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Unhappy Ready to give up....

I have been a member of LAWL since the end of October. I have been so true to the plan, even using the bars and supplements, yet I have lost less than 10lbs in all this time. Most of the time I bounce up and down in the same 3lb range. I started walking on the treadmill 3x/wk to jumpstart my weightloss but that hasn't helped much either. I have rarely eaten off plan, even on my birthday last week. No cake for me. One glass of wine, counted as a fruit.

I am frustrated. I am discouraged. I am ready to quit and just accept the fact that I will be fat forever. I'm certainly not going to be down 30lbs by my "guarantee" date of March 8th. And I'm sure they will slide out of the guarantee because they conveniently "forgot" to mark my program on hold when my SIL died and I was not in 3x/week. Ugh. More wasted money, more wasted time.

Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations,
Monica in IL
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Hi Monica, Sorry that you are feeling so frustrated. What does your COD say? Have they switched your plan or tried anything new? If I were you I would call the nutritionist at the 800 number listed on the products, (not the website) and see what she says. I do not believe that anyone is destined to be fat. You can do this!! Katie
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Vent anytime--I am sure many of us can relate at some time or another. Please don't give up on yourself--you are worth the effort. Maybe you can talk to your COD about a new plan or something. There has to be something that will work you just haven't found it yet, but with your dedication once you find it it will work for you. Wish I had the magic answer but I am a struggler too and new to this but I am sure the other gals around here (they truly are a wealth of information and great tips) with have better ideas. Take care of yourself.
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How has your center responded to your progress, are they suggesting new things for you try to help your weight loss? I am not sure what you have tried already but here are some tips that I learned from the LAWL gals here.

Try adding some variety to your daily food choices, sometimes eating the same things too often can slow your weight loss. You can also try switching your meals and have lunch for breakfast and vice versa. Try doing a TO and see if that helps.

Don't give up on, I know how easy it is to become frustrated but we have all been there and some of us are still going through it. Good luck
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Have you always been eating the carbcravers alot (from you mentioning it in the other thread) that might be some of the problem. but if it is the problem, they should still be held accountable because they should have told you immediatly if you did something worng. also what advice are they giving you? if they aren't helping i would go higher up and call the 800 number
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I am sorry that things are not going well for you right now, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record don't give up. Ask your counselor to e-mail the dietitians and see what suggestions they have. Ask your counselor to include two days from your diary, and give her a very detailed workout schedual of what your week usually consists of. Have you tried looking to see if there is another center that is close to you that you could visit and see if they have some fresh ideas for you?

Good luck! You can do this. DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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Don't give up Monica...maybe you nned to go up a plan due to the exercise.....
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