dying to see your dress!

Gack! I need to get this dump cleaned up!! One more mug of coffee and hopefully I'll turn into a whirling dervish.
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3 + years maintaining
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Good morning everyone.

MEg, I see you were up bright and early. At least early. I have the same problem as you, no trouble falling asleep - it's staying asleep.

Ennay, I hope your sleep problems have eased.

Lily, for Shane flying the coop. Great going on being a measly pound away from your goal. AWESOME.

Carolyn, that dress is lovely and you look lovely in it.

Anne, enjoy that retreat.

Susan, it's amazing how many calories they can pack into those little cartons, isn't it?

Armor, I too LOVE carrot cake, zucchini cake too for that matter.

Tara, I like the food network as well, but I can only take it in very small doses. It DOES get my juices flowing at times and makes me munched.

Jessica, I have the same scale that Amor mentioned. I'm very pleased with it. I love that I get the same reading 2, 3, 4 times in a row. Actually since I know I'm getting the same reading multiple times, I don't even have to go on so many times in a row now. Wow, what a concept.

Hello to the rest of the gang.

After last weekends fiasco and the ones previous to it, I stepped on the scale Monday morning and was a whopping 8 lbs over my ticker weight. I nearly fainted. It was the wake up call that I needed though. I definitely regrouped, refocused and decided that this weekend nonsense has got to stop. I had a great week, full of great eating and great exercise. Resisted lots of things that were all around me. Back to normal that is. My new normal. I am so much happier like this. I think a part of me likes losing, better then maintaining. I'm wondering if that's why I let myself go weekend after weekend. This weekend will be another test. Tonight I have a big family dinner and tomorrow an afternoon party AND an evening one as well. I am going in there fully confident that I won't overdo it, as opposed to the previous weekends where I kinda ALLOWED myself to overdo it. I'm so determined right now to get back to my ticker weight, which as of today, I am only a pound above. Don't ask me how 7 lbs flew off of me in less then 5 days. I have also decided to try right here and now to get down to the 125 mark. Which again puts me into losing mode. A mode that I mentioned I seem to really like and do well with. Enough of this maintaining stuff for me - for now anyway.

Have a great day everyone.
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Good morning! This is the first coffee I've had since about this time yesterday. And mmm mmm mmm is it fabulous!

Robin ... I call that junk eating weight 'toxic flab'. It is easier to lose, I think. If I clean up my act, I lose most vacation weight pretty easily.
Along that line of thinking. I wonder if that's not part of why maintaining isn't really much different from losing. Things happen, life happens, health glitches, shopping with your Mother happens ... and presto, you've got a couple pounds to lose.

No harmful effects from the chinese food yesterday. All that mall walking must have counter-acted it.

I'm trying to stay domestic today. I'm defrosting the freezer. Men used my kitchen for nine hours yesterday!

That website is calling for my phone interview today. (Editted to say that Kim can't call until Monday. I guess I'll worry for a few more days then) I'm too aware of how some media twist and edit what we say but Suzanne vouched for her so I feel a bit better. I think they'll want a decent 'after' picture. I'll have to think of something.

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Morning all!

In a mere 4 hours I leave to do my relay..what freaking insanity! I think this is what middle aged people do when we cant tolerate frat parties any more. Instead of staying up all night drinking, we stay up all night running.

robin - Good luck to you! Thank god crappy eating packs on water weight too, good to get that off quickly.

I am back to losing mode too, but only because I sleep some point this will be an issue. Im just trying to stay on the slight underedge. Of course this weekend is a total crap shoot. Last time I ran this relay my only solid food was 2 hamburgers and some cookies. (lots of energy gel and gatorade). The second hamburger was at 8 am, I got in line to get yummy looking breakfast and they ran out and were serving lunch.

Lily I keep telling myself that my little guy will NEVER be old enough to go to war.

Sweet - I have heard great things about that scale...I want one but my scale is relatively new. Hmmmmmm. How can I break my scale so I NEED a new one. But then part of me thinks I would get an new one and have to change my ticker.

I watch FN sometimes...I think Iron Chef is hilarious and I get sucked in to Rachel Ray. She needs a little less caffeine but I like her food ideas sometimes. Although I tried her soup once and
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Chuggin' along...
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Hooray it's Friday! BF doesn't have to work, no alarm clock tomorrow...ah.

I go through phases with Food Network. Sometimes I like to watch it to get new cooking ideas, but often I can't watch because it just makes me crave bad foods. Right now I like Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger (9:00 AM Saturdays). She is a nutritionist who focuses on cooking with healthier ingredients and giving you tips on how to eat healthily even if you're busy. My roommate was watching Paula Deen last week and she was frying mac and cheese, for pete's sake! I love mac & cheese (not that I've eaten it in about 3 years) but ick!

Ennay, maybe you could think of something you really need to weigh outside, and leave your scale in the driveway, and when you pull out your car...oops!

Susan, what men used your kitchen? Did I miss something? (Insert me picturing random men walking into a house asking to use your kitchen, then standing in front of the fridge/freezer with it open for hours).

Robin, perhaps that was some water weight too. Junk food always makes me retain water. It's not just the salt content...something about the excess amount of food makes me retain more water. I can totally relate to your comment about liking to lose better than liking to maintain. For me, it is much easier to be 100% strict with my diet and lose weight, than to try to give myself a little more leeway for maintenance. When I get to maintenance I think I can have a 'treat' and it all goes downhill. I have always been an all-or-nothing kind of person, so I'm still trying to find a maintenance 'style' that works for me rather than roller coastering from strict losing to eating somewhere above maintenance and back and forth. Way to pull in the reins and take control of your weekends!

Happy Friday everone.
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Megan ... were they good looking men

No, I was away all day, so that left my DH and two sons to fend for themselves. 2 worked days and 1 worked nights. I don't know who raised those boys that they don't even know to close a bread bag!
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