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Default any dietary recommendations?

for the past month and a half i've been on medifast. although i have enjoyed the structure, i've only lost 9 lbs. don't get me wrong. i'm really happy to have lost that 9 lbs, but i'm not willing to shell out that kind of money if that is all i am going to lose. i figure i can lose that much on an "over the counter" diet.

anyways, i have been reading the fat smash and am actually on my second day of detox and am still thoroughly confused. maybe it is from all of my years off and on atkins, but i am just not sure that i get it. is there a certain amount of protein that you're supposed to eat? keep your calories under a certain amount? how about carbs? or... do you just eat freely from the list of foods provided?

so far this is what my diet has consisted of:
egg white omlette
hummus (homemade, so easy, so yummy!)
sweet red pepper
blueberries (a small handfull really satisfies!)
strawberry smoothie (froze berries, ff plain yogurt, ff milk)
sweet potato
brown rice

does this sound about right? if feel like it is too good to be true! and if i cheat (like for a dinner that we have coming up in 2 weeks at a restaurant they i have been DYING to try) it won't take me 3 more days to get into ketosis and i won't gain the weight that i have lost over the past 7 days.

thanks so much for any direction. it is certainly appreciated!
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I don't believe you are supposed to go into ketosis on the Fat Smash Diet. I realize this is controversial, but there are a lot of experts out there that believe a state of ketosis is not beneficial and may even be harmful. It is definitely hard on your kidneys.

The way I understand it, you can have your two cups of brown rice AND your oatmeal AND a sweet potato all in one day if you want to. Don't worry about counting carbs; this is not a low carb diet. Your meals look fine except that I don't see any veggies.

I'm on Day 3 and here's what I ate:

Day One - Four eggbeaters with spinach; Fat free plain yogurt with 1/2 cup of blueberries; Brown rice and kidney bean salad, a banana, and raw veggies with hummus for lunch; Sweet potato and roasted green beans for dinner; and 6 oz. of fat free vanilla yogurt for a snack. Day Two - Oatmeal with fresh strawberries for breakfast; The same yogurt and blueberry snack; Chickpea and brown rice salad for lunch with a banana and raw veggies with hummus; Dinner was tofu and vegetable stir fry over brown rice. This morning's breakfast was the omelet again, and the snack was the same too. For lunch I have a green salad with black beans, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and reduced fat dressing, a banana, and carrots. I'll be meeting a friend after work and will order the portobello sandwich without the roll or cheese and have a seltzer with lime.
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