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Default Foam Roller

Dan talked about a piece of equipment his trainer had him use to help with cramps in calf muscles. I'd never heard of the foam I can't wait to get one...

You Tube has some demos and exercises and, of course, a ton of videos to show how to use this (some not so good). My calves and IT Band will be thanking me!

I also read this somewhere...You need to be moving very slow like 1 inch pre second searching for the tender spots once you found it hold it for about 20-30 seconds or once the pain decreases to 50-60%. When you use the foam roller fast like you are doing it can cause muscle spasms promoting more knots to develop.

DAN - any idea what size and/or density to get???
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Not sure Joni.. My guess is that they are 6 to 8 inches across.. The rollers I use are pretty thick, density-wise.. They don't have near as much "give" as a foam pool noodle, if you know what i'm talking about..

You're right on as far as your description on their use.. One thing I should mention. My PT told me that they shouldn't be used to work out sore muscles after a work out, only to decrease pain associated with tissue scarring, basically for the reason you gave.. They can cause spasms and other knots...
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