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Default LA Weight Loss Testimonials - Was your experience less than favorable? Let us know!

If you are a current or former LA Weight Loss client and you have a negative experience to share, please do so here. This is only for those of you that have purchased the program and used their services. Sorry, this is not for anyone that followed the plan unofficially

Please let us know how long you've been using LAWL, and in what way you feel that your experience was less than favorable. This could include anything from your experience with your counselor to the expense or the food, you let us know. If you used any purchased LAWL products, please let us know if you feel they contributed to your negative experience.

Please use just one post to publish your testimonial and only post in this thread if you are doing the above. In other words, this is not a Q&A thread

This thread is to help others that are considering the plan to review true and unbiased testimonials, even the negative ones, so they can make a more rounded decision before signing on the dotted line.
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Default On the plan but not really happy

I joined LAWL in August of this year and have lost 14 pounds. Not bad really. But each time I enter the facility if feel annoyed and pressured to buy, buy, buy!
The girls who act as counselors talk so fast I can't understand them. They know very little about nutrition and spout all the usual diet BS.
I find myself staring at them just wishing they would shut up. I can't get out of there fast enough. But, wait, you can't leave without being forced to buy some product. I paid $600 to join and each visit they attempt to drain me of more funds. I have gotten to the place that I go in weigh myself and run.
I love how my COD has video playing in the lobby and some success story is on telling how she lost all this weight on real food, without having to eat "astronaut food" while I stand in a lobby filled with over Priced boxed food products!
LAWL is the weight loss industry at it's "finest". Making money.
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I joined LAWL on January 10, 2007. The first few months I lost weight consistently and fairly well. Never over 2 lbs a week. I managed to lose about 30 lbs., gained 5 back, and am now back down to the 30 lb loss mark.

I have both positive and negative things to say about the program. I will list both here. I wasn't sure where to post, because I can't say I am happy, but can't say I am very unhappy either...

My negative experiences...

**LAWL would not discuss price of program or financing options with me over the phone - I had to book a free consult. This raised a big red flag, but I booked the free consult anyway. I have no problems saying the word 'no', so figured why not go to the free consult at least. The price of the program wasn't bad, but the deal is you either pay up front, or put on carecredit. Carecredit has pretty high interest rates. For me it was a lot of $$$ to spend up front.

**LAWL tried to sell me the LA lites in bulk. I refused, explained that I could not afford them. They again suggested carecredit. I told them straight up that I was not interested and could not afford it. After a month, the center did stop trying to push their products. I now only get asked if I need anything - which I easily reply no

**Not doing the lites, I often feel like I am not important or do not mean as much as other clients. I did not get a before picture taken, but lites clients do. When I plateaud, it took the center MONTHS to try to help me. I think had I been using the lites they would have been much more proactive when I plateaud to try to move me past that stage.

**LAWL has this program for the cookie cutter person. They take the approach that we are all the same. Our bodies do function similarily, but what works for most will not necessarily work for all.

**LAWL has no medical staff in the center locations. They call or fax the dietician and/or doctor, but there is no dietician on site. Any time the center has called or faxed the dietician for me, it has taken one or more weeks to hear back from the dietician. At that, I always get the same answer - break my food into smaller meals and eat more often throughout the day. At one point I was eating on the hour every hour and I was still told to break my food up. I took a stand and said this is ridiculous! I had one counsellor admit she hates to call the dietician and avoids it if at all possible...I sometimes wonder if the dietician has EVER really been called on my behalf.

**LAWL took a program which I bought into as being one that works, and changed it a couple of months ago (bringing in of numbered plans). I told counsellors how worried I was about the new plan as it was increased food and calories - and I had been platead for months at that point. I finally agreed to try it and gained 5 lbs in one week. I was put back on their old program, which it has taken me a month to lose those 5 lbs again...begs to question what was wrong with the old plan - why they felt a need to change.

My positive experiences...

***Most of the counsellors are really nice people, so I don't dread going into the center

***weighing in three times a week and knowing someone will be looking at my diary helps me to stay accountable and on track. I like that everything is done one-on-one, the weigh in and the counselling

***A lot or all of the counsellors at the LAWL center I go to did the program themselves. They know what we are going through and can relate.

***I am learning to eat healthy and control portions. The plan calls for normal grocery store foods. The plan also allows for treats and eating out, providing guidelines for doing so. Also, LAWL's cookbook has some great recipe's that are totally on plan.

