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Default The Dieting Husband

Ok, so the hubs and I decided that our New Years resolutions this year would involve getting into better shape and losing some weight. Real original, right?

Well my game plan included puting the information that I already have to good use and persevering - FINALLY. In short that means:
  1. a) Eating sensible meals, without depriving myself, and all the while counting calories and recording them on FitDay for accountability.
  2. b) Exercising on a regular basis. For me this amounts to 5 days a week.
  3. c) Visiting 3FC for inspiration and motivation.
  4. d) Getting a handle on my binging and boredom/emotional eating.

The plan is very slow and steady wins the race, but very reasonable and healthy - nothing drastic.

My husband on the other hand is going about things in an entirely different fashion. His "dieting" method is to skip meals here and there and in general cut down while throwing in a bit of cardio (he's a smoker / non-exerciser otherwise). His typical daily diet (pre-official-diet) includes the following:
  1. Breakfast: A Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino or a glass of Coke. He usually drinks these throughout the day as well
  2. Lunch: A Polish Style Sandwich (meaning an open faced sandwich consisting of 1 slice of rye bread smeared liberally with butter, 2 slices of ham or canadian bacon type Polish deli meat, a slice or 2 of cheese and some sliced tomatoes or pickles). However today, because he's trying to cut back he had 10 tortilla chips with one slice of cheese that he nuked and called Nachos with some salsa.
  3. Dinner: He works 2nd shift so he usually eats what they serve in the hotel cafeteria, which if it isn't too his liking turns out to be vending machine food. Yesterday he had nothing for dinner because the food wasn't to his liking.
  4. Snacks: He is a super snacker with a massive sweet tooth! As snacks he normally munches on couple of slices of cheese, some beef jerky, some chips, some chocolate, cookies, or other pastries throughout the day.

The amount of fat, salt, and sugar in his diet really worries me, especially since he had a cholesterol test result of 220 last year and he's only 30.

Sometimes, it amazes me that he has been able to put on as much weight as he did since he doesn't eat much, but then I remind myself of what he eats.

How do I convince him that this is not the best way to go, especially if he wants to keep the weight off long-term? We aren't extemely overweight, but we could both stand to lose 20 lbs. The problem is compounded by the fact that he's a very picky eater (although thankfully he loves vegetables) and that we work separate shifts so I can't really monitor very well what he eats (unless I'm packing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for him every day).


BTW, when I mentioned the fact that I thought his methods weren't the best he said that I was just jealous that I didn't have the willpower to skip meals and have that work for me as a diet.
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Oh goodness, he eats terrible. Just terrible.

Maybe he would do well with a book like SuperFoods, by Pratt. It focuses more on adding good stuff to your diet, than on excluding things. But the thing is, in order to eat all the SuperFoods, you don't really have room left for a lot of junk, so it's sneaky that way. I prefer the original book, not the "Diet" book. That one was weirdly complicated to me, and got too much into carb watching for my tastes.
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