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Default Understanding your paycheck

Gross Pay: $1222.02

Income Tax, Outgo Tax, State Tax, Interstate Tax, County Tax
244.40 45.21 61.10 5.89 6.11

City Tax, Rural Tax, Back Tax, Front Tax, Side Tax
12.22 4.44 1.11 1.16 1.61

Up Tax , Down Tax, Knicknack Tax, Hackensac Tax, Thumbtax
2.22 1.11 1.98 3.99 0.98

Carpet Tax, Snack Tax, Surtax, Ma'am Tax, Parking Fee
0.69 8.32 3.46 3.46 5.00

No Parking Fee, F.I.C.A,. T.G.I.F, Life Ins., Health Ins.
10.00 81.88 9.95 5.85 16.23

Disability Ins., Ability Ins., Liability Ins., Dental Ins., Mental Ins.
2.50 0.25 3.41 4.50 4.33

Fundamental Ins, Coffee, Coffee Cups, Calendar Rental, Floor Rental
0.11 6.85 66.51 3.06 16.85

Chair Rental, Desk Rental, Union Dues, Union Don'ts, Cash Advances
4.32 4.32 5.85 3.77 0.69

Cash Retreats, Overtime, Undertime, Eastern Time, Central Time
121.35 1.26 54.83 9.00 8.00

Mountain Time, Pacific Time, Teatime, Time Out
7.00 6.00 4.44 12.21

Oxygen, Water, Electricity, Heat, Air Conditioning
10.02 16.54 38.23 51.42 46.83

Misc 169.24

Take Home Pay: $0000.02

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I'm surprised you didn't owe after all that! ()
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Ma'am tax...
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Karen: La Cicciona
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That's basically how it goes.
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I'm a Loser ;)
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yikes - reminds me of my pay at the college I worked at !!! lol
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Yep, every two weeks, thats what my paycheck looks like.
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So sad and so true

When I lived in Illinois we didn't have a city tax =O now I have one, and it takes out more money than my state tax!
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this is my time
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wow does the truth hurt.
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How much longer?
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How did you get a copy of my check?
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