***Overall the program does work. I know several people who did LAWL and lost weight - why I joined in the first place.
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I joined LAWL in Nov of 2005. at first I lost nicely. but then the staff started changing. every time I went in I saw someone new. The new person would look at my chart and say "WHY DID THEY PUT YOU ON RED? You need to be on purple" and change me. then the next time I went in I would get a new person again and they would say "WHY ARE YOU ON PURPLE? You should be on Red 1" this went on for some time, bouncing me around from one color to the next. and my wieght loss stalled. With all the staff changes there was always turmoil in the Center. sometimes the staff was literally shouting and fighting with the management. One time a Staff was so angry at the manager the she started yelling down the hall at her and stormed out. I never saw her again. The staff never seemed very focused on me, they were always focused on what they were going to sell me. The last straw was when my center closed and they told me I was going to have to drive 45 min to the next closest one. In my opinion I should have recieved some money back. but that was not an option as many who have delt with LAWL know. I still have weeks left through Feb. I have Lites stacked up at my house because I told them I didn't know when I would get down to the other center to get what I had prepaid. so they are sitting here getting old and white and yucky. The plan itself is a sound one. Balanced nutrition, real food, exercise...... but the support was never there, 3fc-lawl has been my only support, with all the turmoil that LAWL has gone though I would never reckomend it to any of my friends. I started in Nov of 2005 at 205. it is now Nov of 2007 and I am 207........ Not all of that is the centers fault, I know I chose what to put in my mouth. but if they claim that they are there to help and thier staff changes, bickering amonst themselves, sales pitch in lue of support hinder that progress then they should hold some of that responsibility.
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Thumbs down LA Weight Loss!!!

I joined LA Weight Loss right after my mom passed. I had put on some serious weight. She was given 6 weeks to live after fighting breast cancer for 6 years! Well, she wanted to go to restaurants and eat all the sinful stuff (the pills she was on increased her appetite!) and I went along for the the six weeks came closer....she stopped eating but I didn't!!!
I went into LA Weight Loss an emotional wreck!!! My husband fully backed me and even told me no problem to the $600 we thought we were going to get a real nutritionist!~
The next day....I went in for my first consult! Then the girl talked me into getting 2 years!!!! worth of bars!!!! I think I ended up spending about $1500 on the bars...after spending $600 on the nutritionist!! (Big Joke-they know less than I do about nutrition!) I didn't want to buy the bars....I said no about 10 times....when she started in on how you can't do the program without the bars! I just spent $600..what do you mean I can't do it without the bars? The two years were also based on me losing more weight than what I weighed my freshman year in high school!!!! I never had a problem in h.s., why did I need to get down so low! Obviously....I did NOT pick my goal weight!! I had no idea that had to factor in how many bars I would be buying!!! I got suckered hard core!! I tried calling my husband at work like 10 times! I couldn't get a hold of him! I told the girl that I needed to wait until I could talk to him and she told me the deal would be over after I walked out that door! So, I put it on a new credit card like they suggested!!!! It was awful!
My husband and I tried to go in and get all of the stuff refunded but they wouldn't budge! I tried to make the most of the plan! I lost about 40 pounds my first 8 months but then I started getting very bored of eating the same things!!! I am a HUGE go out and eat girl and they kept telling me not to do it...even though they say you can eat out!!!!! That's what they advertise!!! Everything was about preparing your own meals!!! Shoot....if I had time to do that...don't you think I would have already been skinny!
I am trying to get pregnant now but I still have over 100 boxes left....which I can't seem to get unless I am there every week doing the program! They won't let me have more than 6 boxes a visit!! How do I get all of my boxes? HECK...I paid for them!!! there a certain point where the boxes I bought are null and void b/c I asked if my boxes (that are already paid for) expire for me being able to pick them up and nobody has responded! To be honest...I am a little nervous to go in..because I am worried they are going to try to talk me into something else!
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I did not lose on this program like I thought I would. Truthfully, I am back on WW and am losing consistently. I was disappointed on how I would follow the program and only lose 4 pounds in 5 weeks, I know many people have had great success with this program, and I believe that you have to find the one that fits your lifestyle. I tried this program because I thought it would be differetn, and it was.
I got a phone call during Thanksgiving week informing me that my center has now closed. The closet one is now 30 miles away, there is no way that I can get there, nor at this point do I want to. I showed up my last weigh in and waited 45 minutes after the center was supposed to open (along with someone else). I finally left a note and nevr heard back from my center, until the phone call letting me know that they are now closed. I am hoping to recoup some of the money that I paid, but am not holding my breath. I would never entertain the thought of joining this program again.
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I joined LA Weighloss in August and I have lost 24 pounds. There are some pros and some cons....
I have to say that all my experienced "cons" are with the staff.
**They like you as long as you are buying products.
**They have their fav clients.
**Not all the girls are on the program, so no, they do not know what you are going through.
**Even when you are doing a good job, they want to talk about you are not doing right!

