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For 2007 I would like to reinvent my mindset from a Loser to being a more fit and healthy person. I am finally in my maintaining range, and it feels marvelous. This time last year I set a goal to lose over 40 lbs to get my body back into a healthy weight range - and I DID IT!!

Now my 2007 goals are:
* to maintain my loss by eating smaller, healthier portions.
* to zone in on "why" I am eating (ie. emotion or physical hunger).
* Exercise, exercise, exercise - strive for 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio (running).

When I look back this time next year I want to be more muscular and fit.
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In 2007, I want to...
  • Lose weight to goal in first six months.
  • Maintain weight loss in second six months.
  • Keep up with current fitness regimen (4 mile run 5-7X weekly, weightlifting 3X weekly, other cardio like Step and elliptical 2-7X weekly)
  • Continue healthy, whole foods lifestyle for self/family.
  • Work on effective strategies for dealing with non-physical desire for food.
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Reflecting on my accomplishments of 2006:

* I lost about 30 pounds
* I started a new job
* I agreed to a second year term as president of my charity group
* I started an exercise routine

What I would like to accomplish in 2007:

* I'd like to meet or exceed my weight loss goal
* I'd like to become a better boss
* I'd like to put on the best Senior Presentation Awards program that we can do (for my charity group)
* I'd like to continue my exercise routine for the entire year

Of all the things I'd like to do, the ONLY one I RESOLVE to do is to meet my weight loss goal. I'm giving myself until my birthday to accomplish this goal (I'll make it by then, I'm sure!) All the others I will do my best to complete.
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Ilene the Bean
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As I reflect over 2006, weight wise I haven't done well at all... I am up 5#, not a heck of a lot, but I am not comfortable and I will do something about it...

Working out of town makes me put aside my workouts ... for 2007 I will exercise more regularly... Firstly, I will, run at least 3 x/week or 4 if possible... Just today my g/f and I decided that we will swim twice/week... I will of course make it to the gym 4x/week too ...

I've been pretty lazy with Fitday these days so I will definitely keep that up...

2007 will be MY year also!! I've got 15# to lose and I'm going to do it!!
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The hope and determination here is very inspiring!

My health and fitness goals for 2007:
  • Break out of the gain/lose cycle and finally (after 5 years of "maintaining") MAINTAIN my weight between 135-140 lbs. I usually gain in the summer and over the holidays and lose in the fall and during the first few months of each new year. This year, I didn't gain the usual holiday weight, so I'm very excited and confident that I CAN and WILL do this! It's an amazing feeling to be starting out 2007 in my maintenance range!
  • Eat more fresh fruit and veggies - EVERY DAY!
  • Learn more about sugar and how to cut down on it
  • Continue to watch fiber, protein, sodium, good fat and good carbs
  • Make more of an effort to cook healthy dinners for the entire family rather than preparing separate dishes - healthy for me, "normal" for them
  • Continue my weekly Weight Watcher weigh-ins for accountability
  • Stick to ONE Diet Coke per day
  • Continue to enjoy my Saturdays as a "day off" from my normal routine WITHOUT BINGEING
  • Continue to work out 4-6x per week alternating cardio and strength training
That's it so far. I'm looking forward to reading this as 2008 approaches. Actually, I'm going to print this out and post it somewhere I can see it on a daily basis so my goals can stay fresh in my mind throughout 2007.

Happy New Year, everyone!!
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Hello Maintainers,
I haven't had a chance to read my prior years' post, but since I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in 2006, my goal in 2007 is to continue to breastfeed and care for her without letting myself get too stressed about messy house/lack of sleep/etc. So far, so good.

Right now, I'm 17 pounds over my maintenance weight, which is very good for me considering when I had my son I was 30+ pounds overweight at this point. So my goal for 2007 is to lose the 17 pounds and get back into shape -- that means lifting 3X week and getting my upper body toned and tight again. I'm starting a one month plan to lose 3.5 pounds (need to go slow since I'm nursing). I resolve to weigh myself less often right now because progress is slow and it's too frustrating. I'll weigh-in on Feb. 1st and let you know the results!

