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Default Monday is my first day...

Hi My name is Melissa. I am 36 years old and the mother of four children. I signed up for LA Weight loss last week and will start tomorrow morning. I have read all my literature and went shopping today. I am on the red plan and don't really know what to think. I love to have an occasional popsicle and favor the blue bunny fat free chocolate pops and don't know what that would be considered. Would it be a starch? I guess that is something that aggrevates me, how do you convert food that isn't listed in the "book". You know with weight watchers you have that converter thing to change it into points. I have done several searches to find a site that has explanations on the la plans, the different color plans and shopping hints but had no luck. I would love any advice or links that I could use.
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Melbar4: I don't want you getting off on the wrong foot, and since you just started, LA will tell you that you should really be sticking to what is in the book as far as your food choices. There are lots of choices and the theory is to get your food choices under control before you start tweaking the plan because their plan does work if you stick too it. We can have 1/2 cup of sugar free/fat free ice cream/yogurt that equals a starch, so I can't see why you couldn't use the Blue Bunny fat free chocolate pops. Check the labels to see if you can have 1 or 2 pops that equal the same amount of calories as 1/2 cup of the other. Hope that helps. Stop over to the April 2005 Losers and Friends thread, our main posts are on that thread. See ya there.

Good Luck OP (on plan)!

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Hi Melissa!

Glad to see you on the board! I agree with Sy - you can have SF/FF icecream at 1/2 c = 1 starch - if the calories are similar, I'd count the choc pop as a starch.

Also, are you on the new plan (meaning that your program info is a colored folder matching your plan color) or on the old plan - all the info is on a single card? If you are on the new plan, the lists are pretty extensive; if you're on the older plan, ask away we may be able to give you more info. . . But otherwise, there is not much leeway. Can you give us some idea as to what you're trying to figure out?

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