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Default Cayenne Pepper & Water ?????

Hello all,

Was wondering what is the Big talk about Cayenne Pepper and Water??? Has anyone ever tried it? Does it work? What does it actually do? I hear all these celebrities doing crash diets with it. I am extremely confused
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It's thought to rev up your metabolism some how... I'd rather just put peppers in my food!!! YUM
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Originally Posted by ValRock
It's thought to rev up your metabolism some how... I'd rather just put peppers in my food!!! YUM
I agree.. we eat cayenne peppers in so many forms already. I can't imagine adding it to water and drinking it. Yuck. Not just the fact that the pepper would taste better in food... but don't noone mess with my water.
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i try and drink a lemon/cayenne/maple syrup or honey mix during a day after i've 'overindulged' at the bar. it's hydrating and easier for me to drink than plain water.

LEMON DRINK for your Master Cleanse
you need:

2 tablespoons FRESH squeezed lemon or lime juice (approx. 1/2 lemon)
2 tablespoons genuine organic maple syrup, Grade B (the darker the better)*
1/10 teaspoon (a small pinch!) cayenne pepper, gradually increase (the more BTUs the better)
300 - 500 ccm (10-14 oz) pure water

In a 300ccm (10-ounce) glass (to allow for 227ccm and mixing room): 2 tablespoons fresh (and organic, if possible) lemon or lime juice (absolutely no canned or frozen juice). 2 tablespoons real (and organic, if possible) grade B or C maple syrup. (Don't use Grade A maple syrup or maple-flavored syrup. They are over-refined, which means that they are mostly refined sugars and lack essential minerals.) A small pinch of cayenne pepper (to taste). Spring or purified water, between room temperature and medium hot (but not cold) fill to 1/4 liter (8 oz). Mix all the ingredients by thoroughly stirring or shaking, and drink. Or, in two 1 liter bottles: Juice of 3 lemons, divided equally between the two bottles (about 85ccm or 3 oz per bottle) An equal quantity of grade B or C maple syrup in each bottle (about 85 ccm or 3 oz per bottle) A pinch of cayenne in each bottle Spring or purified water (fill bottles to the top) Mix all the ingredients by thoroughly shaking; then drink throughout the day. Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned or frozen lemon juice. Use organic and vine ripened when possible. Also, mix your lemonade fresh just before drinking. Don't mix it up in the morning for the whole day. You can, however, squeeze your lemons in the morning and measure out the 2 tablespoons when needed.

The fresh lemon juice provides vitamin C and potassium, and helps to dissolve mucus and waste. The cayenne pepper adds a zing to the flavour, as well as a stimulatory heating effect, which speeds cleansing and elimination.

i've never used it as a cleanse/fast or diet though. this link talks about using it for detox:
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