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Question Gold Plan Info Needed

Hi guys,

As we know, all LAWL Centers have closed down in the ottawa-gatineau region and I would desperatly need help with what to replace the 2 daily bars with? I will soon run out and cannot get any more of them.
I'm on the gold plan, 5'3 and now at 145 lbs wanting to go down to 125lbs. But previously at 170lbs.


1 bar = 1 protein + 1 fruit?
2 bars = 1 protein + 1 fruit ??
or do you replace the bars with something else like 1 vegetable?

And what to do at maintenance? I will be there in about 3 months and know nothing about it..

Thanks in advance for any info I can get
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You can replace it with another bar with similar stats, ex. Luna Bars or SBD high protein ceral bars or you can just follow Purple since that would be what you would be on in the center if you didn't use LA Lites.

Stabilization is a 6 week process where you enter one food serving each week, at the end of the six week period you will be where you need to be to maintain your weight.

As far as maintaining food guides, ebays a good place to check.
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thank you for the info AndreaMarie

Although, i'm not looking to replace the bars by other bars. I want to know what would have been the food/servings replacement if I hadn't taken the bars in the begginning? I'm going to run out soon and I dont want to spend more money on other supplies such as bars. With all the money I lost with the center's backrupcy, I'm realy loooking to continue my weightloss plan without any bars. Will the color of my plan change? or will the servings change?

As for maintenance, what do I add each week? what do I start by?

Is there any special order?

Also, since I have 3 month left of weightloss, will I always stick to the gold plan until maintenance?

I know I have alot of questions but i'm really discouraged about this situation and I really hope tha someone can help me on this one please ..???

I'm 5'3 and my current weight is 144 lbs (I'm staring my 4th month of weightloss and my initial weight was 170 lbs) I don't excerise aerobically at all..No special health condition and I haven't taken take off since the first time at the beggining of the program.

thanks alot!!

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Hi! You are right where I was before I got pregnant! last yr! When I switched from Gold with lites to no lites, they put me on the purple. So I think you switch your plan to Purple without lites. Exchanges are: 2 proteins, 4 veggies, 3 fruits, 2 starches, 1 dairy, 1 fat.

Protein is bigger portion: 8oz chicken, fish, turkey, 6 oz beef (raw weight)

I got the stabilization info before my center closed last yr. I will post or pm you a litle later when I have time to type it up! Basically, you are gradually adding an exchange every week.

Week 1: Add a fat

Week 2: Add 1 fruit and 2 veggies

Week 3: Add 1/2 protein and 1 condiment (this applies to gold, green or purple only)

Week 4: Add 1 starch (choose complex carb)

Week 5: Add 1 dairy

Week 6: Go to maintenance guide. This just talks about behaviors, modifying old recipes for fat, salt content. Add exercise. Most will maintain on purple plan with no lites once they hit goal.

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Thanks!! that helps alot.

so basicly I should go up 2 oz of meat without the lites and add a starch and a vegtable

Do you know how much of peanut butter or almond butter that is? on the gold plan with lites it's 2 table spoons. On the purple plan (or gold w/o lites) would it go up to 3 table spoons?

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