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Default is take off frustrating for anyone else?

OK, here's the deal. I lose weight on take off and then it's all I can do to keep it off for the next week, and that's if I am lucky and don't go back up. I feel like the only time I lose weight is doing take off, but i don't think that's how it's sapposed to be. Has anyone else felt this way?
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I am definitely in your boat, but I actually look at it as a good thing...

So every two weeks I restrict my eating for 2 days, lose weight and then maintain for the next two weeks... I've come to accept that this is the way I will get to goal. As long as I have the ability to maintain for 2 weeks, I see it as a good sign that once I get to goal I will be able to maintain. If I start to gain, I'll go back to the system - restrict, lose, maintain.

The frustrating part with Take off for me was that I was getting so hungry on day 2, but I learned to not be so strict with myself on the protein and to let myself have a little more, this helps me stay full and on plan.

Hope this helps,
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I actually like that take off helps me loose more. I find if I stick to eat more 'take off' like foods, I loose much better. No real breads.. crackers or veggie starches instead, and that sort of thing.
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You really have to be careful of your post-TO meals for a day or you will experience a bounceback of lbs. Eat the lighter proteins for a day after, like Elizabeth said.

I find that TO knocks out the carb cravings and helps me stay OP afterward.
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Can someone here explain to me about what this take-off thing is. I have never heard of it but am all for anything that can help me out.
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I haven't done the take off since week 1...Do you have to do it every so often or just when you get stuck?
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i gain on TO! (on the lawl version anyway)

lately I've been using Loblaw's 100% tropical juice... same stats as the take off juice, and it's already almost 2 L so you don't have to dilute.

Does your centre have a TLC program? There's a chart on what foods to eat when/what combinations work... sticking to the 'almost' natural state of foods. only crackers, pitas, veggie starches - chicken, tuna, beef once a week.... nothing elaborate. somewhat boring but I find it keeps me full longer than eating a bag of crisps or biscotti for breakfast.
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