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Whitney on LAWL
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Default Starting over, any suggestions?

I've decided to start back on LAWL since quitting in april because of all the stress I was dealing with at school. I will not be going back to the COD right now because I live about an hour and a half away from there and I don't want to purchase more weight loss weeks.

I was maintaining my weight until I started a new job at a hospital working three 12 hr shifts at night. I know I should not eat heavily at night, so I was wondering if anyone else works nights or would have any suggestions on how I should space out my meals. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Hey Whitney Welcome Back!!!!!

I just recently restarted myself.

I know that they say that you should not eat a lot at night however when your schedule is crazy like that you have too. Do you normally work these three nights close together or are they spaced out? If they are spaced out and I hope they are! then I would suggest eating kind of backwards where you would eat your Lunch first around the normal time you would typcially eat dinner. Then have dinner on your lunch break at work and then maybe on your last break at work eat breakfast or when you get home eat breakfast. The only problem with waiting till you get home to eat breakfast is that you are probably really tired and will go to bed directly afterwards. If you are not going to bed as soon as you get home then wait and eat at home if not then plan for having your breakfast at work. You could also snack on stuff during the day while you are updating charts or whatever like carrot sticks, string cheese or fruit.

I really think you have to treat those days just like you up at your normal hours almost. Good luck and hope you are enjoying the job!!!!
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Whitney - When you work 12hr days, they usually recommend blue, which gives you and extra starch and 1/2 protein from gold. That way you can have a protein and starch w/every meal to get you through. Maybe try that for a bit?

Also, maybe PM Alannah (equinetcan), or maybe she'll check in on this, because she was doing odd shift work for awhile and her COD made some suggestions to get her through.

Good to have you back, though!
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Thanks for the support Cassi!!

Actually what they told me was to try and eat a little all day(night) long to keep me going. Do the protein and starch with every "meal" and try to have something every couple of hours even if it was something small like a fruit or veggie.

And keep the water going at regular intervals throughout the night too. I wasn't working overnight though. I made a point of not eating anything after 11pm (usually my last snack). Only once or twice was I really hungry when I got home and I would have something. But usually I didn't.

Not sure if that helps at all....
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Whitney on LAWL
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thanks, that helps a bunch! unfortunately, until they hire some more people I will be working thur,fri,and sat nights and then mon and tues during the day. hopefully i won't have to work this crazy schedule for much longer. I've already lost 2.8 lbs since starting! I'm trying just to eat protein, veggies, and fruit at night.
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My dh and I are working crazy hours these days... he leaves around noon and get home around 4:30 the NEXT morning... and I work days or evenings and sometimes I'm getting home around 2:30-3:30...
One thing to remember is that lack of sleep DOES affect weightloss adversely! My dh is always getting flack about his hours from COD and when he started getting up even earlier to exercise, I demanded that he keep a couple of days to sleep LATE and get rest.
Also, like the others said, drink your water throughout the entire day. Munch on something or eat something every couple of hours. DH was told to eat the starches early in the shift along with the heavier foods. So instead of eating "meals", he spreads his food out throughout the many hours. He also sometimes saves a rice cake for snacking on late because they really are next to nothing! And one more thing, if you're driving home and you're sleepy... don't reach for caffeine - reach for cold water! They told him cold water will keep you energized as well with out the lingering affects of caffeine.
Welcome back and hang in there. I know you can do this!!!
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Candice on LAWL
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Welcome back Whitney!
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