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Default Calorie cycling cause extra bloating?

I know there are a million causes for bloating and false weight on the scale. I would just like to know if anyone's experienced these problems due from not eating a consistent amount everyday, or calorie cycling. For example, if someone cycled their calories like this: 1,400 - 1,200 - 1,500 - 1,900 - 1,400, etc.. naturally they will probably weigh more after a higher intake, as well as be a lil' stretched out in the stomach to hold more food. And if their weigh-in day happens to fall on the day after the 1,900 day, they're not gonna see any results cuz of extra volume in the tummy, perhaps a weight gain instead.

I guess my overall question is this. Would staying at a consistent calorie level everyday reduce bloating and extra fluctuations on the scale? I'm not seeing any results, my day-to-day calorie differences range from 300-500, and my tummy is a rubber balloon full of "air".

I do eat a lot of veggies, the gassy ones like broccoli, cauliflower, squash, spinach, cabbage, etc.. I take an anti-gas supplement, but it hasn't been helping. I get 25-40g of fiber everyday as well.

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Calorie cycling didn't cause any more bloating to me than steady calories, my bloating and puffy was caused by the food choices themselves rather than the quantity. Are you eating more sodium on the higher calorie days?
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I don't eat a whole lot of sodium. I never add it to anything, if I need that "salty" flavor I use a potassium substitute. I choose salt-free or low sodium soup, crackers etc.. too.

This feeling makes me not hungry at all, and sometimes results in me not eating enough. My goal is 1,200 "net" calories a day to lose 1/2 pound a week. So I eat more on the days that I workout. This week my "cycle" has looked like this: 1,210 - 1,555 - 980 (bloat killed appetite) - 1,490 - 1,190.

Any suggestions? (and no.. 1,200 isn't too little, i'm short and my maintenance is 1,400-1,500 lol)
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I used to bloat really bad, and still do if I eat foods I'm sensitive to. I had a blood test done (IGg4 food antibody test) to see what foods I was sensitive to, and if I was allergic to any. Thankfully I wasn't allergic, but I did have a few sensitivity issues. So as long as I stay away from those foods, the bloat is better. I also notice if I eat bread that is not Ezekiel bread, it causes a lot of gas and bloat. I feel your pain
Good luck
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