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Default Other hypnosis CDs for weight loss

Hi everyone,

Recently I discovered Paul McKenna's hypnosis CD - "I can make you thin" and I love it.

I am wondering if anyone can suggest similar hypnosis CDs?

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there was a TV show about his was interesting. It made a lot of sense!
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I sent you a pm! Be sure to check it!!
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I have had a few in the past(will post the title of the one I have left when I find it),but I have to say that Paul McKenna's is by far the best one I've listened to so far.I'd love to hear about others that people like though.
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I've been listening to Don Mannarino's Think and Lose for 10 months. Absolutely love it! It has changed my whole relationship with food, I am now in control and find it virtually effortless as it is not a diet. Just check out his website and read how others have succeeded also. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my battle with weight.

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Well, is it effective? I've heard some of those free tapes, and didn't kinda like it, if you yourself have the will power then is there any need of such hypnosis crap?

I've started a very strict diet and hopefully must help me..
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Is it effective? YES. If all it took was willpower, then no I wouldn't need this hypnosis crap. If all it took was willpower would there even be a need for this whole website? No. Would you need to be going on a very strict diet if all it took was willpower? You tell me.

All I know is most of us who have weight issues have them because of emotional issues of one kind or another. Hypnosis deals with these issues in our head, where they have the control which drives us to overeat. Because of the self hypnosis, I'm in control. I can eat what I want, I just eat way less, and with the suggestions I eat a lot healthier. It's a great feeling to be in control and know that it's going to stay that way.

I wish you luck with your very strict diet. For your sake I really do hope it works. Unfortunetly most strict diets don't last, because it's not realistic that you can do them for the rest of your life. When you deprive yourself of something, eventually it just makes one want it more. I don't have that problem anymore.

Also, the dvd/cds aren't free, you do have to purchase them, but they are quite reasonable compared to what I've spent on diet junk in the past.

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