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Smile Tips for Thanksgiving

Hey All,

I'm new to LAWL, just this week! Bad timing for its Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and I have TWO dinners to go to. Any tips or tricks anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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Protein and simple veggies. Ignore any potato dishes. Works like a charm. That's how I got trhough both Thanksgiving and X-mas last year with losing weight both times.
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Thanks Marzbe! It will be hard to ignore the potatoes, but it will be worth it in the end!
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Also portion control always does the trick. Dont go back for 2nds. Remember we should eat to live not live to eat.
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Hey Marley,
I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend as well. If you're doing the cooking, the La Lite cookbook has a few on plan recipes for some of the holiday favourites. For me it's the stuffing. I'm going to make that one for myself so I can still feel like I'm having my holiday indulgence without completely blowing it. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Like Megan said eat protein and simple veggies. What I have done in my planning for the day is to skip my protein at breakfast and instead have something like a low fat yogurt parfait with fruit for breakfast. Maybe also a starch like fiber one or oatmeal if you have enough starches to use up.
I have 2 1/2 P for the day on Plan 2 so then I can have the extra protein that I saved from breakfast at the special meal. It helps to save the protein, I find, because I have to eyeball the portion size instead of weighing the protein like I would do at home.

If it a family gathering and you are bringing a food dish, be sure to bring a recipe on plan or a raw veggie tray of something like that.

I have not felt deprived and I have been able to stay in the "zone" as I like to call it and on program. I also have lost weight even with special dinners like Thanksgiving and weddings.

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Welcome Marley
I started LAWL last year the week before Thanksgiving. I planned my day out accordingly and took my little scale with me and had my alloted portion of turkey, no gravy. I made a portion of my own boiled potatoes at home so I could by pass the mashed at the family dinner and also brought a huge salad.. something that never seems to make it on the table for big gatherings. I loaded up on any vegs but grabbed them before they got soaked in butter or oils and use 1 Fruit for 3 ozs of wine to feel like I was enjoying with the Thanksgiving toast.
It was a hard weekend and I actually didn't lose any weight that weekend which I was very ticked about.. but my body was adjusting.. more likely in shock and I ended up a with a great loss towards the end of the week. So don't get hung up on the numbers on Monday, plan ahead and it is tough but a year later I can say I am so glad I got myself in check around the holidays.. if you can survive those, you can survive anything.
Welcome again and ask any questions you have.. we're here to help!
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Thanks for all your tips, guys! I feel more confident now going into this weekend!
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