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Default Did I Crash Land Before Even "taking Off"?

Hi all,
I just joined and yesterday was my first day on TO. I ate 5 eggs instead of just 2 and was eating cheese as welll, as another member had said it was on the TO plan. UGH! Also had TRader joe's Ceasar chicken which has parmesan on it. Have I ruined things? I weigh tomorrow as I started a day later than they thought I was. Please help me. I feel lost and like a failure before I even began.
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I could be wrong, and different people get different plans, but the first time you do Take Off (before they've given you a plan book or anything), you get unlimited proteins, so eating 5 eggs was fine. Don't recall getting any dairy (cheese) on my initial Take Off, but cheese is also considered a protein (as well as a dairy), so you may be okay. Now, I'm assuming that Caesar salad didn't have all the creamy dressing on it and you should be fine.
These will all be good questions to ask at your COD tomorrow. If you did something you should not have done, then someone at the COD did not do a good job explaining it to you and they should take some extra time with you during your sessions. When I first started going in for my WI and talk, I thought I knew everything there was to know about weight loss and nutrition. At least once a week I learn something new from them; it's worth it (at least for me) to wait and talk to them. If you don't click with one particular counselor, ask to see someone different.
You are NOT a failure in my book - if you were bright enough to find your way to this LAWL site, you are going to have this program figured out in no time. Good luck and hang in there. Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Joni gave you good advice! I think the TO sheet actually says dressings are ok. If you got the sheet from your COD, go ahead and read it again. I think you get two slices of cheese also.

Hopefullly the salad didn't have croutons on it. If it did... OOPS.... don't beat yourself up and move on.

Re-read your sheet and be POP until WI tomorrow. You will then get your regular program. And then... don't freak out about it... take some time to read it, and then come back to this site for some menu ideas if you need it.

We are a very supportive and welcoming community. We can help you through this.
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