**Accountability- you weigh 3 times a week.
**More of a one-on-one setting.
**Tips offered by an associate that has lost 100 + pounds on the plan.

Overall, I am satisfied with the program, because I am seeing results.
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I just joined lawl a couple of wks ago, and isn't it odd.....their camera was broken each time I went that week so they couldn't take my before picture. (I refused to buy the lites). They had given me a box of 8 asst'd ones to try and I told her that I was saving them for when I really had a craving for something sweet and yummy. Big look of disapproval on her face. She said that I might not lose as quickly without the lites as they were part of the plan. These puppies are about 180 calories each...I fail to see how one will not lose as fast by eating 2 a day. I will get something equivalent and perhaps throw them in my diet once in awhile.
I see no need in buying any vitamins or supplements, as the diet is structured with what looks like the canada food guide....and with good food, I feel no supplements are needed.
Thats my beef. I plan to stick with it until the end of my year, but on my terms.

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Well, my center closed also! Imagine that! I called somebody about getting my 100 boxes that I pre-paid for and I haven't heard back from anybody!!!!!
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Thumbs down

Joined LAWL last year and am no longer a "client"- not that I ever felt like one anyway. I too, like everyone else, got bombarded with women who seemed to be working for commission more than they were for me. I not only did not get my before picture, but also did not get the respect I deserved because I did not buy the LA lites as often as they would have liked....when I bought them at all. I completely agree with all of the other comments that while the plan works, the constant chastising by the staff is completely unnecessary.
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Default LAWL-PWL - Out of Business

I have almost lost 60 lbs at LA Weight Loss - since July 2007! I have had fantastic results. The center where I was going is now closed - because Pure Weight Loss went out of business due to the diet pill Alli. I am not sure what to do. Pure Weight Loss Centers said they MAY refund everybody's money. I can not see that happening?

Anyone out there in the same sisuation that I am in?
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Pure Weight Loss closed because of Alli??? Hmmm explain that please.
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I started LA Weight Loss September 21, 2005 and by June 2006 I had lost 70 pounds. I never had low self self-esteem or anything but health was a concern because I was carrying 280 lbs around and when it came to shopping I had some set backs. When I first started LA I was not getting my period and it had been 1 year. I lost weight with each visit and after about 3 months my period started back. I lost the weight and began to see a differnce in my appearance and attitude. The center I started at closed May 2006 and I started the center near my home, which I hated. I was still trying to loose more weight and my lowest was 208, but September 2006 started my last year in college. I was working and going to school and it made it difficult to diet.

I did gain all of my weight back in 1 year and now that I am ready to loose it again, LA weight loss/ Pure Weight loss closed down. I am not upset because I know how to do it. I am purchasing a good scale this weekend and have a really good digital scale for my food already. It is not easy but well worht it. Some pointers:
- Prepare yourself- Throw away old food and go shopping. Buy a good scale and use it only twice a week. Have someone measure you and keep a diary of the changes.
- Try to eat most meals at home. Avoid canned foods. thrink at least 64 ouonces of water if not more. do not eat after 8 p.m. Include Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Dairy, Starch and "good" fats in your daily diet.

- I never exercised, but will this time. Be sure to exercise a little.

- What encouraged me to stick to my diet was actually losing the weight. When you see the scale go down by the week you are so happy. And I went from a 24 to a 14 and now I am in a 20/22.

- La Weight loss did not do it, I did and I am sure anyone reading this can.
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I have been on this plan for about 11 weeks now. I have lost maybe 5 pounds. I was very strict to the diet and was told contradicting things depending on who I got that day. I did still drink alcohol, but have cut back to maybe one night a week. I have also cut diet soda out completely and I just can't drop anything. I was very frustrated and ate what I wanted for the holidays, but am right back where I was before. I started this in hopes of being healthy and happy. After joining I got engaged which should be a self starter, but still not losing. I am trying take off tomorrow to give myself a kick start again.
Hopefully something happens. I am losing faith in myself and the program.
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WELL, my story goes much the same as the rest of you. I joined in July 2007. I lost 16 lbs. I did feel pressure to buy lites and I did. I lost my way around the holidays and have gained some back so I want to get back on plan... THEY"RE CLOSED!!!!!! SO, now here I sit with a cabinet full of lites, they still owe me $612.00, and I am so angry, I have no motivation left...I have filed complaints with the PA Attorney general and with the CA board of consumers. So, now what??? I guess I'll try to do it on my own with the people on these boards to talk to for support. I guess I learned a very expensive lesson.....
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