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Default Help with Body Bugg features

ok I really am getting into the Body Bugg, it's been an eye opener to show me how many calories my body is burning (sigh, or how few... ) and that has changed my activty for the better.

So I've got the basics down, but now I want MORE. Do these features exist in Body Bugg? If so, can you tell me how to get them?

1) Can you access a chart or listing of how your results are from day to day?
The picture of one day is great, awesome, really, but I'd like to see how things are going over a period of days, weeks, etc.

2) I'm eating three meals a day but the program is set up for entering meals and snacks. I'm tired of selecting the "Skip" button (and if you don't then the results show "X calories base on 80% entry" or whatever just because you didn't hit Skip for the PM snack.

Are there other cool thinkgs you figured out with your Body Bugg that you didn't know at first?
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I can't help you with that, but my GoWear Fit is coming today in the mail and I am SUPER excited to start using it!

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OK, I can help with the first one, but I've never figured out how to adjust the meal listings. (Though I do have to admit, it does help me both keep tabs on between-meal nibbles when I'm being prompted: "yeah, yeah.. skip meal... oh, wait, I did have 2 of my friend's chips or ate the piece of chocolate in my school box... oops")

As for looking at multiple days/trends:

- at the top right hand edge of your screen (right of the "today" and "tomorrow" buttons, beneath the "My Results, My Goals, My..." tabs) is a pull-down menu (above the girl/guy with the clipboard). You can select "Last Measurement Period" (from your previous weighin to most recent weighin), "Since Last Measurement" (data since your last weighin), or "Last 30 days."

(Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to customize it - you can't see 60 days' worth or a selected date range.)

- Your Calorie Burn/Consumed/Balance horizontal bars will now show your averages for the time you selected. The graph on the bottom will come up with a column graph for the time period you selected. You can then toggle between Calories Burned, Nutrition, Steps, etc using the tabs on the left of the graph.

- One thing that I don't care for is the fact that it will give you the option to toggle your calories consumed based upon your log vs "measurements" (aka weight) for periods between weighins. To me, that's kind of frustrating/annoying, since it's going to tell you you've been eating more than you have been, if you're retaining water or plateaued for some reason. While I understand some people are inconsistent with their portions, or underestimate what they're eating, etc, I know what I'm doing with my food log and being "lectured" that I clearly haven't been logging well just seems irritating.

(At the same time, the "big picture" is usually pretty darn accurate - my averages over 30 day periods are usually pretty reflective of my logs)

Anyhow, best of luck! I love my BB, and hope you do too!
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thanks RCC
I thought that place seemed like a logical place, but I haven't entered measurements yet, and I haven't had it for 30 days.

I'd love for it to be customizable for a user defined time period. then you could see what results a week at the new gym class (or one week vacation) did.
But, you're right, it's really the long term effect I'm after...
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I have the BB and I bought my daughter GWF, wish I'd gotten the GWF as the software I think will allow you to pick a time frame or whatever. They do the same thing but the GWF software is better IMO.

I love my BB, but I've sent an email 2 separate times to customer service and gotten no response at all! My questions were no big deal, but what happens if the thing breaks or whatever?? I love the info it gives me but the lack of communication seriously irks me!
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Hi Everybody!!

Here is some help on how to maximize your program I have found out from using my own bugg and my amazing coach!

Go to the drop down menu that says "Select a time range to display"

-Pick "Since last measurement"

Assuming you are weighing in every seven days as bodybugg asks you to do this report seems to tell you how you are doing throughout the week.

I have noticed that this report becomes available the day after you weigh in and will show you how you are doing in the current week.

As you go day by day it adds everything you entered in your food log and your calories burned from the previous days you have completed since your last weigh in and averages them together. This way if you blow it one day you can come here later and see what you need to do to fix it!

I also found a little math that has really worked for me. If you take the deficit on this report and multiply it by seven (days in the week) and divide by 3500 (calories in one pound of fat) it will equal the amount of weight loss you should have if you eat no different or move any different for the rest of the week. After I figured this out I rocked my program and lost the remainder of my goal very quickly!

By clicking on Steps, Nutrition, and Physcial Activity on this report I can see if I am going to make my goals before I even get on the scale for the week.

I hope this helps!
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