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You will not know until you try. Just take that 2019 and subtract only what you will not eat. Say, you're going to cut the 500 cals for a pound a week. Keep doing your activities. If you're hungry come back and tell us.

I'm going to be pretty blunt for a moment here. When people say that they are eating 1400 cals and are not losing weight ... they're doing something wrong (in general, barring illness or disorder or being 4'6") Probably not accurately recording their food intake and fooling themselves about how active they are.

There ... I'm done with that rant.

Just record your intake. Keep it at about 1500 cals and continue on yur merry way with the exercise you have chosen. You will, over time, lose weight.
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sweetie, I'm just like you. I'm around 5'3 and 114 lbs (but I'm almost PURE muscle. I just want to return to my weight at 104-ish originally. I don't look fat but then I can't fit my smaller clothes that I used to wear.) And for me to lose weight, I have to gradually reduce extreme muscle buidling exercises and lighter diet. I eat around 1700 per day now. I don;t recommend that you exercise a lot and eat little, otherwise when you are older, it (that amount) would have to be reduced even more so.
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