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Default eating every 3 hours question,,,please answer

To thoses of you who are eating every three hours to lose weight please give examples of what you are eating,,like how much in portion size and what type of foods are you eating, because if I eat what I normally eat every three hours Ill grow big as a house! Please send advice on what to eat and how much. thanks momof8
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i eat whatever i am feeling like but usually within these guidelines... each mel/snack is within this calorie range

breakfast: about 300 calories
lunch: about 300
snack: about 150
dinner: about 400
snack: about 150

it varies of course based on when i eat or if i go over or under calorie limit for different meals but everything just adds up to 1300....
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I'm not an every three hour eater but have read many posts by those who are.

Instead of eating a whole sandwich they usually eat half now, the other half in three hours. Just take what would normally be your lunch and split it into two meals with smaller portions.
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I eat more based on portions than calories; but you can just take an amount and break it up ~

BF = cereal + skim milk OR a bagel with PB + coffee
SNACK = a banana OR an orange OR a bran muffin
LUNCH = a deli meat sandwich + soup OR tea
SNACK = yogurt (astro or source) w/or fruit OR l/c hot chocolate
DINNER = 1/4 plate lean meat + 1/2 plate veggies + small potato w/skin (sometimes I have salad + veggie)
SNACK = 6 w/w soda crackers + 1 oz cheese OR RICE cake w/PB
+ a big cuppa tea.

I change these almost every day; having something different as I like variety and I want to change up the amounts. About 1-2 times a week, we have a small dessert like a scoop of ice cream with fruit or alone; OR a no-sugar pudding or jello; OR yogurt w/fruit, but sometimes I have this as my evening snack instead. For snacks, I sometimes might have a popsicle OR 1/2 cup apple sauce OR an apple (try to have 2 fruit each day), and so forth.

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I just started doing this Friday and have dropped 8 lbs. Is there a thread for people doing this? It sure would be nice to be in contact with others doing the same thing.

I am tired of counting calories, pts, carb etx so I am not doing anything like that although I feel that eating every 3 hours would fit any diet program.

Here is what I ate today. I don't necessarily follow a plan. I eat pretty much what I want and try to stay pretty much with healthier foods although I do eat some things that might be considered to be. I was doing Intuitive Eating and lean more toward that and feel that there are no good foods/bad foods which is what I read about the 3 Hour Diet on line. Some of my foods are lowfat and some are just plain regular foods. I really only eat 2 meals and the others are more like snacks. I find that eating every 3 hours I don't eat as much as I would if I was on a regular diet. I stay up late and get up late as I am retired on SS so my 1st meal was at 11 am.

11 am Breakfast oatmeal with blueberries and fat free yogurt and green tea

2 pm Dinner steak, asparagus vegetable mix, corn and 8 oz glass 1 % milk and a handful of M&Ms.

5 pm - apple and sl cheese

8 pm - whole wheat tortilla wrap with slice ham and lettuce and 1 ice cream sandwich

11 pm Slimfast chocolate shake

Hope this helps.
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I go by size too -
1/2 cup of carb and 2-3 ounces of protein every meal, depending on if I worked out/how hungry I am.

SO breakfast was - hardboiled egg and an english muff
2 ounces grilled chicken and 1/2 cup of sweet potato
same for lunch
small tin of tuna with tomatoes, and a few red potatoes
chicken and some pasta, for example, and veggies

If I had fruit, I would have it in the morning.
Hope this helps!
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Breakfast: 200 calories
Snack: 100 calories
Lunch: 400 calories
Dinner: 600 calories
Snack: 100 calories

(Approximately. I try to stay around 1500 calories a day)

Some would say I should eat more breakfast, but it hasn't been a problem so far. I get up at 7 and eat breakfast at work around 9, have a snack at 11, have lunch at 1, have a snack at 3:30 or 4, and have dinner around 7.

I go to the gym between 8 and 8:30, so by the time I get back I'm ready for a snack.
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I typically eat every three hours, but I keep my portions small by calorie counting. Typically, breakfast is around 300 calories, 1st snack is 100-150 calories, lunch is around 300 calories, 2nd snack is 150-200 calories, and dinner is around 600 calories. I don't snack after dinner. Examples of what I eat:

B-Oatmeal made with water with dried fruit, ground flax seeds, and honey. Or whole grain toast with a nut butter. Or plain yogurt and a whole grain muffin.

S1-Rye crackers with nut butter or fruit or hard boiled egg and crackers. Sometimes I'll have cheese and veggie sticks too or yogurt or a handful of nuts.

L-Typically leftovers from the night before, just a smaller portion. Sometimes I'll make half a sandwich and a salad or just a salad with lots of added goodies (olives, nuts, cheese or egg or meat for protein, etc.)

S2-Same as above or sometimes I'll have a Lara bar, which is made from just fruits and nuts.

D-This varies greatly. I always go heavy on the veggies and almost always include a whole grain (brown rice, ww pasta, millet, ww couscous, etc.)

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Since I'm new to this myself, I really enjoyed reading what y'all eat and I got a lot of great ideas for things to eat. I am going to the store tomorrow and now I have an idea of things to get. Personally I really do like eating smaller portions because I don't like feeling stuffed. I read that Jorge Cruise likes the 100 calorie snacks for our snacks, but I really like to eat fruit instead as I really want to eat healthier. I didn't ask the question, but thanks to the one who asked and for those of you for sharing. It helps me a lot.
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I started a thread about eating every three hours in the General Diet Plans and Questions titled "I'm new and looking for others who eat EVERY 3 HOURS"

I don't snack..I eat meals every 3 hours. If I am on the run etc I will eat a granola bar and milk as a meal if needed but not too often. I am eating the same amount of food that I am used to eating but I have divided it into smaller meals. For example: If my dinner is chicken, rice and a vegetable then I would eat 1/2 of it at 4 pm and the other 1/2 at 7 pm. I do the same with my lunch..I eat 1/2 of it at 10 am and the other 1/2 at 1 pm. For breakfast I switch back and forth between oatmeal or a fried egg on toast.
What I have changed that seems to be helping is..I switched from Coke to Coke Zero , I also drink several cups of hot tea throughout the day and I don't eat past 7 pm. This seems to be working for me. I'm getting plenty of water with the hot tea because I don't like drinking water during the cold winter months.
I started eating every 3 hours on Jan 1, 2009 and as of today I have lost 29 pounds.
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Great thread! I tried eating every 3 hours but actually gained wt. because I was eating way too much... all healthy choices, but portions were too large. This has helped me get a better idea of what to eat... thanks!
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