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Default Is this stuff for real?

I happened to find this, er, substance while browsing the ThinkGeek site looking for possible office gadgets. Further googling suggests it may be an April Fool gag. For what it's worth, I live in Minnesota, a k a Sweden West, and I've sure never heard of it (and to be honest don't know if I'd want to try it even if it did). Wonder how many members of the Church of the Holy Rasher have fallen for it?

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Hahahah! gross!!
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i dunno seems like it could be true - after all this DOES exist
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If you can order it from ThinkGeek its real
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That is REPULSIVE! And Bacon salt is just weird
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I don't find either product weird (but I don't think J&D's Baconnaise Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise Spread either, which is vegetarian by the way, as is the bacon salt).

I've never used any of the products, but they all could be used as a healthier alternative to regular bacon (if you don't go nuts, and put them on everything).

Where I would use the bacon paste is as a flavoring, in very small amounts. You could use a 1/2 tsp of bacon paste, for example to flavor a chowder or scrambled eggs or whatever. It's would less messy and cumbersome than using 1/8 of a strip of bacon.

The baconnaise could be (very thinly) spread on a turkey sandwhich to give the flavor of a club sandwhich without the extra fat and calories of the actual bacon.

Bacon salt (which is essentially just smoked salt, which has been available for years - and which I have used) can be added to a homemade barbecue sauce in place of regular salt and liquid smoke or to give a smokey flavor to foods when it's inconvenient to grill.

They all could be used wisely, or stupidly. Putting any of them on everything you eat would be very bad, but each could have their place in a fairly healthy diet.

As a side note, I have added Bac-Os, imitation bacon bits to light mayonnaise on a turkey sandwhich, so I guess I made my own baconnaise.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually real. I was in Norway for work this summer and every morning in the cafeteria all the locals would grab tubes of fishy things, including calamari. Imagine that! Calamari in a tube. Disgusting. So yeah, bacon doesn't seem so bad after-all.
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