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Default Thinkning about it...

I am thinking about joining LAWL. I have been reading everyones post here and you all seem to enjoy it. I have one main question, I have hear from some people that is cost more money then it is worth? Is this true? I can't get in until next week to a center because of my crazy work schedule. Thanks for any help/advise you can give.

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Katie....I have been with LAWL since end of december and I have lost 30 pounds! It did cost me money up front...but for me it has been worth it. You can do LAWL without buying the LA lites and their supplements and just pay for your weight loss weeks. I am not going to tell you it's a cheap plan, because it isn't....but for me after figuring all the pros and cons it has been the best plan. I paid for things up front but if I had done weight watchers or jenny craig or anything else I would be paying as i go...and those other plans would be costing me more. I like LAWL because you can eat real food. It has taught me more about portion size and what foods to eat and how to lose this weight. The sales people can be hard core, but you can always say NO! If you have other questions please feel free to ask!
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Katie--I just moved from AZ to TX in the fall. I doubt you'll find too many around here don't don't think it's worth it. I sure do. If you've read the posts there are a millions reasons to do it. The costs are high (I think the paying "up front" makes it seem more so) but when I think of all the junk, eating out, bigger clothes, and feeling bad--there is no comparison. People have lost varying weights at various speeds but the mood here is pretty optimistic and supportive.
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In my modest opinion it is worth it,anything that you can do to improve your health and well being for me is worth it. I think that is all about attitude, B/C there is no magic pill, and all bodies are different and respond different to different diets. I find a lot of help, support and I have a lot of fun here with the girls and that have help me a lot to keep myself motivated, so if you decide to join LAWL, we all are here for you too!
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I agree with everyone else. And if you take the total cost and divide it over the number of's really not that much. It just seems like alot because you're paying up front. But once you start, then you don't have to buy another thing. And it really does teach you how to eat healthy. My husband is amazed that I went from Chicken Nuggets and Fries to broccoli, carrots, salads, etc etc. And the funny part is that chicken nuggets and fries don't even taste good to me any more...all I can taste is grease!
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I am doing this on my own through a family members information. I have been losing weight so well I keep changing my goal because this diet has given me HOPE. My husband always kinda made fun of me for stopping/starting diets too much, but I have been doing this since June 05 and am STILL with it. I have stuck with this diet despite HUGE personal hurdles...and usually something stupid like a headache can derail me from dieting. DH is so proud of me he has started losing weight (over 25 lbs so far) AND he tells me after our next baby (which we're hoping to conceive soon) if I stall at my weight loss we are going to pay for me to go to the real center. SO...yeah...I think it is worth it IF and only if you are mentally ready to lose some weight!
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I agree with everyone, LAWL is a great program. I have tried every fad diet there is without success. I have been on LAWL 8 weeks and lost 16 lbs. I had a slip up and did not go to the center the past two weeks, amazingly I still lost .4 lbs. Your weight loss may be faster. I am insulin resistant and take medication. Therefore, I cannot do TO or drink the meal replacement drinks. The cost is high, but no higher than the risks of being unhealthy. Your center may be able to make payment arrangements. My center let me put down money and then pay weekly. Good luck!

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And remember, on this board we have found a cheaper substitute for almost EVERYTHING from lites to TO juice to supplements. I don't do supplements at all and lose weight still. Also, if you don't want to do the bars (which are kind of costly even using cheaper replacements, I think) you can do an all food plan as well. The all food plans are going to be cheaper because you will not be paying for the bars which are a huge chunk of the cost.
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Welcome Katie (Jayz)! I echo everyone else's thoughts here - in fact, someone else just asked your same question - check out our responses to her, here:

Maybe watch for some specials before you sign up - I know a lot of chickies on here got their weight loss weeks at $3 or $5 each. I paid $11 for mine, and yes, it is all up front (they gave me a 10% discount for paying up front, so it may be an option to pay as you go, but they certainly don't say that!)
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Hi Jayz: I am probably the newest member of a LAWL center on the board since I joined Monday. I followed the diet on my own after I found this board a few months ago - but couldn't make it stick. I decided that joining a center would help me through the rough spots - particularly because I travel and think I need the accountability. This board is terrific, they are non-judgemental, supportive and a great resource for making this diet a success on a daily basis.

I paid $11 a week, but got some incentives (some free weeks), but it does cost. However, I've been to WW, didn't go back because I didn't like meetings and lost the $99, signed up for the Jenny Craig Lifetime plan for $385 plus food and hated the taste of the meals, AND purchased the LAWL plan on the internet for $45.00. So basically, I've spent almost as much money on failed plans as I just did at this center. I've decided that nothing is easy or cheap and I like the tools this plan gives me.

For me, it is worth it - Good Luck

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Here's my two cents - I have found that even though it was expensive, it has been worth it - I have stuck with the program, and have lost a LOT of weight. Another way to limit the cost of the program is that you set your own goal weight. So, if you are really concerned that this may not be the program for you, set a higher goal weight. You can always lower the goal and buy more weeks (watch for sales!). That's what I did. I still had to pay for maintenance up front, but it did keep the initial investment a little smaller. Good luck with your decision!
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Honestly-I think that the LAWL plan itself is okay and teaches proper portions, fruits and veggies every day, etc. but for me, it isn't worth the cost. (I am the mod here, but I am a calorie counter/avid exerciser)

The women on LAWL have wonderful results, but I have gotten similar results doing the research and setting up exercise and diet guidelines for myself.

I think it really depends on the individual. Some people need to feel accountable for weigh ins-they are more likely to stay on plan if someone at LAWL or Weight Watchers, or what have you, sees their weigh in and it is "public".

Some people need to have a plan set up for them already-that they don't have to think about (calories, how many servings of what food each day, etc.) and so a structured plan may work better for them.

I really do think it is an individual thing. I work better on my own-without someone going through my food journal every week with a fine tooth comb and recording my weigh ins. I am a perfectionist, so I am hard enough on myself. Because I am so hard on myself, and such a stickler with my diet plan and exercise, I don't need to pay the money for someone to do for me what I already do for myself.

So, in my opinion, I think it is an individual thing. LAWL is perfect for some, but for others, the cost isn't worth it because they already do what you would be paying LAWL to do.

Good luck in whatever you decide!
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Just adding my two cents in here. LAWL isn't any more expensive than weight watchers. In fact, for me, LAWL was/is cheaper (per week). (I was one of the lucky ones that got in at $3/week). Even at the (usual) advertised price of $6/week, it's cheaper than WW. The major downfall is having to pay for your weightloss weeks up front.
But that could be an incentive to keep you going. At least for me it is. Because we invested in so many weeks prepaid for me to reach goal, that is my main motivator to continue on with the program.
I am greeted at my COD, by first name (which I never was at WW).

I buy the LA Lites, but when I went to WW, I bought their 2 point bars.

in your decision! and to this board!
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