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Talking We've been bitten...

So, today, 12-20, is our son's 4th birthday. And I've been bitten really hard by the "Asher needs a little brother/sister" bug. And after talking to DH, he has been, too. So, we're going to start trying for another baby! I was going to wait until I hit goal (only 30 lbs. to go...) to bring up the subject with him. But that bug got me BAAAAAD! I plan on staying on plan as best as I can between now and then but do any of you ladies out there have any advice for once I get ??
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That's exciting! You look great in your picture!
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Marie - no advice, but how exciting! Hope your plans work out for you!
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My advice is to follow the food guidelines that you have been given. Maybe your COD can recommend additional portions that would be healthy for a pregnant woman to consume.

I wouldn't take it as a free-ticket to start eating what ever I wanted again. You have the information on the foods that are healthy, just stick close to them. Good Luck.

Oh yeah, and the second one is always easier to conceive than the first.
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Starting over after baby!
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Originally Posted by aguerin View Post
Oh yeah, and the second one is always easier to conceive than the first.
LOL Amy that cracks me up. (And kinda scares me!!) Dh and I conceived our DS on our honeymoon!!

Goodluck Marie! My prayers will be with you! Its so exciting having a baby! Dh and I have talked that if I dont get into the Nursing program this spring we are going to try for another one since I will be out of school for a year and a half before I could apply to the nursing program again.
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I went through this last year and my COD really was not very helpful about what to eat while I was pregnant. I did talk them into giving me the maintenance information so I could use that as an additional guide. I think because of liability reasons, my COD didn’t give much advice other than “You’ve learned a lot about eating right and making the right food choices, so just apply that as best you can”. As you can tell from my ticker, I didn’t apply that very well, LOL! Fruit and veggies made me nauseous so I ate a lot of starches, granted most of them would have been considered OP, but I just ate way too many (I also gained a lot from fluid that I had no control over). Maybe you could follow the plan nursing mothers do. I’m still nursing so my COD moved me up from what would have been Gold w/ lites to Red1 w/o lites. I’m now on the number plans so I’m eating a modified plan 3 w/o lites. All in all, you just have to take the pregnancy as it comes. Good luck to you and DH!
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Best of luck Marie! How exciting!

Add me to the list of those who feel you can do this without giving up on your new healthy lifestyle.. Just like Dawn said.. You've learned a lot about healthy eating while you've been on plan and there's no reason not to continue that.. The COD can't give advice on pregnancy because in reality, you're not supposed to be losing weight while you're preggers...

At the same time, like Amy said, this is not a free ticket to return to eating whatever you want when the cravings strike... In fact, I would view this as an opportunity to challenge yourself to resist...

As you enter into this, talk to your doctor early on about coming up with a list of healthy foods to eat while you're trying and eventually, once you're pregnant...

You can do it!!!
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Thanks for the advice, all! I should add that, with Asher, I only gained 16 lbs. All of which I lost on the table, so to speak. And THAT was when I was still working for Taco Bell-you can guess what I ate much of the time. So I'm thinking that when this time comes around I should do at least as well! PS-the first OB that I went to (before I changed to a different one) told me that at my weight (then) I should try NOT to gain ANY weight. I had no idea how that was supposed to work...

Thanks again...and I'll let you all know when it happens!!
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Marie, you can still be on weight loss while you are trying though. I think as long as you go to maintenance when you know you are pregnant all well be well, as the first little bit of pregnancy the baby is not requiring many calories at all and Red with lites should have enough calories and nutrition for you. You could probably even move to maintenance over a period of weeks adding exhanges one by one like in stabilization and stop when your weight seems to be rather stable, seeing as the first couple of months you really should not be gaining a whole lot. So exciting to decide to try for another one! I never got that chance (although I wanted to desperately my DH said NO WAY) Anyway, you've already done so well, losing almost 75 pounds has got to make it so much easier.
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Congrats, how exciting.

Ok so my best advice is dont do what i did. LOL. I was about 7lbs away from my goal of 125 when i got preggo and then gained 55lbs. I totally didnt watch what i ate and now i'm paying for it. Its been so hard to lose since i had my baby 5m ago. With my older boys i only gained 10lbs with my 1st and 12lbs with my 2nd but i was already about 185 at that time and after i had them i ended up losing weight and being down in the 160s then gained the weight back. Anyway i saw that you mentioned that you didnt gain alot with your 1st but being that you lost alot its easier to put it back on. I dont think you should try to lose weight or obsess about your weight while you are preggo but try not to go too crazy. I learned my lesson and if i get preggo again i will definitely watch what i eat.

Good Luck!!
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