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I can't believe there are only 17 things! :-)
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OMG! That link made my day! I've heard every single one them at one time or another.

Just stop talking people. lol. Let me be happy with my salad. :0
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"But I made this cake. You can have A LITTLE cake."

Along with "cake," add 101 other things I can't have (the diet I'm on is seriously restricted, so maybe it's more like 1,000,001 things), and it doesn't matter if the person made it or not.

"Shouldn't it be okay to have just A LITTLE ____."
"Can't you take a cheat day? I thought all diets allowed cheat days."
"You can have a drink with us. How can ONE DRINK do that much harm?"
"But this new restaurant's *so good.* It'd be worth cheating for."

Well, you see, I'm on a ketogenic diet and if I do have "just a little ____" or take a cheat day or have ONE DRINK or eat at that *so good* restaurant, it'll knock me out of ketosis and take 3 or 4 days to get back into it. 3 or 4 days in which I could've lost another pound or two. And getting into ketosis isn't all that pleasant, so thanks, but I'll pass.

People have actually gotten offended, like I'm being antisocial or rude or whatever they think I'm being. Of course that's what it is--not because I'm sick of being overweight. Or because I've *always* been sick of being overweight.

Regardless, now that I've finally found something that's working to change that, damn right I'm sticking to it, so they can be offended all they want.
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Ugh. This thread had me laughing out loud and grimacing So much yes. And I love all of your attitudes. Just my level of sarcasm and wit

What Jonquil said in the above post is especially true here in the UK. It IS considered antisocial or rude to decline food at events or gatherings in many cases and it drives me mad a lot of the time Although I am lucky to have many people around me who are understanding and don't push it at all any more. I have had to learn to be very firm with others as well as myself.

I've not yet lost enough weight to have the "how much more are you going to lose" comments et al. I shall look forward to it with unrequited glee.
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love that unsolicited advice! that tiny little, penny sized, one-bite salad is adorable though lol
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I loved this!

My *favorite* comments are the "you look fine. You're beautiful the way you are." but then they (who are obviously much smaller) complain about being bloated or how they just can't do carbs anymore or "eww, I look like a cow in that picture" or humble-brag about having to run an extra 2 miles to combat that one piece of cheese and one glass of wine they just had.

You just gotta let it go. It's their insecurities about themselves that are on the loose. They may genuinely think you look great. We all tend to have warped visions of our physical selves, but can often appreciate the beauty in others quite easily.
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here in the UK. It IS considered antisocial or rude to decline food at events or gatherings
Mom was English/Welsh/Irish and pushed food terribly. I never thought about it being from her Mom, etc.

What a blessing it was when I learned to smile and say "No, Thank you." and if they continue to push, I continued to smile but said no more. Occasionally something is put on my plate and I simply leave it for them to toss or what ever.

How good to come to a group who definitely understand!!!
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Too funny!! #10 though!
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Default Yasss

That was so good. #2 really struck a chord with me "You donít need to diet, you look awesome." ... I think if someone really cares about you and your well being, they won't be afraid to tell you the truth, even if it hurts a bit.
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I don't even mention my diet to people. I hate getting all the unsolicited advice. I'm going to do what I want. k? thanks bye.
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'Oh Tasi, you will begin to look ill if you lose too much weight'.
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Thank you! I need this forum so bad! I am all alone on my diet/lifestyle changes. I am just reading and reading everything! I can relate to all of this and I am appreciating the advice on other feeds. I am finally feeling connected. 😊
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Yep! that was interesting!
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it makes me laugh though
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I don't know what to do anymore, I tried every method
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