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Amy, You've done so well already! Don't be discouraged or frustrated. Motivation comes in waves, and spring usually brings a new wave for me.

Kelli, I'm not sure why family = food for so many people. For my family, when I was a child, many were still farmers and they worked hard and burned off all kinds of calories, so on the rare days that they took a day off and spent with family, they ate. Traditions remain long after the need for the extra calories is there.
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love it or lose it
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Barbara - Its so crazy.. two aunt's had WLS, but then my other aunt will bring a tray of like 10 different kinds of cookies to a get together!

I ate OP all day today! First day in a while I have actually stuck to it 100%.. such a great feeling! :ats myself on the back:: LOL
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Well I just did two days No carbs and it feels great! I weighed myself this morning and I was 168.8 so I have 8.8 pounds to go until my next goal.
I exercised this week like I promised I would and I am feeling really motivated.

Arkantana- I can't believe that you did two hours on the treadmill. Thats good! I only do 30 minutes but I am going to try and stick to 5 days a week and I am walking on a incline which I can totally feel.

MJ- You look awesome. How much weight have you lost since you started?
My girlfriend just lost over 60 pounds and she is having issues with skin around her stomach and her breasts but I dont know that anything can be done other than surgery to tighten that up but I dont' know.

Amy M- Hang in there. Your motivation will come back. Mine was gone for a while and has just returned. I think we constantly need to be reminded of our goals.

Well have a great weekend everyone!

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I am trying to find an idea or explanation of what Fast Forward juice is? Is it the same as the Take Juice? If not is there an alternative for it, like the Knudsens for Take Off? Thanks
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DeeDeeDee - I thought it was the same, but others may need to chime in:
TakeOff Juice = Knudsen's Morning blend juice, 48 hour juice, Celebrity 48 hr Juice (or use 4 cups of cantaloupe OR 4 oranges in place of juice)

Kim - due to snow, I missed my spin class today...I am bummed. Also, I'm doing QWLC (quick weight loss center) - very similar to LAWL - they have been in the atlanta area a long time and I'm actually going to a center that appears to be quite reputable. The counselors are a bit more mature than those I had at LAWL and really know their stuff.

Since I'm snowed in today, I am cleaning my laundry room closet and want to paint it and make it nice. A friend had a stencil in hers that I also bought (online) and it says: "Laundry Room - Sorting out Life One Load at a Time".

Happy Saturday to all........................gotta go and try to be productive.
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Hey All

Joan- Thanks. I was my heaviest summer'08 at 198 lbs.When I started LAWL past August I was as of today I lost about 59 lbs.I never had a baby so I dont really want to go for tummy tuck etc...'coz we plan to start a family in a year or so and I know I'll gain some of the weight back and have to start all over again.

I lost only 1.6 lbs over 2 weeks and I am feeling a bit i have decided eating out on V'day but we plan to watch a movie at the cinema so that should be fun!True...every occasion revolves around food and making healthier choices is all you can hope for. So I bought some king size prawns and some good wine...for tomorrow...we'll make a romantic dinner together.

Good thing...we have a long weekend in Canada...15th is Family day...yay! So what is everyone else doing tomorrow?
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