Looking forward to posting more in 2007 (I need to update my signature - right now I'm at 136 lbs and looking to get back down to 119)
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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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And here are my hopes, dreams, etc. for 2007

  • To lose 104 pounds. - Why, you might ask? Because after I had my daughter I was 205 and I felt so sexy. I just didn't stay there long enough to appreciate it.
  • To be more open to life and people - I'm will not hide behind my weight.
  • To budget my money wisely - I waste way too much! I need to work out a budget so that my needs are fulfilled, I get some wants, and save some for a rainy day.
  • To de-clutter and organize my house (shoot, I want this done by the end of the month, forget the end of the year)
  • To exercise regularly - dust off the Turbo Jam and Billy's Bootcamp and get to moving!
  • To eat foods that are good for me and not just good - Really think before I eat.

Last edited by teahoney; 01-03-2007 at 05:56 PM. Reason: to be more specific with my goals.
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slow and steady
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My 2007 goals:
  • Get down to and maintain at 125-129 in REAL pounds, not the off by three of my current scale
  • Get my wrists healed!!! And my knees. Most importantly -- go to the doc when something STARTS hurting, not when it has been hurting for months already.
  • Assuming the previous is a success, resume weight training and have kickass arms to show off in my wedding dress in October
  • Find a gym with group classes and go at LEAST 3x/week
  • If my knees can handle it, slowly start building up to try to break that 10min/mile barrier that has taunted me since I was 12.
  • Take vitamins EVERY day.
  • Eat more fish. It was easy to eat salmon once a week when I lived in RI, but the salmon at the grocery store here in Indy always looks gross and old. I took the first step toward this by buying *frozen* salmon last weekend.
  • Get back in the shape I was the summer before last.
  • The main one: end 2007 healthier than I started it.
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Originally Posted by wndranne View Post
  • I will floss at least 4 times a week.
  • I will do a minimum of 20 minutes of walking every day, unless there is some medical reason not to. Other forms of exercise may be substituted.
  • I will eat fish at least once a week.
  • I will eat beans or something with beans as a significant ingredient at least once a week.
  • I will stretch at least 3 times a week. Got 2/3.
  • I will meditate at least 3 times a week. Got 1/3
  • I will wear my pedometer daily and record the number of steps taken. This is to increase awareness of general non-exercise-specific activity levels.
  • I will take my vitamins daily.
Well, I didn't do so badly the first week given I was pretty sick. A couple I need to work on a little harder in red. Don't worry, this isn't a weekly check-in, just trying to get started right. I'll check back again in a couple months, mid-year, and year-end.

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3 + years maintaining
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
Hi ladies. Excuse me for intruding on your maintainer's forum, when I am clearly not anywhere near maintainance. But I couldn't help notice how you had a thread last for 2006 goals and now you are starting a thread for 2007 goals. Many different sections have started threads for New Years's Resolutions and 2007 goals. I have yet to post there, but perhaps will. The reason I want to post on THIS thread is because when you pull up 2007's goals I want to see my post. Because come the end of 2007 I would actually like to BE a maintainer.

So there you have it - That's my 2007 goal. To be able to post on this forum. To be at my goal weight of 125 lbs for my 44th birthday - November 12, 2007. Although I find the number is no longer so important to me. I would just like to continue on my path of healthy eating, which includes healthy portions and to continually increase my activity level. I shall see where that takes me. I never, ever want to go back to my old lifestyle.

I've started this journey at 287 lbs on September 4th 2006 and today, December 20, 2006 I weigh 218 lbs. So far this has been a surprisingly enjoyable journey. Everyday brings me a new NSV and I'm looking forward to many more as we get into the next year.

Anyway, I again apologize for barging in on your forum. I look forward to seeing more of you sometime later in the year 2007.

And I wish us all the best of luck in obtaining our goals for the coming year. Bye........for now.

Bumping up this thread from last year.

And I'm happy to say that I have reached my goal weight wise and have even surpassed it!!! This past birthday I weighed in at 122 lbs. Reaching it really is all fine and dandy, well of course it is. But for me the real goal will be to remain there forever and ever and ever.......
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Congratulations on achieving your goal, Robin! Isn't it a great feeling to set out to do something and -- to finish it?

Thanks for bumping up the thread -- I'm sure a lot of us will be checking out our old posts.
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How wonderful is that! I will say that after looking over the posts that many of you reached or were close to your goals..CONGRATULATIONS!

After church today and decorating some more for CHRISTmas, I will join the thread for 2008...

I just need to find out from ANGIE what my resolutions and goals are!
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Congrats Robin!!! I was reading through this thread and when I got to your post I got a little bit teary. You did it! You really are an amazing inspiration.
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